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 Dream Program At Twin Lakes & Gina Perlin

Interview by

Victoria Quinton

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 Quinton, Victoria (1997 February). Dream Program At Twin Lakes & Gina Perlin. Interview. Electric Dreams 4(2). Retrieved July 26, 2000 on the World Wide Web: http://www.dreamgate.com/electric-dreams

From Gina Perlin (GP):

Hi Victoria,

Okay, my first e-mail interview. I am in charge of designing the curriculum for the Dream Studies Program and I also, at this point, teach all of the classes.

The program consists of three consecutive classes. Level 1 is geared towardspersonal applications while laying the foundation for professional training. Levels 2 and 3 continue personal dream exploration as well as specific trainingin professional dreamwork. We have had students who were not interested inbecoming dream professionals elect to go through the whole program because they found it personally beneficial. So in answer to your question, the course is the same for individual as well as professional purposes.

The dream interview method that I teach is an approach to working with the dream similar to that as described by Eugene Gendlin in "Let Your Body Interpret Your Dreams", Will Phillips in "Every Dreamer's Handbook", and Gayle Delaney in "Breakthrough Dreaming". It's a process of decoding the metaphorical language of the dream by eliciting and feeding back the dreamer's descriptions of dream symbols, emotions and events so that the dreamer can bridge what is going on in the dream to waking life. As an art form, this process is more like an engrossing conversation than an interview.

The feedback received from the first graduating class of the Twin Lakes College of the Healing Arts dream studies program has been very enthusiastic.

They have continued to meet regularly as a dream group. Several graduates attended the ASD conference in Berkeley, afterwards expressing a deep appreciation for the indepth level of training they received at TLC.

Twin Lakes College is just beginning to dip it's toe into the computer age. I believe a web site is in progress. No e-mail address at this time. I'll keep you posted.

Tuition: $255. Where: Twin Lakes College of the Healing Arts, 1210 Brommer St., SantaCruz, CA 95062. (408) 476-2152.
Call the office at (408) 476-2152 for brochure and complete information.