Electric Dreams

The Mystical 
Meaning of Dreams

Swami Vimanananda 

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Vimanananda, Swami (1995 August 18). The Mystical Meaning of Dreams. Electric Dreams 2(10). Retrieved July 31, 2000 from Electric Dreams on the World Wide Web: http://www.dreamgate.com/electric-dreams  

Greetings, fellow dreamers!

Whether consciously, subconsciously, or Super-consciously, YOU are the creator of your dreams. Thus, no one knows better than YOU what they signify.

This is the first in a series explaining dreams according Kriya Siva Yoga - The Yoga of the Dream State. We will offer some fundamental keys based on ASTROLOGY, and a systematic, experimental method for mapping your own subconscious.

According to Yoga, ALL things are symbolic. The Universe has many layers of 'Reality'. Within the layers are ever-flowing streams of forms and forces, known as SYMBOLS. Although many parallel streams are present, like radio receivers, we are tuned in to a single frequency at a time. Our awareness alternates between the external frequency while we are awake, and internal ones while we sleep. Unfortunately. we tend to 'black out' during the transitional states: the Hypnagogic zone between waking and sleep, and the Hypnopompic zone between sleep and awakening. Our personality structure limits us even further, filtering our perception while sleeping or awake.


The first step in the understanding process is to see what your 'filter' is normally selecting. Think about the people, events, colors, shapes, places, and moods that you encounter during an average day. What types of things do you experience most frequently? What do they have in common? What colors and objects do you surround yourself with? What causes strong emotional reactions?

Exercise 1: In the morning, place your awareness from about 1 1/2 feet above your head, and a bit towards the back of the head. Keeping the awareness there, go thru a normal day or week. Try to observe yourself, WITHOUT JUDGING, as interact with the world.

After practicing this a week or two, do you notice any changes in your dreams?


Swami Vimanananda has been working with Dreams, Astrology, and other esoteric Yogic sciences for 20 years (in this incarnation!). She was ordained by Sri Goswami Kriyananda, head of the Temple of Kriya Yoga in Chicago. Kriya Yoga is 'The Yoga of Action' - actions unique to each individual, designed to remove ignorance, dissolve obstacles, and bring true perception and happiness.