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 Fred Olsen

Interview by

Victoria Quinton

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 Quinton, Victoria (1996 June). Fred Olsen Interview. Electric Dreams 3(5). Retrieved from Electric Dreams July 27, 2000 on the World Wide Web: http://www.dreamgate.com/electric-dreams

VQ What is the Dream Reentry Healing Technique?

FO Dream Reentry Healing is a powerful and elegant system, method and process that allows us to access, track and reprogram the deep information patterns in our mind-body system. I suggest that it is a direct way to program in what I call the basic natural language occurring at the <soul-cell> level of the inner human information system.

The Dream Reentry Healing (DRH) technique tracks the natural layers, locus and linkages of images and feelings in the body-mind. I call the basic link the <soul-cell> connection. A dream, a symptom or an emotional issue or feeling can be the starting point to a reentry sequence. It does not have
to start with a dream per se.

The root ideas for DRH is based on what Jung calls the 'transcendent function, and active imagination. I have expanded on these concepts and practices in a very systematic and yet natural way.

The DRH process is like an artist's or archaeologists brush (using a simple analogy). The tool is relatively simple, in many ways. It is the application of the tool (or vehicle) that is the artform allowing us to elegantly track and transform, and even heal deep unconscious patterns in the human system at the emotional, spiritual and even the physical levels of our
being and body.

VQ Was it one of your own dreams that led you to further "study" of dreams?

FO There are many layers to my response. Only in looking far back in my early childhood did I find what probably was a driving force for me to try to delve deeper into unconscious dream space and time. When the subject of dreams arose at the family table, my mother always recounted a story in which warning nightmares on three consecutive nights led her to be very cautious as she walked with my sister and I to and from the grocery store. I was two at the time. She claimed that these dreams saved our lives from a wild driver who went out of control in his car, nearly missing us all. A second factor was that we always had incidences of my father sleep-walking. Although I was not a vivid dreamer, like many of you, when I came to the end of seeing a rational basis for solving major personal and collective problems, I was drawn back to dreaming and the unconscious as a source for vital spiritual, psychological and physical information.

It was on a search for basic transformational tools in human systems that led me finally to explore the symbolic basis for our deepest life issues. I wanted to know how the 'inner image' was formed and transformed both individually and in the collective psyche. I was not as concerned with the question of meaning as with the process of transformation. How are symbols formed and transformed in human consciousness? That question grabbed me.

VQ I read that you have been involved in translations into and out of other languages. Has that influenced the way you approach dreams?

After I had pretty well developed the basic DRH approach, I realized that I could use the basic process with people while I was blind to the content of the dream or imagery. I could facilitate a result without even knowing the content. This felt very different from many approaches to dreaming, where interpretation and analysis depends on the content input from the dream workers, therapist or guide. I thought it was rather profound that a person could resolve a physical symptom, for example, or achieve a deep shift emotionally or spiritually in a very short process that I was guiding when I didn't even have to know the content.

I always get pleasure when I can work in a medium that demonstrates that the results of a process of healing or transformation are not dependent on some magical gift in me but on the basic principles and tools that allow any person to access their own transformative resources. I was in Russia for a
Dream Conference during the 1991 coup. I had the opportunity to share my work with a group of students and psychologists at St. Petersborg University after the conference. I led the group through translation in a DRH process.

A number of the participants reported results. I also did a number of reentrys with individual Russians trough translation. I once worked with a Buddhist monk from China on a deep unresolved conflict through translation.

It was fun to lead a session with you from one server, through Richard's secondary transmission across two net servers, to the other side of the world and between dimensions of consciousness. That felt like a first. It was a actually very effective and efficient as far as I could tell. You would be the best judge of that.

VQ How might dreaming be likened to elements of chaos theory?

FO That is worth a whole paper and maybe a book of its own. In the mathematics of chaos theory, you plug a complex variable (Re + I) consisting of a real (Re) and imaginary (I) number into a formula. You take the solution and use it as the input variable for the next calculation. The repeated iteration of this loop reproduces a chaotic function that has an amazing pattern. It has been shown that these patterns are replicated in natural systems. A simple fern, for example, can be reproduced by a very specific iteration of a particular complex number in a specific simple geometric equation.

It occurred to me that a whole society may be based on the fractilization of a primary set of complex images rooted in mythical stories, i.e. dreams of the culture. A creation story has built into it a certain pattern, for example, that then manifests in a particular societal formation. If the underlying fractile is flawed in some way, the culture that flows from this flaw is then dysfunctional at its root. I happen to believe this is true of Western civilization.

Traditional dream interpretation, in which we use a relatively static solution for a dream is like solving the equation the first time for a complex variable. DRH, in my opinion, retraces the natural inner steps of the fractile through the layers, locus and linkages back to points of bifurcation. If the complex variable (real + Imaginary) is an analog to our conscious and imaginal realms of the psyche/soma, then by retracing the steps to the source of bifurcation allows us to revisit and revise the decisions that have diverted us from a healthy and sustainable path congruent with our deeper nature.

VQ Do you have a "first book to read" suggestion for newcomers to dream sharing?

FO My book is not written yet. I do have preliminary booklets about the DRH process that are available at $5 plus shipping. There are many books on dreams and dreaming. I have been directed to key books in my dreams or by synchronicity. I suggest the beginner cultivate a trust that they will be guided to the right sources specific to their own personal journey. It is a journey.

VQ Do you have someone who can use the Dream Reentry Technique with you on your dreams?

FO There have been a few people who have worked with me with some success. I am still looking for someone or a few key students who are able to master the process with sufficient confidence to take me on. I had a very good experience with a room mate at a dream conference who actually took that risk. It was great.

VQ Especially if we have fewer glitches next time, would you like to return to Electric Dreams for a special report on Relay and translation from one system to another from one side of the world to another and deep into the imaginal from the "conscious" realm in the same journey ?

FO It would be fun to see a transcript reprinted of an on-line DRH sequence with the glitches and humorous obstacles described.

VQ As you once worked for NASA, do you think that there could be a balance somewhere between "outer space" and "inner space"?

Of course. :) That's what it is all about. Just talk to the Aboriginals about dreamtime. Our addiction is to the dimensionality of the physical realm. We have lost our operational linkage to the imaginal realm that links us back to our natural Source.

Fred Olsen, M.Div. (DREAMTRACK)

Interview conducted by Victoria Quinton
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