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New Trends in Online Dream Sharing: 

Yahoo Dream Clubs and New Usenet Newsgroups

Richard Catlett Wilkerson

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  Wilkerson, Richard Catlett (2000 Aug). New Trends in Online Dream Sharing: Yahoo Dream Clubs and New Usenet Newsgroups. Electric Dreams 7(8). Retrieved December 31, 2001 from Electric Dreams on the World Wide Web: http://www.dreamgate.com/electric-dreams

As we predicted many years ago on Electric Dreams, the rise of inexpensive telecommunications through the Internet has lead to more differentiate sub-groups in dreams and dreaming. When the Electric Dreams community first came online in 1994, there was the Usenet Newsgroup started by Jack Campin called alt.dreams and that was about it. A few people were on the Web, but most of us didn't have access to it and the dream related sites remained few and far between for sometime. A search for the word "dream" brought up very little in the way of sleep and dreams.

Now let's jump ahead in the 21st Century! One can search the word "dreamwork" on Alta Vista and get over 8,000 pages. The word "dream" has over two and a half million references!

Electric Dreams has kept up with all these venues for you and has provided you with the latest scoop as a updates on older sites and organizations in dreams and dreaming. And we will continue to do this despite the overwhelming amounts of material and dreams that are proliferating online. We love dreams and we love dream sharing online.

This month we have an update on two areas, the Yahoo Dream Clubs and the Usenet Newsgroups.

Usenet Newsgroups: New Additions.

What is a Usenet Newsgroup? It is an International Bulletin Board.

When USENET became popular among the USA University crowd in the late 1980's, the idea of the Regional Bulletin Board was expanded nationally (and in some cases, internationally) and the discussion of dreams could be found in various Usenet Newsgroup topic boards. As the FAQ reports, Usenet is no longer an academic controlled network.

Usenet was organized like a real bulletin board, where one could post a note and others could read and post replies. Group discussions may them develop over time. Because of the popularity of BBS's, the Usenet bulletin boards were called "Newsgroups". By the 1990's all but the most wild of the Newsgroups were accessible via the Internet, and it was clear that dreams needed their own Newsgroup. "alt.dreams" was formed.

John Herbert reports in his dissertation on dreams and the Internet that the Newsgroup alt.dreams was originally suggested by Jack Campin as a way to study contemporary culture. He wanted a snapshot of dreams in the late 20th Century much in the same way that The Third Reich of Dreams gives a snapshot of the society in Nazi Germany. But it was soon apparent that the real appeal of alt.dreams was to share dreams and discussions about their significance and meaning.

As predicted, soon a sub-group appeared, alt.dreams.lucid. The lucid group tended to draw people who were interested in inner journeys and visions and so it split as well in to another group and alt.dreams.Castaneda.

Now there have been several new additions, though these groups are not yet carried by many of the major Internet Service Providers, such as AOL. These groups include: alt.newage.dreamwork, alt.dreams.lucid.entities, alt.dreams.mythic, alt.dreams.prophetic, alt.dreams.recurring
alt.dreams.sexual, alt.dreams.toltec, alt.dreams.edgar-cayce
japan.dreams, japan.dreams.lucid

For information on these and other Usenet Groups, visit


Yahoo Dream Clubs: Dream Topics for Everyone!

The rise of free community software online (bulletin boards, message centers, eLists, calendars and so on) has made it possible for anyone with a particular interest in dreams to develop an interest group. This is just exactly what we predicted would happen in several early articles on Electric Dreams. Whether you are interested in dreams and astrology, reoccurring dreams or just plain weird dreams, there is a club for you! Here are a few from the Yahoo site below:

Don Elletson's Electric Dreams Club

A place where people can talk about there dreams. Please note members will give their opinions of your dreams or relate their own experiences. Please do not relate porn stories this club is for serious discussions of dreams.
Don Elletson

A Dream Heaven
A Place For Dream Interpetations


Hi all, I would like to encourage everyone to join "A Dream Heaven"! Have you ever had a strange or crazy dream or even a dream that came true? If so write about dream on the message board and I will interpet it for you! If you have any comments or questions please feel free to contact me! HAVE FUN! Jennifer


Crazy Wierd Dreams Club
A place to talk about messed up dreams

Hey guys, I don't know about you, but i have some messed up crazy dreams. Here is a place to share yours and hear others. Meatball Katagutski

Deep Dreaming
For discussion of dreams and their interpretation


Welcome dreamers! I hope to offer a place for those with an interest in dreams, and the analysis and interpretation of them - Rella

Dream A Little Dream
A Place To Discuss Dreams...What Do They Mean?

A white rabbit wearing women's underwear...A 2 Ton elephant in a Mini Skirt...Dreams, ever wonder what they mean? Here is a place to share your sleeping dreams, no matter how crazy they are. Together we can all try to find the meaning. Also, be sure to check out the links section for a link back to our Dream Symbol Dictionary...

Dream Directory
Dreams:Review,record,compare:Story Theatre!


A forum for dreams. "As younger thinking dwellers my brothers,sister and I would grab our cozy blankets,gather in a hermetical circle and storytime would begin." Recall tips from past 11 years of dream recording. How can we interpret what might be interpreting us? This is our free moving picture. This is real ___ !

Dream Interpretation FREE
Tell Me Dreams's Club

I am NOT a professional, but interpreting dreams is a hobby. I would love to hear yours, and if you want my interpretation, please send via e-mail. And I will try to get it back to you within a week. Note: Be as narrative and descriptive as possible. TELLMEDREAMS'S

Dreams and Astrology
Decipher your dreams and learn about Astrology.


This club is for those of you who want to know what your dreams mean and those of you who want to learn more about your star sign. This is a club for Self Discovery and hopefully will be used for good purposes. When you learn about what your dreams and Star Sign mean, you are receiving information that will help you know what to expect in the near future and make better decisions. So please join this club and start yourself on the path of Self Discovery.
Dream Weavers
A place to discuss Thoughts and Dreams

This club will give you a chance to discuss and find interpretations to your thaughts and dreams. and hear others thaughts and dreams so they to can find the true meaning in the eyes of the other club members.fill free to discuss anything and may you find the true meaning to your thaughts or dreams that you may have been troubeled with and just couldn't find an interpretation for.
The Dreams Club
A place to research, search & talk about dreams.

Welcome to Dreamland. Here you don't need to have a dream alone. You can share others, you can make them true, talk about the meaning of dreams, what they are, listen to other people's dreams, research all about dreams and just have a dreaming fun!

Interpetaions of Dreams
A club to intepet yours and others dreams
I founded this club for all of you out there who have trouble with dreams and you want to know what they mean.

Study Your Dreams
A club to discuss dream symbols and energy


Dreams have been considered important messengers and guides throughout the ages. They can provide important advice for us in waking life, and also be great sources of inspiration for creative projects. This is a place to share and discuss each other's dreams, and other informational resources concerning dreamwork

Mystical Dreams
A place to discuss dreams

A place you can talk to mystical (fun) people about dreams and discuss what they mean. Come enter the Dreamscape...just don't fall into the Void or the Desert of Dillusions.-----Join us won't you???????

Dream Quest
Psychological dream interpretations & theories

This club is dedicated to understanding dreams. Psychological dream interpretations will predominate and dream theories will also be discussed. Any questions about dream theories, dreams, or personal experience with dreams are welcomed. This is not a therapeutic setting, but hopefully this will be a stimulating and enlightening club!