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 "Your Dream of Recovery": Interview with Shelly Marshall

Interviewed by

Victoria Quinton

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 Quinton, Victoria (1997 September). "Your Dream of Recovery": Interview with Shelly Marshall. Electric Dreams 4(9). Retrieved July 26, 2000 from Electric Dreams on the World Wide Web: http://www.deramgate.com/electric-dreams

SM: Hello--I just read your section in the newsletter for Electric Dreams. I wrote the book "Your Dream of Recovery" (Dream Interpretation and the 12 steps). I would like to be an interviewee to let people know that work with the 12 steps and dreams.... there are a lot of us out there but finding them is sometimes difficult.

Is this the sort of thing you had in mind?

You can read more about me at http://www.erols.com/daybyday and go to the section on my publications to see my book.

Thanks, Shelly


Anyway, some further questions:

VQ: I see that the book is dedicated to an Elsie Sechrist.Have you met her in person?

SM: Unfortunately, no, I wish I could, even in ,my dreams!!

VQ: When did you read her book "Dreams: Your Magic Mirror"?

SM: I read it in 1969, the first year I found recovery from drugs and alcohol.

Her introduction to dreams was so clear and beautiful to my muddle mind that I believe She helped save my soul. It was a combination of her system of dream work and the 12 steps that laid the foundation for my life.

VQ In the dedication, you also mention your mother introducing you to the works of Edgar Cayce.

SM: Ah my mother, if it weren't for her, I would be dead. She introduced me to dream Interpretation and Edgar Cayce about 2 months before I got sober and she brought me to the 12 step program which she herself uses.

VQ: 12 steps originates with "Alcoholics Anonymous" and recovery.

SM: Yes it does. As you read, I wrote about the history of this in Chapter One. I would be glad to forward it to any interested readers.

VQ: Can you isolate a time or dream that melded dreams with the 12 STEPS for you?

SM: Well, dreams are about our spiritual growth and the twelve steps are too. Dreamwork is a tool to apply the 12 steps in a more meaningful way. I remember one dream in early recovery where I had red teased hair and If I would just comb it down I would be more attractive. After waking up, I could see it was talking about my temper (red hair-wild) and If I'd calm (comb) down, I'd be more attractive. This was dealing with my character defect, which is what the program is all about. I was amazed at how my dreams were working my 12 steps with/ for me. Another one was me hammering tresses, joining three white houses together. This represented me building and joining, body, mind and spirit.

It also represents steps 1, 2, 3.

Step one is the body(admitting we have a disease).
Step two is mental, (we make a decision to believe a higher power can help us).
And the third is spiritual (we decide to let our higher power do it)

VQ: What would you most like to share with readers about your book?

SM: Well, I believe that my dream glossary is the best in the world. The book is a great guide to spiritual growth -- but the dream glossary is superb.Naturally it is designed for a person to design their own--but it gives the foundation for a complete personal glossary like no other. It gives universal meanings to words in a category, suggests cultural interpretations, gives positive as well as negative connotations to be aware of, and gives societal idioms that our subconscious is likely to draw on.

There are 12 categories including colors, numbers, behavior, health, plants-- etc. Again, if anyone were interested, I'd be glad to forward (by e-mail attachment in "Works") the introduction to this and "The Four Elements: Earth, Water, Air and Fire". You'll have to buy the book for the rest!

VQ: Apart from checking your website, have you any suggestions about finding others who work with the 12 step program?

SM: You can get to anywhere in recovery from my recommended sites. But going to an AA central office in your community and asking for what you want will help. Or, you can call the American Self-Help Clearinghouse at 201 625 7101 in the US or 613 728 1865 in Canada. In other countries, I would suggest AA again.

light and peace

Shelly from Soberspace

Victoria 8*)