Electric Dreams

Research Request: Computer's in Dreams
Pre and Post Internet Perceptions.

Richard Catlett Wilkerson

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  Wilkerson, Richard Catlett (1999 August). Research Request: Computer's in Dreams : Pre and Post Internet Perceptions. Electric Dreams & Part I Pre-Net Electric Dreams 6(8). Retrieved July 14, 2000 from Electric Dreams on the World Wide Web: http://www.dreamgate.com/electric-dreams

Upon examining a variety of computer dreams at the DreamBank, one gets the distinct impression that Calvin Hall's famous statement about dreams reflecting our concerns in life is very apt. What I would like to know, is this relationship changing with the advent of the Internet? I haven't collected enough dreams yet to address this question fully, and so I would like to request dreams you have about computers after you went online. I will also accept dreams about computers before you went online as well. Just clearly mark them as PRE-NET or POST-NET.

Here are some theme summaries of PRE-NET computer dreams:

Projects that never seem to end, not having the right software, graph programs, asking neighbors for the right program, picking out fabric dress patterns, finding the right pictures of friends, being n a computer game, trying to run the computer on old batteries, feeling unable to master a computer at a job at the hospital, writing letters on computers, computers allowing us to do things with greater ease, people with computers able to do things easier, programs as a thing to discuss with other and talk about, trouble with computers, programs helping save the computer, fear of losing information, not finding the program on the computer wanted.. programs that work on old and new operating systems, typing on the keyboard, getting data into a computer, huge tasks of getting data into the computer. People engaged by computers, giving attention to computers. Computer noises warning of danger, human in the computer giving advice. Computer-aided sensing - take me to the store. [see below for actual dreams]

But besides the "reflection" perspective, there is also a "dreamwork" perspective. That is, what are these dreams saying about our souls? What are they saying about themselves? What is trying to happen? What is the most profound interpretation we can give to them or receive from them? At this level, I am interested in deepening my work with the dream-as-symbol. This includes the simple sign, what dream computer images point to, as well as more complex Jungian symbol work, were the computer functioning as a novel image holding the tension of two know areas apart long enough for the transcendent image to appear and take me into the unknown, and even wholeness.

Within this perspective is the larger cultural question of what dreams are representing for us, and our relationship to those representations. That is, what is being played out in dramas involving computers individually that speaks to the culture as a whole?

The Social Connection

It is clear that computers represent a medium of communication, even before the advent of the Internet. They are our contemporary typewriter and paper for letters and other kinds of correspondence. They are the medium of articles, dissertations, essays and books. What does it mean to shift our communication patterns to the screen? What effect does this have on the other in dreams? If dream mouth is a computer, what kind of nightmares does it scream?

Axis of Thought.

Here the interfaces are important. What is the difference between writing by long hand and typing, between typing on a typewriter and a keyboard, between not being able to erase very easily and being able move whole paragraphs and pages. As Alan Sondheim has noted, re-writing has become the way we write and thus transfers the axis of creative thought from being in the "head" to being on the "screen". We used to talk about the dream screen as an axis itself. Now that the dream screen and the computer screen begin to interface with one another, will our dreams become less analogue and more digital, or will our computer become less digital and more analog?


Being able to use the computer has become important. What does this mean in a dream, to be able to use a computer or not? What kind of vessel is the dream computer in holding my fantasies about not being competent? Who is my inner computer technician that I can call on to help me? What alternative realities are offered by the inner computer ~not~ working.


It has been part of the dreamwork lore that mechanical things often give dreamers problems. How do computers figure in with other technologies? Are they more or less problematic? When they are a problem, will we handle them in the same way as other appliances and vehicles that don't work?


What is becoming of our society as we interact with one another more and more via computer mediated devices? I will take this up in more detail in the POST-NET articles in the future, but I do want to make some comments here about media and dreams. Media theorists for sometime have noticed the tremendous effect of media on culture. Before the advent of the personal computer, some had felt that the one-way communications of TV and Radio had completely destroyed our culture and replaced it with a simulated Leave-it-to-Beaver reality which served to keep us from the panicked realization that there was no culture left. These theories of simulation can allow us to encounter a part of our soul in dreams that struggles with this. Do dreams represent a more real than real, or are they simulations of personal desire that cannot find expression in the social field? Once we realize we are dreaming, what then becomes important? For some its simply to wake up, for others, lucidity and the new possibilities this state brings. What will lucid dreamers do with computers in dreams? And what is media in our dreams anyway? It is more profound to interpret dream media as the voices of the collective unconscious, or as run-away programs left over from the evening news that have inhabited and are trying to get your attention? What is a dream commercial anyway, does is serve the soul, the spirit or some other institution?

