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The Proliferation of Dream Discussion eLists on the Internet

Richard Catlett Wilkerson 

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    Wilkerson, Richard Catlett (1999 March). The Proliferation of Dream Discussion eLists on the Internet. Electric Dreams 6(3). Retrieved July 11, 2000 from Electric Dreams on the World Wide Web: http://www.dreamgate.com/electric-dreams


Dream Sharing online is just beginning to open up from a few streams of dedicated dreamworkers into an alluvial fan for all dreamers. The explosion of free Internet Mail Lists now provide the resources for small, intimate groups of people wishing to share dreams, as well as communication groups for teenagers, lucid dreamers, psi dreaming and a host of other dream related activities.

Unlike postal mail lists or lists where advertisers get your name, these Net Mail Lists are both useful and available only if you subscribe by sending in an e-mail request.

Electronic Mail Lists (what I will be calling eLists) are a simple way to communicate with a group of people with a common interest through e-mail. On eLists, one subscribes and unsubscribes at will. A special common e-mail address is used by the subscriber and all mail sent to that address will end up in everyones' e-mail box that is subscribed to the group.


An image. Normal e-mail is like a circle of individuals. With e-mail, the message is like a ball that someone makes and tosses to someone else in the circle. Each person in the circle is an Internet e-mail address. Now imagine we add a Magician to the group who duplicates the message balls s/he receives. The Magician is the eList address. In this instance, let's say this person is the list name address for the eList discussion group called "Dreaming in Later Life." Every time you throw this eList Magician a ball, s/he will duplicate the ball and throw it to everyone that is signed up on the "Dreaming in Later Life" discussion list. The overall effect is that a group discussion over days, weeks or months can take place between individuals located all over the globe.

Internet eLists used to be the haunt an eLite few who had special deals with their Internet Service Providers (ISPs). The lists were a nightmare to maintain for the host/owner and required continually changing scripts and parameters though coded messages to the server. These lists still exist and are great for those who like to have a lot of control over the options available to the subscribers, but the new free eLists have made all this very simple and automatic. Just like the new sites that offer free e-mail, the eLists sites allow the list owner to create a discussion list in minutes.

Here are a few places you can start your own free eList:

CoolList http://www.coollist.com/
eGroups http://www.egroups.com/
Listbot http://www.listbot.com/
Netscape WebSite http://www.websitepostoffice.com/
VPMail http://www.list.to/

Now perhaps you don't have time to start your own dreamgroup, but would like to find people with lists that are doing and discussing topics that interest you. Here is a quick list of some of the older eLists and a quick view on some of the newer ones that have popped up this year.

List Name: dream-flow@lists.best.com
Sponsor: Electric Dreams and DreamGate
Subscription: http://www.dreamgate.com/dream/temple/

The DREAM-FLOW mail list is a way to circulate dreams and their meanings around the Internet. Dreams flow into the list from a variety of sources, including Usenet Newsgroups, Electric Dreams subscribers, dream-flow list subscribers and the Dream Temple, a Web form for sending dreams.

Dream texts coming into dream-flow are considered as freely given, yet anonymous creations that cross the boundaries of sleep and waking, personal and transpersonal, born and unborn, created and found, and many other boundaries.

These dreams are seen as having at least as much status an any literary genre or text, and the comments and interpretations are also seen as having at least the same status as literary criticism, philosophical or metaphysical exegesis.

All dreams and comments are published monthly on Electric Dreams, which is freely distributed throughout the Net.

List name: The DreamWheels
Sponsor: Electric-Dreams and DreamGate
Subscription: send request to Richard Wilkerson email: rcwilk@dreamgate.com
or Diane Email: diane@mail.cape-may.county.lib.nj.us

The Electric Dreams Dream Wheels are dream groups via email. Generally they are 6-12 people who take turns exploring one another's dreams. The basic format of the group involves first asking questions then having each person take the dream as if it were his or her own and commenting. This non-defensive style was developed online by John Herbert and is very easy to learn, yet insightful and delightful for all participants.

