Electric Dreams

The Forgotten Language

Scott Hughes 

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Hughes, Scott (1996 September). The Forgotten Language, Part I. Electric Dreams 3(8). Retrieved July 26, 2000 from Electric Dreams on the World Wide Web: http://www.dreamgate.com/electric-dreams  

In my dreams I have visited many bookstores and libraries. I have located several interesting books only to wake up and discover they were never real in this world. What a disappointment!

Ahh, but there were exceptions. In one dream, an author named Frome was mentioned. I wasn't sure how to spell the name, but I sounded it out. I had never heard of this author, but I felt determined to put up a search for him.

At a local library, hidden in the psychology books, I found books written by Erich Fromm. Who was this guy Erich Fromm? Was he the author, the dream spoke of? His name appeared so similar to the one I heard in my dream. I looked through a book of his called _Escape from Freedom_ and found references to a book called _The Forgotten Language._ I discovered _The Forgotten Language_ on another shelf. This latter book's subject matter was dreams. Strange coincidence
that a dream would lead me to a book on dreams.

Fromm was born in Frankfurt Germany in 1900. He became a psychoanalyst who was a contemporary of Freud. He wrote over ten books and lectured extensively in Europe and North America during his lifetime. Many of his ideas were controversial, and I don't agree with them all, but his viewpoint has significance to students of dreams. In my next article, I will explore Fromm's book _The Forgotten Language._