Electric Dreams

The Color of Dreams

 Poem by

William C. Burns, Jr.

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Burns, William C., Jr. (1998 September). The Color of Dreams. Poem. Electric Dreams 5(8). Retrieved July 8, 2000 on the World Wide Web: http://www.dreamgate.com/electric-dreams

Do you remember your dreams
Everyone has them
we have scientific evidence
And who can argue with that
I wonder why we don't remember dreams
Think about it
In this dangerous world
crawling with things sporting big teeth
nasty claws
and hungry guts
we close our eyes every night
to dream
And then we throw the dreams away . . .

There are all kinds of dreams
flying . . .
Some dreams are just recreational
But the really serious dreams
Dreams real
as real life
Are lucid dreams

Lucid dreaming is close as we
can come to real magic
If you can get a grip on a lucid dream
You can do anything you want
Think about it
anything . . .
Worth remembering

Maybe on those nights when you sleep
The deep
deep sleep
Maybe you're not really there in the bed
at all
Maybe you're somewhere else
Mystic partner in someone else's dream
Next time it snows
look for footprints outside your window