Electric Dreams

"A Westering Sun: The Dream of an Old Man"

 Poem by

William C. Burns, Jr.

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Burns, William C., Jr. (1998 December). "A Westering Sun: The Dream of an Old Man." Poem. Electric Dreams 5(11). Retrieved July 8, 2000 on the World Wide Web: http://www.dreamgate.com/electric-dreams

My tyeer
battered and sluggish
I reach and it nestles into my hand

"You're looking a bit worn, old friend?" I offer
"How was the day's energy spent?"
The speaking mechanism is breaking down

"We won some
we lost a few
on the whole, I'd say we made a difference."

"Who can ask more . . ."
One last flicker and my tyeer passes
With weathered hands
I remove the seed pack from its belly
and discard the remains

I place the seeds in the stream
under a rock
they will prosper through the night

My hands do not warm
after I pull them from the water

I lift one of the dream crystals
so treasured early in the day
now hopelessly clouded
I throw it into the stream

I find the sonic drill
search the hillside for another deposit
right there . . .
I find the geode vein
I painstakingly carve the humanoid geode figure

With failing strength
I wrestle the inanimate form into the stream
I lift the instrumentation
and place the stimulators

The work done toward midnight
I light a fire
wrap the rags of the day around me
on the balance
a good day.

William C. Burns, Jr.
Millennium Artist