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Dream Network Journal Update

Roberta Ossana

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Ossana, Roberta (1996 December). Dream Network Journal Update. Electric Dreams 3(11). Retrieved July 26, 2000 from Electric Dreams on the World Wide Web: http://www.dreamgate.com/electric-dreams  

As you know, the Dream Network Journal is now online and is extending its ability to act as a voice for the dream movement. An if you can get a hold of the issue this summer of #15(1) there is a special on *Dreams and Community* which relates to much of our online work (and includes Richard's Update on Dreams and Cyberspace). Be sure to get a copy of this issue!

To order a subscription, back issues or "The Art of Dreamsharing & Developing Dreams Groups" booklet, call (800) 861-3732 or drop by the Web site at:

What, you never heard of the Dream Network Journal!?!

From Roberta Ossana on the DreamNet Web Page:

Dear Dreamer,

Thank you for your interest in your dreams and in the Dream Network. As more of us awaken to the truth and value presented each night in our dreams, it becomes increasingly desirable to learn to understand dreams' unique language, the language of symbol and metaphor. With the growing evidence of our longing -- and *need* -- to comprehend the necessity of mythology, it becomes evermore compelling to understand *where* we lost it and *how* we can *reclaim the mythic life*.

The _Dream Network_ is published to help in fulfilling these intrinsic human needs. Initiated in 1982, the DN has served as the ground upon which the foundation for the growing 'dream movement' is building, internationally.

It is our purpose to demystify dreamwork so as to make the meaning of our dreams more readily available to each of us, believing every dream remembered desires to be understood and each dream conveys information that is of positive value toward our good health and well-being. Even our nightmares!

Though we aspire to maintain a high level of scholarship, _Dream Network_ is not an academic journal per se and is not affiliated with any academic institution, organization or theoretical disposition; rather, we remain eclectic and open to all schools of thought and personal experience. Together, we explore the mystery.

Our goal is to remain an interactive publication, actively engaging readers and sharing our unique messages with an increasingly interested readership. We enthusiastically invite Responses/Letters, dream or myth related manuscript/articles, poetry and art work.

Each issue of Dream Network contains sections on The Art of Dream Sharing and Dream Education, the Mythic Dimension and articles which respond to Questions posed in previous issues.

In each issue, there is a listing of over 55 Networkers/Contact persons, available to provide dream-related information, resources and assistance in initiating a dreamsharing relationship or a dream group. Our Classified section offers DNJ readers the opportunity to network, learn and explore with other dreamers, internationally.

Please be openheartedly invited to join us in reintroducing this deeply valuable, cross-cultural, common human experience into your life/our culture. It is here, now.... and it is about the Power of Dreams! 

Choose to explore the mystery with us!

To the wisdom and power of our dreams,

H. Roberta Ossana, Editor & Publisher