Here (below) are the actual dreams I found at DreamBank. You can find more information on how to use DreamBank at the end.


Dream series: Bay Area girls
Query: computer
Search mode: find all terms (AND)
Case-sensitive: no

#219-10 (5th grader, 01/27/97)
I was at my friend's house and we were working on some sort of difficult long-lasting project which we never seemed to finish. Her computer didn't have the right software for the graph program that we needed, so we were asking all of the families on the block if they had it. When we got it, we wanted to put smiley faces on top of our graphs!

Setting: At my friend's house, but it was slightly deformed.
Characters: My friend, her mom and dad, me, her little brother, her friends and their parents.
Feelings and Thoughts: Happy. My friend and I finished our project awhile ago, and we didn't
use smiley-faces, and we always had the right software.

(118 words)

#220-01 (5th grader, 01/20/97)
I was at a sewing class and you picked out your design on the computer. The lady that was teaching us how to sew took me outside. We started running around the town. It was getting dark and I got scared that I would never see my parents again. But the lady brought me back to a room that my family was in.

Setting: It took place at a sewing class outside.
Characters: There were people in my dream (sewing teacher, family). I knew almost all of
Feelings and Thoughts: Happy, scared. At first I was happy, but then I got scared.

(103 words)

#293-04 (5th grader, 02/19/97)
I was at the Santa Cruz Beach and Boardwalk. My mom and dad were with me. We went to the Log Ride. We got in line and put our backpack and jackets by the water. Oh, no! Our log and some of the others started going down a different river! Then we had to get out of the log and take our flippers off. Then we got back in line. Three teenagers came. Two of them were teasing the other one. They were saying things like, "You can't go on this ride, you have to be over 14." Then she would say, "Look at all these younger kids." She had a shirt from a jewelry store that's in Town & Country Village. When the line moved up we passed a black boy and two black women. The boy looked at these two computers and then he left. We moved up in line again.

Setting: Santa Cruz Beach and Boardwalk, on the Log Ride.
Characters: Mom & Dad, three teenagers (one looked familiar), two black women (unknown),
and a black boy (sort of familiar).
Feelings and Thoughts: Worried. When we went down the other river, I was really worried.

(198 words)

#601-01 (9th grader, 01/26/97)
I was talking to Katie on the phone and suddenly realized that I had pictures of both Glenn and
Chloe. She was excited and wanted to come over.

Setting: I was at home in the computer room.
Characters: Katie, my best friend from the middle school. She's never met Chloe, my other
best friend, or Glenn, the guy I've had a bad crush on for 3 months.
Feelings and Thoughts: Happy, love. Last night Chloe called me to tell me that Glenn was
planning to ask me out!

(88 words)

#606-04 (9th grader, 01/26/97)
The first part of the dream I was with a bunch of friends and we felt like doing something stupid and rebellious, but we figured we'd better have my other friend Sally along. Since nobody else knew the way to her house, I drove. Eventually we just sat around talking, eating cookies, and making scrap-books in the middle of the night, up in Sally's loft. I had some mini-dream about being in a computer game. Me and my family and family friends went to this Club Med, and they were all a part of the Club Med circus team, and they wanted me to do the trapeze. I'm an acrophobia, so they couldn't get me to do it. Right at the end of my dreams, Whitney Houston sang "I will always love you."

Setting: In a car along some fairly busy road; Sally's house/loft; in some sort of computer
game; at a Club Med with a 50-foot flying trapeze.
Characters: A bunch of friends, though I distinctly remember Jon, Sally and Brian; nobody in
the computer dream; my brother and mom I don't quite remember, but my dad and his
friend Joel, and his two daughters were definitely there, and the trapeze guy, and Whitney
Feelings and Thoughts: Happy, scared, terrified. I know the trapeze thing must have come
from when I asked my dad last night what "fear of heights" was and he said acrophobia. I
think my brother was playing computer games like that. And I was listening to the radio last
night so Whitney Houston probably came from there.

