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An Excerpt From The Lucid Dream Exchange
Lucy Gillis, Editor

Steve Parker Goes W.I.L.D.!

Steve Parker

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Parker, Steve (2007 February]. Steve Parker Goes W.I.L.D.!
(An Excerpt From The Lucid Dream Exchange, Lucy Gillis, Editor.) Electric Dreams 14(2).

The heart and soul of The Lucid Dream Exchange is its lucid dreamers. From their first-hand accounts, readers can learn a lot about the lucid dreaming phenomena. This month, Steve Parker shares his experiences with the W.I.L.D. technique.

Editor's Note: A "W.I.L.D" is a "Wake Initiated Lucid Dream"; a dream in which the dreamer enters the dream state consciously, without first falling asleep. The term "W.I.L.D." became popularized after it appeared in Stephen LaBerge's ground-breaking book, "Lucid Dreaming". See this book for further information.

Steve Parker Goes W.I.L.D.!

I have been trying the W.I.L.D. technique. I was able to obtain very vivid dreams with this technique. I finally became lucid using the W.I.L.D. (I only have time to try it on the weekends. During the week I have to get up at 4:00 a.m. every morning for work. On the weekends I sleep in. It is a great time to try the W.I.L.D. technique.)

Sunday August 13 2006 7:00 a.m.

Several times I have tried the W.I.L.D. technique. Usually I try the technique in the afternoon or after a good night's sleep. I wait for the images to pass by. I then try to catch onto an image. When I do this I keep repeating "I am dreaming". A couple of times this sent me immediately into very vivid dreams. I was getting close but not quite lucid.

The Sunday morning after a lot of sleep I tried the W.I.L.D. technique. I saw images go by and almost fell completely asleep. I tried to keep my consciousness awake. In a half-sleep state I was able to grasp an image. I saw grass below my feet. I said "I am dreaming" and the image became more clear. When I realized I was becoming lucid because of the W.I.L.D. technique I almost woke up. I kept repeating, "I am dreaming". This kept me lucid.

I then suddenly stepped into this image and found myself in a lucid dream environment. I was walking down my street. It was daytime and I was looking at the front lawns of my neighbors. The dream environment was very realistic. As I was walking down the sidewalk enjoying the summer day I decided it should snow. Snowflakes started falling and soon the sidewalk was covered in snow.

I then decided there should be a strong wind blowing against me. A very strong wind blew up out of nowhere and it was hard to even take a step forward. I decided it should become hurricane strength. The wind intensified. I decided to fly up into the air and let the wind take me. I floated up and the wind took me sailing away. I swooped up and down, my nose coming inches from the pavement. I was not worried and was enjoying this great sensation. I could feel the wind and how powerful it was. I was able to keep this going for a while and had a lot of control of this lucid experience.

After awhile it became a vivid dream. While in this vivid dream I became lucid again. I started floating again. I then woke up.

I found in this W.I.L.D. induced lucid dream that I was in more control of my dream environment. In clarity and other aspects it was not any greater than other lucid dreams. If you are taking a nap or oversleeping this is definitely a quick way to become lucid. Do not try hard, and allow your mind to relax. Keep repeating "I am dreaming" and grasp that image and do not let it pass by.

Here is another example of a W.I.L.D. attempt and what appears to work for me.

Sunday August 20 2006 8:00 a.m.

I have had a very good nights' sleep. I am lying in bed very relaxed. I start drifting off repeating, "I am dreaming". I can now see my hands. I am observing them. I am lucid. I have used the W.I.L.D. technique. I now shift to another image. I am looking down on a huge city. It may be a map. The city is in 3D. Each building stands out clearly. The W.I.L.D. technique is working. I now say "I am dreaming". I feel the rush of wind as I separate from my sleeping body. At this moment I wake up. It is disappointing to wake up now. I was ready to enter my W.I.L.D. lucid image.

In this state of alpha sleep it is easy to wake up. W.I.L.D. seems to work best when you are relaxing after a good nights' sleep, or trying to take an afternoon nap. I find it does not matter what position you are lying in as along as you are comfortable. Also you feel your body is warm but not hot. Now you let your mind relax and drift into a light sleep. At this time you will find yourself in dream clips that do not last very long. While in these dream clips keep repeating, "I am dreaming". Your mind is still awake. Upon studying a dream image remind yourself that you are dreaming. This helps to put you into the dream that you are observing. The trick now is not to wake up while you are aware that you are dreaming. Hold onto the lucid dream and do not panic. Now you can enjoy a lucid dream.

W.I.L.D. Within a Vivid: A brief lucid experience. It is interesting in only that I was able to conjure up a "W.I.L.D." while dreaming.

Monday October 23 2006 a.m.

I am having a vivid dream of an amateur boxing tournament. They want me to officiate. I do not mind since I used to officiate amateur boxing for nine years. I do not have my referee uniform. It is okay, they will allow me to wear my street clothes. I walk over to my judging chair. I sit down and look around. I do not recognize anyone here, which is unusual. I relax, as there is some time yet to the first bout. I decide to close my eyes and see if I can initiate a W.I.L.D. It works. A large wooden house appears before me in great detail. I now say "I am dreaming". I approach the house and get closer and closer. I know I am lucid in this W.I.L.D. experiment but I cannot hang onto it. I now wake up.

Happy lucid dreaming,

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