Electric Dreams

The Wheel of Life: Aligning Dreams with the SuperConscious

Shamai Currim, Ph.D.

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Currim, Shamai, Ph.D. (2006 July). The Wheel of Life: Aligning Dreams with the SuperConscious. Electric Dreams 13(7).

Here are either 4 night dream exercises, or a guided meditation. Typically as a dream exercise, a mobile is created and hung over the head, or by the bed using evocative words, such as who am I? Where am I going? What do I need to get there? etc, etc. to entice the un/super conscious selves to get involved. Or, colored wheels/circles with opposite colors on back and front. As a guided imagery - time and space need to be built in for both movement, journaling, and/or sharing.

If one can think of the Wheel of Life as the place from which we birth, grow, and ultimately die, then we can begin the journey from the center of our Universe. Take a moment to center yourself, and then, with eyes slightly lowered, allow yourself to come to a place of empty, surrendering to all that has taken you to this point. As you become aware, become the observer of your awareness.....and then, let go. You are now in the center of your Universe, where there is neither do'er nor be're, neither coming nor going, no longer the observer, and no longer one to be observed. Breathe into that space, and then....look forward, ahead of you. This is the East, the birthing of the new you. Observe, see what/who is coming to take you forward and allow them/it to show you, to teach you, to guide you to your new form. Create a space of welcome, and take as long as you would like to get to know this new form.

From the East, we travel to the South where your form will grow and develop, and a new guide may come to join you. Observe the changes, and ask any questions that may come to mind. This is a time of questioning and trying out new ideas. You may feel that your body is now involved in this quest and you are welcome to move around and do whatever it is that your body feels it needs to do. Enjoy this time of plenty, and then, when you feel ready, quiet your body, and prepare for the next step of the journey.

The West is a space of depth. It is the 'dark night of the soul' where we are able to move from wounding to knowing. We come out of here more enlightened and aware of our purpose in life, and our journey is guided by a being of a higher order who can speak without words, and think without thoughts. Allow the experience to envelop you and become all of you.

From the north we are guided by those who have come before. We reach the pinnacle of what/who we are, and suddenly understand the what, where and how's of life. Suddenly we are aware that we have always been here.....drink in that understanding and then, allow yourself to let all of this go, and return to center.

From the center of your being, observe all that you have become and all that you will be...and then, let it all go....for you are already there.

Shamai Currim, Ph.D.
May 12, 2006