Dream series: Teenagers, West Coast, ages 11-18
Query: computer
Search mode: find all terms (AND)
Case-sensitive: no

#83 (18/female)
I was being chased by two people. It was a man and a woman. They chased me into a house where a stranger was sitting at a desk trying to make a computer run on old batteries. I went to find some and when I walked out of that room, I saw a man, stranger stealing my T set. He had somehow turned off the alarm and was burglarizing our house. I yelled something at him. He turned and I woke up. When I woke up I was sweating. (89 words)

Dream series: Blind dreamers
Query: computer
Search mode: find all terms (AND)
Case-sensitive: no

Abbreviated dreams Full dreams

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The next dream concerned the computer program at [a VA hospital] and I sat in front of a computer, totally mystified and thinking I'll never be able to master this. (27 words)

#104-01 (5/18/97)
Dreamed I was in my computer room in the basement, trying to write a letter, to my friend H, trying to decide whether to put it in Braille or on tape. Then was sitting in front of the window, opening the curtains to feel how warm the sun was then turned back to the computer and could hear opera music from a radio station coming through the computer speaker. (69 words)

#104-08 (5/26/97)
We were on vacation with my cousin G, I haven't seen him in years, we went mountain climbing and went up a very rigorous climb that was almost too much for me. We made it to the top, to a little precarious ledge, we were sitting on this thing and all I had to hold onto was a plastic pole, stuck down into this soft, earthy ground, and one little place to put one foot to keep me from falling back down the mountain. I was sitting there thinking how difficult it was and I was scared up there and then my wife was beside me and she said that my twin brother T was down at the bottom, in tears, he was lying down, he just couldn't make it and he was upset and it was just too much for him, and my cousin came up, just walked right up and was having a good time and was talking to us and we told him, we admitted it was just too much for us and he apologized and said he was really sorry and that he just hadn't realized. Then, I remember I had a big 2 liter pop bottle and I was telling my wife some sort of story, explaining to her how much the bottle cost... "it was $1.29" or something like that and here's what happened to it I just threw it off the mountain and it went crashing down to the bottom somewhere. Then we talked for a while. Then there was someone else there, I don't know who it was, but when we were talking about how difficult it was he said, "well I believe in giving it the old Marine try, that means you ask God for help 101 times and usually that works." I was thinking about that. Then we decided to go back down and in going back down, I found that there was a paved way that we could make it, very easily, it was just like a steep slope going down, like a sidewalk. So we went back down, and we were in a house and my cousin was still there and I found this old knife that I wanted to have sharpened. And the blade was split at the tip so it had 2 points, like a fork almost, it was split right in the middle and my cousin showed me, he said "come right on down this other little slope to this ledge", this was still in the house though. He had somehow used the computer to create a vibration so that when I took this knife and held it against the flat surface of the cement, it was vibrating like crazy, and I was able to sharpen the blade by holding it for quite a long while, like 5 minutes on each side, flipping it over, feeling the edge to make sure it was getting sharp and then E, my wife, was lying down right next to us on the couch, trying to sleep and she began to complain about the noise it was making and how it would wake up the neighbors and she said "you know how these people around here swear!" And I said "I don't care, its not making that much noise and they were going to have to put up with it or I might just have to stab somebody! Once I had this thing sharpened" And we all had a good laugh at that. I remember thinking that I've got to get my cousin to explain to me how he did that, how he was able top do that with the computers, setting up that field that would make this knife vibrate. (622 words)

#104-22 (5/12/97)
I tried to check the time on my talking clock (and, by the way I have had this dream numerous times over the past few years) but the clock malfunctioned, either the battery was going dead or something, and when I pressed the button for the time it started to say a bunch of things about the computer keyboard, and it was just not acting the way it should at all. I knew there was something wrong with it and I was afraid I had slept in and missed my wake-up time for work. (94 words)

