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Quantum notes on Castaneda's Dreaming Gates

Vilen Galimov 

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Galimov, Vilen (1996 April). Quantum notes on Castaneda's Dreaming Gates. Electric Dreams 3(3). Retrieved from Electric Dreams July 27, 2000 on the World Wide Web: http://www.dreamgate.com/electric-dreams  

Zum Thema des Traumrealismus im Geiste des Don Juan gewidmet, beruehrt dieser Vortrag das Problem populaerwissenschaftlicher Erlaeuterung der Erscheinung kontrollbarer Traeume.

"Everyday life just a dream"

People are used to believe that a man, while living, either sleeps or is awake. Such a duplex approach to human nature reflects a tendency of going to extremes. However, science of the twenties century gave up gradually the hegemony of dualist logic. Dualist logic was found incomplete in principle. (The discoveries by such mathematicians as B. Russel, K. Goedel; also Grelling and Nelson...) Thus everything points to the fact that just as a grain of sand constitutes counterpart together with the mother-of-pearl within the mollusc conch, in a similar manner does the modern science no longer regard the great paradoxes as something alien to objective cognition. Latter-day science and paradoxes are no longer incompatible. Hypothetically, all the prospective Achilles' heels to be digested by modern science should proceed to body of the latter sooner in single file than in an avalanche...

One of the vividest examples of topical paradoxes as regards modern science is so called lucid dream. The phenomenon obviously connected with intrusion of the attention a la Ouspensky into the course of an ordinary delta sleep at the moment of acme of the latter. If to substitute now Castaneda's term DREAMING for our one "lucid dream" then, in a few words, DREAMING means to be awake without awakening. If to deepen into subject then DREAMING means to regain one's self-awareness along with sober-minded memory when remaining under influence of vivid visions experienced as before. According to Castaneda's book 9 there are seven qualitative stages of DREAMING. Each of such stages got the name of the gate of DREAMING. Thus, the first stage of DREAMING is the first gate of the latter. Let's go now into some details regarding situation of the first gate.

DREAMING ( we'll try at first to see only Castaneda's books' own point of view for the beginning) is a branch of the ancient system of sorcery. Accordingly, there is a kind of practical regulation with respect to line of conduct in DREAMING. So, for instance, the first gate of DREAMING stands for looking at one's hands after having applied appropriate effort of one's will. Hands are being found against the background of a certain setting. That is the setting of situation of the first gate of DREAMING. The setting can include e.g. a picturesque landscape, or an astounding technological equipment et cetera... No doubt, phenomenon of DREAMING has a direct connection with Quantum Mechanics. The author would spend the whole night through watching how his hands (or the other objects of his DREAMING) change their shape under this lines' author's standing at gaze upon. Similarly low-energy electron is shifted all along of desperate endeavors of an experimenter who merely wishes to determinate the particle's co-ordinates...

Another productive conception proceeding from modern science, and which in regard to Question of understanding the nature of DREAMING one cannot dispense with, is the multi-universed interpretation of Quantum Mechanics, ac- cording to which not only in like manner as the Russian doll Matreshka are immeasurable worlds successively inserted into each atom ( Anaxagoras) but also are the three-dimensional metagalaxies being apart from each other in Megaworld space. One of such metagalaxies is our universe. ( Dr. Novikov from Moscow State University, and his transatlantic colleague Prof. Thorne ...) It should be noted, finally, that with regard to DREAMING there proved to be utterly irreplaceable such scientific discoveries as mathematical self- similar sets (of elements), or, in other words, the fraction-dimensional fractals, and so called "strange" attractors (of a bifurcation), like those of Lozi, Lorenz and others. No doubt, when DREAMING one can pretty easily leave one's own metagalaxy. We need just to drop down a Black Hole. Thus any Terran's body of DREAMING can overcome the three-dimensional space of our universe and turn out itself to be in another (parallel) world... As to fractals and attractors, they must be then nothing but Plato's Ideas&Forms. Or maybe even Kant's things-in-itselves. Phenomenon of the attractors, on the other hand, obviously transforms mathematics into physics. Of the ob- jects of ultra-low energy (plasma of lowestest densities). While the Lorenz attractor is a saddle-shaped one, the other ones might be definitely e.g. flower-like or even of a human being's shape. Actually, that's what may be happening to all of us since our universe's Big Bang. We are just "strange" attractors of the thermodynamic plasma of a hypercolossal explosion. The one whose process' kinetics is of 2O billion yrs duration... It is not surprising that after all B. Russel sided with Plato openly. Ultimately, any sort of an abstract may thus turn out to be no less omnipotent as any solids are. Dreamer cannot help taking these facts into consideration. The phantoms of one's imaginary world not necessarily and not always should be of a less den- sity than so called gross-material objects of everyday life. It seems, in the light of the latest scientific discoveries, the criteria of what's sub- jective and what's not are losing its strength. If so, let me relegate then aside traditional way of pro-scientific narrative in favor of para-scientific interpretations. After all, somebody's insight (or any plausible thoughts at all) obviously ought to be regarded as noosphere's prerogative, or even a manifestation of collective unconscious ...It is well-known that there are in nature only four fundamental forces. There are no any others. Neither any- thing beyond their (four forces') influence can exist. 13 years ago the two of the four above-mentioned forces got a unified status. And so, for already 13 years Terrans live in very special conditions ...Three fundamental forces are: 1) meson interaction; 2) electromagnetic interaction (the four quanta of the latter are photon, W^+ boson, W^- boson, and Z^0 boson); 3) gravitational field. Now examine Einstein's formula E=mc^2. One can see here that the equation is divided by equality sign into two parts. Left side stands for full energy, whereas right side contains the two other components multiplied. Unitary Field (that was at singularity time of our universe) now disintegrated into three different fields as stated above. In my opinion, meson inter- action is now the successor of Unitary Field. As to DREAMING (if to draw in again Castaneda's terminology), here "E" of Einstein's formula means meson reality and the third attention respectively. "m" stands for mass and the dark. "m" signifys female principle. Finally, "c^2" means light. It is male principle. Light (electromagnetic field) correlate to the second attention and the main factor of DREAMING. In other words, so called body of DREAMING is nothing but body of light ( c^2 ) i.e. "electromagnetic body" (in a modus sense). Besides the latter, each of us also has another two bodies. That of the first attention is the gravitational body (so called material one, where- as "electromagnetic one" is respectively the astral body). Meson body, in its turn, enables one to penetrate to the third attention. Meson body is the true spiritual body. ...In the 9th Castaneda's book there's no information about the remaining three gate of DREAMING. As it seems to me, the last gate of DREAMING is the actual entrance into meson reality that is true ( Unitary Field's) spiritual world (of purestest emotions). Meson realty is a reality of no return. (And of no death at all.) That's the third attention. As to the 5th & 6th gate of DREAMING, I think they are respectively the regulated & systematic dream-serial (look what everyday life is), and (6th gate) the ability to have a lot of bodies of DREAMING simultaneously... But such evidently boundless themes obviously should be discussed in another article.

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