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Richard Catlett Wilkerson

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Wilkerson, Richard Catlett (1999 July). About Electric Dreams - Orientation. Electric Dreams 6(7). Retrieved July 11, 2000 from Electric Dreams on the World Wide Web: http://www.dreamgate.com/electric-dreams

The largest statement I can make about Electric Dreams is that it is a networked community interested in anything that has to do with dreams and dreaming. We have a variety of venues for sharing, each of which suits a different need.

News about Dream related Events: Dream workers, researchers and dream concerned organizations are now hip that Peggy Coats gets out the Global Dreaming News on a monthly basis. This news is posted around the Internet and also distributed in newsletters and other forums.

Articles, Interviews & Columns. Electric Dreams has a special focus on dream sharing on the Internet. As new Web sites and projects emerge, you will hear about them in the news, and often find expanded articles and interviews in the Electric Dreams E-zine. Electric Dreams members bring up and discuss topics in dreamsharing, from the uses of lucid dreaming to the ethics of dreamwork in cyberspace to postmodern dreaming. The general idea is to have articles and focus specials on topics that will enhance your dreamwork, dream sharing and relationship with dreams and dreaming in general.

Dreamwork and Dream Sharing. From the beginning, the Electric Dreams community has been a dream sharing community. We have pioneered many forms of online dream sharing and have supported and promoted dozens of venues, both online and off. For example:

The DreamWheel. For several years the DreamWheel has continuously taught people how to have online peer-relationship, moderated dream groups using non-defensive styles developed by John Herbert and many others. These groups are small, intimate and usually focus on one dream at a time over the course of a week or two. Sometimes the issue are personal, and other times they become international, such as when the DreamWheel members include dreamers from Serbia or England.

Dream-on is an email eList that supports a variety of dream sharing. Usually it hosts the DreamWheel, but several other projects have been hosted as well. The climate is one of fun and experimentation, though deep and meaningful values are always at stake.

The Dream-Flow is a free speech forum for dreams that includes several dream sharing networks and individuals. Dreams in the dream flow are circulated around the networks along with comments and respondent dreams. These dreams are archived and organized once a month and published (anonymously) on the Electric Dreams e-zine. Anyone can participate.

For an archive of ed-flow go to

OTHER DREAM PROJECTS ON THE NET: Too many to list here, but I try to keep track of
them via three main sources. The first is the Cyber-dream library
Cyber-Dream Library

Or if you like annotated lists of links the Dream Resources Pages
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Electric Dreams is *your* dream ezine. If you have ideas for projects, columns or some new form of dream sharing you would like to experiment with or report on, drop us a line!


~~ I wake up in the morning with a dream in my eyes ~~
Allen Ginsberg