I was in a class, possibly for computer programming. There seemed to be many familiar people in the class with me and the instructor was very friendly and it seemed as if I was sitting in the front of the room and he was sitting in the back, and he came up to me and said "I was going to buy you an "Opticon" but the administration wouldn't let me, they cost $6000 but I brought you a Braille writer and I bought you all this other stuff and I just wondered if you were familiar with it because you are going to need them in this class." I remember thinking "I'm glad he didn't buy an Opticon because I don't remember how to use one. So I began to unpack the box he gave me, and there did appear to be an Opticon and had a little hand held camera with it. A little box that had something similar to a little Braille display, maybe a one line Braille display, maybe an Opticon. I started taking out this thing and all the accessories that came with it and I was amazed at the different plugs and cords and there were adapters like standard serial port adapters for computers, there were some that were offset between the male and female end of it. There were some wires with like plastic keys hanging off of them. My co-worker, M happened to be there then and she said "Oh, this is interesting, you could probably stick this in a car's ignition to start it if you happened to lose your key." We had a laugh about that. I just kept looking at these different pieces. There was one piece that I fitted onto the back of the machine with a little flange, it was some sort of little plug. Throughout the dream everything seemed pretty familiar to me and I seemed to know what everything was for. Then M said she had to go and do an interview and I said "where's everybody else?" and she said "I have no idea, they all left at 8:00 and they just left at 8:00 and I'm left with the work to do." [An Opticon is a device which converts printed material into tactile images that actually feel like the printed letters. It has largely gone out of vogue for the last 15 or 20 years.] (368 words)

#104-33 (5/22/97)
I was in the computer room in my basement here and my friend J's daughter was here with me. She was trying to print some stuff and I was helping her with the computer and I was asking her if she ever used Print-Shop. And we were talking about Q&A and WordPerfect and I forgot to run my speech program and was having trouble figuring out where I was and she was kind of helping me. In the dream his daughter, who in reality is 40 sounded like she was 20. Next I remember being at the Guild for the Blind in Hingeville. I was walking through there smoking a pipe and the tobacco smelled really good, like cinnamon [I haven't smoked a pipe in 10 years in reality]. I was walking through there talking to some people and all of a sudden I could hear all these little kids coming in and somebody came over to me and said "do you hear the fire?" At first I said no, but then I heard some sirens off in the distance. They said it was next door at a restaurant which I remember having been in before. Then my wife was there and she was looking and I asked "How bad does it look?" and she said "Oh, it's really a bad fire! A good one, really ablaze." Then she took me over there and we walked into the driveway and we could hear the men up above, working away on the roof. One of the firefighters yelled down "What are you doing here? Get out of here now!" And I responded "I'm just glad I had a chance to hear this." I asked my wife again how it looked and she still said that it looked pretty bad. Then rain started to fall on us but it may have been water from the hose. I said, lets get out of this or we'll have to go home and take a bath. I also remember at some point, being able to smell the smoke, it had a rather acrid smell typical of house fires. (344 words)

#104-54 (6/15/97)
I was in my old office up on 6th avenue, where I worked about 5 years ago. I was with my old work mate, P, who I haven't talked to in about 10 years. I was back there using my computer and I was in Windows and all of a sudden I got a message through my speech synthesizer that said "fire inside computer" and I went over to P and I said "Hey P, you better take a look at this thing I think its on fire." She looked at it and she said "You're right, it is." But there was a computer program that had a little woman in there and she went and found the fire and put it out with a little fire extinguisher. A couple of minutes later I asked P if it was still on fire and she said "No, she put it out immediately. A couple of times it's flared up but as soon as I see it, the little woman also sees it and puts it out." And I just thought that's amazing! And I thought I wish that I'd backed up my data better because if this fire did a lot of damage in there then I'm going to lose all of that information. (213 words)

Dreaming about the Internet and using the computer. The thing I remember most was that there didn't seem to be any type of adaptive technology on the computer such as speech or large print. I was just sitting there touching the keyboard. (42 words)

#111-11 (5/6/97)
It's Christmas and I'm talking to someone about what I'm giving people for Christmas, but I can't remember what I'm giving everyone, I can remember some and I name them and the gifts that I'm giving them but I can't remember what I'm giving everyone else. I was giving out some ceramic mugs to my aunt F and others that I can't remember. And then we were at a school and an atheist friend that I have was going to be reading the Christmas story and so we were all supposed to go down to listen to him, they made the announcement over some kind of PA system, that we should go down and listen to him, but I thought that doesn't seem right because he doesn't believe in God and in Christians and I didn't want to go because it would be kind of hypocritical to be there unless he's changed and I thought its kind of weird and so I stayed in another room, I don't know exactly what was in there, there was a wooden floor, there was no carpeting where I was. I had a Braille copy of the Christmas story, just a few pages like they were torn out of a magazine. It looked like computer paper and it was all folded up and I was trying to find how it was arranged so I could find the top. I was riffling through the pages with my hand trying to figure out how it was arranged so that I could find the beginning. Then we were in a car, looking for something to eat, my driver B (male) was driving us and we were hungry and we stopped in this restaurant and there were people waiting on us that were [unclear] and these girls were waiting on us but they weren't happy doing it or they didn't know what they were doing and there was confusion. There were wooden tables that we were sitting at and we never really ate though because the girl that was waiting on us was doing different things and so I don't remember eating even though we were in there. We were sitting in the middle of this restaurant. (368 words)

