Electric Dreams

 Integrative Dream Narration Project


JRichard Wilkerson and Jaye C. Beldo

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Wilkerson, Richard  & Beldo, Jaye C. (1999 January). Integrative Dream Narration Project. Electric Dreams 6(1). Retrieved on July 11, 2000 on the World Wide Web: http://www.dreamgate.com/electric-dreams

The Electric Dreams Dream Group will be trying a special project beginning right now! You can sign on to the dream group by sending an email to

and in the body of the e-mail put only
subscribe dream-on

Dear Dreamwheelers,

We are about to start an experiment with the dreamwheel using IDN, Integrative Dream Narration.

IDN was developed offline by Jaye C. Beldo and I thought it might work well online. Jaye has joined the dream-on list, and has agreed to moderate the process. I hope you will all join in!

You can use a dream we have worked on or send in a new dream to Jaye. He will send instructions out for each part of the IDN exercize, but we have included the full sequence below.
Also, I am including Jaye's article on Integrative Dream Narration. This will appear next year in Electric Dreams, but Jaye felt that an overview of the process would help you resonate with the whole as well as the parts. Please read!

OK, I'm turning this over to Jaye and he will explain the steps. Please at least read step 1 to join the process. - Richard

STEP 1: Dream Submission

a. Choose a dream that you are willing to have integrated into a 'meta-narrative'. Make sure the dream is brief and contains an important scene, person or symbol in it.

b. Please send your dream to netnous@aol.com (Jaye) by the deadline of January 1st, 1999. If you miss the deadline, your dream will be integrated into the next narration.

If you don't send a dream, it would be helpful to us if you send some of your reasons and feelings about this.

STEP 2: Personal Response Work with Integrated Dream Story

a. When the integrated dream story is posted (after I receive a sufficient number of dreams) please read the story and pay attention to how you respond when you recognize your dream in the story. Does this surprise you? Relieve you? Anger you? Please pay attention to how you respond bodily. Does your breathing get tense or do you breathe easier?

b. Pay attention to how and what you dream after you read the narration as this is an important indicator as to how your sub and super conscious minds respond to the integration. Also take note of any telepathic experiences as well you may have with others who have participated.

STEP 3: Posting and Discussion

Please post comments on your experience with IDN in order to initiate discussion.

Note: Once we become familiar with this process, we will ask for other narrators to volunteer.

 Please read Jaye Belbo's  Integrative Dream Narration