Intuition Network offer cyberdreams@lists.best.com

This group was formally dreams@intuition.org and focuses on weekly and monthly dream sharing projects. These include regular dream sharing, incubating dreams, mutual dreaming and psi dreaming.
To subscribe to email conferences, send an email message to: cyberdream-request@lists.best.com
In the body of your email put only (without the [ ] brackets): subscribe [your email address]


The Daily Analyst
This discussion list_ is available via Dutch psychiatrist Willem Linschoten"
For subscription information, go to:
The Daily Analyst - http://callisto.worldonline.nl/~cb008448


Spiritual and Mythopoetic dream sharing with Dr. Deus.
For subscription information, stop by

Dream-analysis [English] [For People Over 21]

This conference is dedicated to discussions on the interpretation of Dreams and different views on analyzing them. We welcome all discussions and interpretations of what certain dreams my mean to all of us. We welcome dream journals, symbolism and different concepts of interpreting dreams. We will also discuss aspects of OBE (Out of body Experiences), Near Death Experiences, Karma & Reincarnation and how they are inter-related to Dreams. No adult or foul language allowed on this list!

Dream-list [English] [For People Over 13]

Welcome to the Dream Mailing list. This is the place to share you weird and confusing dreams and get some answers as to what they mean and just to share your dreams in hopes of helping others! This a place to share and make friends! =) For more information, mailto:

DreamaLittleDream [English] [Safe for Kids]

You're in Italy, giving a speech on mushrooms, when suddenly Tarzan swings through and kidnaps you and you both go surfing. Sound odd? Well, that's what most dreams usually are like. If you'd like to discuss your dreams and try some amateur interpretations, then this is the list for you.
Don't worry, it's a friendly list, we won't try to criticize or over-interpret your dreams, we'll just discuss them. Who knows, maybe through dream interpretation you'll find out something about yourself that you didn't know!

DreamJourney2 [English] [Safe for Kids]

Sharing dreams and dream journeys (out-of-body experiences). Exploring the reality of dreaming and its importance in ones life. Sharing dreams can be a beneficial experience, and in many cases, clues to future and upcoming events. This list is open to anyone who care to see into reality knowing that there are answers to puzzling situations created in the mind. Topics for the list are: dreams, dream journey, out-of-body experiences, near death experiences, sleep walking (dreams in motion) and astral projection (dream travel).

For more information, http://members.aol.com/sagejp2/page2.html

DreamDiscussion [English] [For People Over 17]

Open for any type of dream discussion or dream interpretation using any paradigm. For mature users only please. For more information, mailto:welsh@alaska.net

Dreamers [English] [For People Over 10]

For those of us who dream a lot, and who sometimes think out dreamworlds have more substance than this "real" waking world. A chance to share your dreams with others. While we are not looking to censor or edit anyone you are encouraged to relate your dreams in language suitable to readers of all ages and sensibilities.

DreamingWorld [English] [For People Over 13]

Jezanna and LaughingKoala have started this list to help people reach the symbolism and hidden meanings behind their dreams. Everyone dreams, what makes them so important? What are some good tips for remembering your dreams? Making them clearer? More psychic? More restful? What does it mean that you just dreamt of a house full of snakes on your birthday?... We'll endeavor to help you find the answers to all these questions, and any others you care to ask. We're not experts, just learning as we go like everyone else... and we welcome anyone and everyone to the list, experienced or inexperienced and hope that we can have some great discussions going... Bandia duit. Goddess be with you.
Dreams [English] [For People Over 17]

The Dreams list is just what it sounds like. Join the list to share your own dreams, and read others. I believe dreams can be a very helpful tool to use in our waking lives. Dreams reveal things we may not yet know, or understand in a conscious state. Post your dreams here, and ask for interpretations, or help others understand their dreams. If you just want to share some bizarre dreams you've had, that's fine too. It's all in fun, and nobody here claims to be a psychoanalyst, or dream expert. This list is not moderated, and all dreams are acceptable, so long as they are PG in content.