#111-53 (5/29/97)
There were a whole lot of children in my house. And it was afternoon and they were cute. They were about six or seven and I was going to go up and show them my computer and one of the vendors from a place that sells computers and reading machines was in my house too and this lady was with him and we all went upstairs and I had 2 dolls on my bed in my spare room and I was touching the lace on one of my dolls and I was showing it to them, one of the collectibles I have and they liked it and then I was showing them my computer. There was a funny connection on my computer, there was this funny big wire and there was another little wire which connected with it and it didn't feel right and Curt the vendor guy said, "we can't have it like that." I was kind of relieved to have him say that it wasn't safe like that and that he was going to fix it. And the kids were getting a kick out of the talking computer. (190 words)

Very little activity...I dreamed that I was downstairs working on the computer, looking at different discs that would be used in DOS, listening to them through a speaking modem. These discs I was looking at in the windows environment because they were ASCII. Nothing strange or out of place. I remember touching the keyboard. (54 words)

I dreamed about using the computer, reading some files, listening to them. Nothing unusual.
Dreaming about the files that I would read or wanted to read, typing on the keyboard. (30 words)

Earlier that evening, I had a dream that I was using the computer, using the keyboard and listening to it . I had a tremendous amount of data that had to be entered and everything was the wrong size. It was huge, it was monstrous, Monstrous paper, monstrous everything. At sometime I just knew that I had to enter all of this data into the computer (66 words)

#114-29 (6/23/97)
[A day dream] Mort was on the computer, which he was when I woke up. My mother came and said "come on upstairs. I want you to try this dress on." I put the dress on. It had a zipper and a belt and this thing that snapped and it hung down the back. I never saw a dress like it. My father in law and his wife came in. They had a whole bunch of groceries. I guess my dad went out and he came in, and he must have gone shopping for us because he had groceries too. We didn't know where to put them all, the groceries that is. (109 words)

#114-34 (7/2/97)
I was in this big room and there were computers everywhere and everyone was trying to get onto the Internet and I don't know if they succeeded. I had to show them how to get on and I don't even know how to do that myself, and to do it without speech is even harder for people like Mort and myself. There were big computers, noise coming from all these people talking and the computers, bells were ringing. (78 words)

#117-26 (7/5/97)
I was sitting in my condominium and I heard my computer start talking to me. I was curious as to how this was happening since I hadn't turned it on or connected my speech synthesizer so the computer could talk to me or tell me what was on the screen. Actually there was nothing on the screen but the computer was speaking anyway. It asked me what I wanted and I said I would want to go anywhere that I needed to get to without having to ask other people. So it said, "Okay, lets make a program so you can put down all of the places you usually have to get to." And I started to argue with it and asked it all kinds of questions like "how can all this be happening? I can't drive so what difference does it make if I make out a program?" The computer told me not to be so doubtful. Just pick out the places on the program I wanted included. So I did and it was explained to me that I would tell my computer where I wanted to go and I would get there. I was pretty skeptical because a lot of these pie in the sky things don't work. So I said "Okay, I want to go shopping at the little plaza where the Ames used to be, because there are a bunch of neat stores. Its also more fun to go with somebody and so I want to take Hilda (a blind friend) with me." So I called her in my room, I grasped the telephone, and made a quick call and said "lets go shopping, my computer just talked to me and I programmed it in to know that I wanted to go different places." So we did this. I told the computer I wanted to go shopping top that little plaza, walked into the plaza, went into some of the different stores, the Radio Shack, the Card shop where you can buy all kinds of cards and little gifts, then we went to the bakery where we smelled the aroma of coffee cakes and cookies and all kinds of rich, fattening pastries. Then we went to the shoe store which isn't really there anymore but we went there anyway, and I bought some more shoes. Then there was a department store there and I found some more music boxes, so I bought some of those too. And we found a clothing store and Hilda wanted to buy some clothes, some new dresses and things so I decided to check out those too. And everybody was helpful. Then after we'd had enough shopping, I decided it was time to go home. I had my little palm top computer and I told it through a series of commands to tell my other computer that we needed to get home. A car came and we got home.

