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Richard Wilkerson

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Wilkerson, Richard (2002).  Nightmares and Dreamwork Resources Online: The ASD Nightmare Page    Electric Dreams 9(10).
2002 Vol. 9 Issue 10.

After 9-11 the reports by so many people of nightmares and questions to the ASD bulletin board about what to do about them, ASD developed the Nightmare Page.  Below is an annotated index of this resource. Here is the phone hotline:  

 Nightmare Hotline :  1-866-DRMS911 

Recommended Reading on Nightmares 

ASD Nightmare FAQ - Common Questions


[Scheduled for updating by the Education Committee]


Guidelines for coping with Nightmares after Trauma.  Patricia Garfield, Ph.D.



Article:  Nightmare Remedies:  Helping Your Children Tame The Demons of the Night.  Alan Siegel, Ph.D. and Kelly Bulkeley, Ph. D.



Article:  Nightmares and What to Do About Them. Patricia Garfield, Ph.D.




Article: Nightmares? Bad Dreams? Lucky You! D.R.E.A.M.S. Foundation




Article: American Dreans: Nightmares and what to do about them. AARP Modern Maturity.




====0====  Advanced & Extended Studies on Nightmares ====0====

A Mini-Course for Clinicians and Trauma Workers on Posttraumatic Nightmares. Alan Siegel, Ph.D.



Article: The Relationship of Dream Content and Changes in Daytime Mood in Traumatized Vs. Non-Traumatized Children  Raija-Leena Punamäki



Article: Freud and Jung on Nightmares. Tore Nielsen, Ph.D.Article:



Overcoming Nightmares. Stephen LaBerge and Howard. Rheingold



Article: Dreams of Terror, Dreams of Healing. Robert Moss


Article: Dream Work & Collective Trauma - Unconscious Elements In Public Debate. Jeremy Taylor



Article: Working with Your Nightmares. Strephon Kaplan-Williams



This is an ever-growing resource, so you if have a suggestion for that page, send it to the Chair of the ASD Education Committee




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