Electric Dreams

Dream Poetry: Mrs. Chucklehenny vs. The Horrible Lizard Monster

Sandy McIntosh 

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McIntosh, Sandy (1995 October 1). Dream Poetry: Mrs. Chucklehenny vs. The Horrible Lizard Monster. Electric Dreams 2(12). Retrieved July 31, 2000 from Electric Dreams on the World Wide Web: http://www/dreamgate.com/electric-dream  

My old nursemaid, Mrs. Chucklehenny, returned from the dead only to be bonked on the head by the horrible Lizard Monster when it fell down the elevator shaft. Oh, the rotting carcal stench!

I kept telling her, "Don't eat its brains! Don't eat its brains!"

But a big piece of brain fell into her mouth and she began to chew.
I was aghast.

"Um," she slurped. "That's not so bad."

Everybody knows what happens next:
She metamorphoses into another horrible Lizard Monster,
and the two of them go at it, bashing each other on my bathroom floor, their windup keys grinding like hysterical transmissions.

Who wants to watch this thing again when we've seen it a hundred times already?

The lizard, the woman, the elavator shaft -- and me trapped alone in this padlocked theater!

Copyright 1995, Sandy McIntosh (Reprinted by Permission)