Electric Dreams

Interpreting Your Dreams... Can They Predict the Future?

Shari Gerson

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  Gerson, Shari (2001). Interpreting Your Dreams... Can They Predict the Future?  Electric Dreams 8(4). Retrieved March 29, 2001 from Electric Dreams on the World Wide Web: http://www.dreamgate.com/electric-dreams

You dream that it's a bright, sunny day and you're walking into a building that you've never seen before. Inside, you meet a friend who gives you a present. What do you think it means? Well, if you're one of the millions of people who believe that dreams predict the future, a bright, sunny day means that success will be coming your way. If the building is tall, changes in your lifestyle are coming, while a small building says to watch out: problems are about to enter into your life. The friend? Well, running into a friend means a jump-start in your social life. Receiving a gift tells you to be careful about who or what you are trusting in right now.

Dreaming is one of the most personal and intimate experiences that you can have, and each dream is as unique as the person having them. Researchers say that although many people cannot remember their dreams, every person dreams as many as five to 10 times each night, possibly more. So if you're one of the many who cannot recollect your dreams, you are not alone. Try keeping a pad and pencil, or tape recorder next to your bed for a week. See if you can jot your memories down right after waking from your sleep. Our dreams are key in figuring out what is going on in our lives and how to deal with or fix the problems that may be happening around us. Or quite possibly, they are bringing you insights into your future!

Interpreting dreams has fascinated the human race for centuries. Some cultures consulted shrines and oracles to tap into the meaning of their dreams. Others visited medicine men or soothsayers to find out their dreams' meanings. Are they merely reflections of what we go through each day, mirroring our thoughts, emotions, and anxieties? Or are they predictions of what is coming?

Most of us have heard vivid stories over the years of people who have had prophetic dreams, about loved ones, friends, strangers, or world events, which have come true down to the last detail. While many may be hoaxes, you can't deny that there are many people out there who have had real premonitions of the future. It is both scary and fascinating. Who wouldn't love to be able to see into tomorrow and know what is coming and how to avoid danger?

What are your dreams telling you? Will you come into an unexpected fortune? Will you meet a stranger and fall madly in love? Or will you be coming down with an illness? Here are some of the most common things we dream of, and what they are supposed to mean or predict about your future:

Death: Dreaming of death can mean a few things. It can mean the beginning of a new chapter in your life, with the old falling away, and perhaps you are anxious about it. Or, If you talk to someone who is dead, it means that good news is coming. But if it happens to be the ghost of one of your parents, this says that you are exposed to danger and to be careful in forming partnerships with strangers. Someone dying means that a birth will take place, or there is a need to take a look at your life and slow it down some. You may be doing too much and it is time to let some things go or you will become resentful.

Falling is a symbol of fear and you need to loosen up and relax. You're afraid of failure and you need to start enjoying your life more. You may be too cut off from people and you need affection and support.

Fear: Feeling fear in a dream means that you will be able to figure out your problems and find what it takes to overcome them. It is a sign that your worries will soon be over.

Fire: This says that a time of rebirth and renewal is near, but to be careful of some form of rejection that is coming. Be strong and try to deal with it maturely. If you dream that you set fire to something, you must learn to control your temper. It will cause problems for you if you don't.

Going up stairs means that success is on the way, while going down stairs warns that you are too controversial and you need to tone it down. You are upsetting other people and will do yourself harm.

Men: Happiness and good health is what is predicted when meeting a good-looking man. But emotional upset is coming if you meet an ugly one.

Money: Finding some money says that you have been unhappy about something, but not to worry so much. Happiness is on the way.

Nighttime means that delays are coming. If the night is star-filled, you are about to make an interesting discovery.

Rain: If you are caught in a heavy rainstorm, you are about to come into some money. If you are just out and about in the rain, a relationship you are in will end soon.

Screams: This one is opposite than what you think! If you are screaming in an angry way, what has been on your mind causing you worry will turn out okay. But if someone else is screaming, bad news is coming.

Women: Dreaming of women means that insincerity is around you and to watch out. Seeing men and women together tells of feeling more secure and confident about things to come.

Weapons mean that you need to postpone some decisions for a while, you may be making them too hastily. If you buy a weapon, be careful. You are being deceived and need to wake up to what is really happening around you.

Whatever you have been dreaming about, one thing is for certain: Pay attention to your dreams. Not only are they telling you what is most on your mind, and issues that need confronting, but they may also be a way to take a peek into your future. Either way, know that your dreams are the key to unlocking the door to you life and can help you toward obtaining a better tomorrow.