Dreampages [English] [Safe for Kids] [announce]

Dream journal of a dedicated dream writer. I first started writing dreams by hand, then by typewriter, then by computer, and now on the web. It just keeps getting better and better.

For more information, http://www.angelfire.com/tx2/vogelein

Dreams of Spirit [English] [For People Over 17] Similar lists

This list is for those seeking clarification on their dreams. Many of us are "waking up" to the fact that we are spiritual beings and that Spirit is nudging us to remember who we really are and what we are suppose to do. This is open to anyone who desires to share as well as interpret dreams. It is also open to loving discussion of Spirits work in one's life. This is a forum where a person must be 18 or older. If you are feeling drawn to this list then we invite you to join and share.

DreamTech [English] [For People Over 17]

How to remember dreams...do you have a way to recall dreams?...do you have a technique for lucidity or solving problems? We are interested in these types of things rather than content about your dream. We can help you remember and learn from dreams.

For more information, mailto:dwsnake@earthlink.net


DreamWeavers [English] [For People Over 17] [restricted]

Whether you suffer from bizarre troubling dreams, enjoy fanciful happy one's, or somewhere in between, you're a Dream Weaver. This list is for those who wish to share and discuss their dreams with other's.

Dreamwork [English] [For People Over 21] [restricted]

This mailing list will support group dreamwork for all those interested in improving self-knowledge and seeking a better approach to Life. Why not take a look at your dreams and at other peoples dream with the same dispositions and interest, as you? Dreams are our most deeply rooted form of expression and that's a good reason to work on them, in a respectful and seriously way. If you consider yourself an openhearted and open minded person, give it a try. My name is Marcos Fleury de Oliveira and I am a Junguian Psychologist from Sao Paulo, Brazil. Before we start a dream group you will receive all instructions in order to participate and enjoy the work

ListBot Dream Sharing
egroups: http://www.eGroups.com/list/dream_on

Description: dream_on@egroups.com

This is your opportunity to explore what your dreams are to you - treat this list as a dynamic dream diary, record your nocturnal thoughts and get fresh perspectives on what they may mean. This is a great way to improve on your dream memories and share with others.

Group Moderator: dream_on-owner@egroups.com

To subscribe, send a message to egroups.com-subscribe@dream _on or go the this e-group's home page at http://www.egroups.com/list/dream_on

This e-group is hosted by eGroups.com.


This is a list for people who like to read and make dream cards.
To subscribe, send an empty message to dreamcards-subscribe@makelist.com

To unsubscribe, send a message to dreamcards-unsubscribe@makelist.com

List Owner: dreamcards-owner@makelist.com

This is an e-mail discussion group for those interested in lucid dreaming tips, techniques, and discussion of any topic related to lucid dreaming.

To subscribe, send an empty message to lucid-dreaming-subscribe@egroups.com
To unsubscribe, send a message to lucid-dreaming-unsubscribe@egroups.com
Group Moderator: lucid-dreaming-owner@egroups.com
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This is a mailing list for general discussion about lucid dreaming. This welcome-text will be enhanced very soon!

Group Moderator: lucid-owner@egroups.com

To subscribe, send a message to lucid-subscribe@egroups.com or go the this e-group's home page
at http://www.egroups.com/list/lucid

Dream Share

Description: A group practicing dream sharing and following ethical guidelines.

I hope you learn from and enjoy contributing to this group! If you have any questions or comments e-mail me (Clint) directly at clin-@innocent.com

Group Manager: dream-share-owner@egroups.com

To subscribe, send a message to dream-share-subscribe@egroups.com or go to the e-group's home page at http://www.egroups.com/list/dream-share