Schneider, A., & Domhoff, G. W. (1995, updated 1999). _The_ _Quantitative_ _Study_ _of_ _Dreams_ [Web site]. Available: http://www.dreamresearch.net/ [July 25, 1999]

Web pages by Adam Schneider and G. William Domhoff
The Quantitative Study of Dreams

Our home page. Most of the pages listed below can be found by going here.
http://www.dreamresearch.net/Search/ or http://www.dreambank.net/

A searchable collection of dream reports that can be used for any type of research.
Hall/Van de Castle coding system

Complete rules for using the Hall/Van de Castle system of quantitative content analysis.
Examples of coded dreams

A few dozen dreams that have been coded with the Hall/Van de Castle system. They make an excellent tutorial on using the system.

A spreadsheet (for Microsoft Excel) which greatly simplifies and enhances the analysis of Hall/Van de Castle coding data SearchCodings

An as-yet-unnamed program that searches through selected Hall/Van de Castle data which has been prepared by DreamSAT. It's pretty raw so far, but more features will be added soon.
Randomization tests

A number of new ways to look at probability and significance. Still in the experimental stage.
RELIGIOUS RELATED [The Ritual and the Spiritual]

** Dream: "birth of the Christ" by rc-r (990426) **

I dreamt I was stacking cold hard trendy metallic tables in storage, as if preparing for something.

Then I was in a dark tubular void with a camera panning from my feet upwards over my body. It was "scanning" me. As it reached my knees I called out "stop". I was perturbed because the part of my body that had been scanned had turned into bright 1960 colours and patterns -yellow, green, pink, orange...paisley! I called out "I am being turned inside out.

Next I am writing notes on paper. I am taking notes from two aluminum like tablets with hieroglyphic writing on them. I am note taking to give the information to the virgin Mary. I say "don't interrupt me, I am preparing for the birth of the Christ".

The virgin Mary is a young naive looking girl standing over in the corner...Joseph is with her, but both seem like "dumb" teenagers to me. I think, "gee if only the world knew what they were really like" -it was as if unless I got the information to them the birth would not occur.

dream ends. (note: I am not Christian, nor am I pregnant)

** Dream: "Manna flakes" by ? (990530) **

July 1996

I was at a church that had people from my congregation there, but it was not the church we normally attend. There were people going to and fro, and many I did not know. The building was 3 stories high and built like a circular theater. I noticed smoke on the 1st floor and discovered that the building was on fire. I ran up to the top floor and told people what was up. Some choose to ignore me and others left in a hurry. The fire was growing, and I descended to the next level to continue to sound the alarm. Many people left the building and waited outside near the fire trucks.

What appeared to be angels flowing in the sky above us started dropping down these flakes. We could see them falling but could not touch them. The flakes fell on top of me and others, and were absorbed inside of us.

Comments by Dreamer: I believe this has some spiritual meaning.

Permission Comments: Comments are more than welcome.

** Dream: "Jesus" by Kit (990507) **

May 6, 1:30 a.m.

I dreamed I was in love with Jesus and he was in love with me. Every year he would come into my village and stay. The end of his stay would happen with a man would come into a main courtyard of the village and display a painting with men and women in the village including Jesus. Then Jesus, as I would cry, would kiss me goodbye and walk into the ocean with the people in the painting. He told me that he was taking them to heaven. People in the courtyard would taunt him and our friends. One year he came in and shortly after we got word that the man was in the courtyard with a new painting. I started crying, but Jesus and I walked down to see it. Jesus wasn't on there. I was so happy! I thought that Jesus and I could marry. He told me that he was going with his friends for a while and I kissed him. I was standing with my friends, when a man walked up to me and handed me a piece a paper. On the paper, was Jesus' picture and it said "For his head, $100,000 or 8,000 slaves."

I went to find Jesus who was in a room in what looked like a hotel sitting on the floor with his friends. I was crying and he caressed my face and asked what was wrong. I showed him the paper and he looked at it for a while. Then he said that he knew this was coming. I was still crying and I asked him how he could know something like this and not tell me. He grabbed me by my hand and led me to a church that was circle and had no roof. The seats were arranged in a circle and there was a grass clearing in the center. As we walked to the center, Birds of all kinds flew in all around us. And I was begging him to stay. I told him that I would run away with him. I could tell that he wanted to stay, but he said, "I just have to do this." I stood there crying and I woke up.

ROMANCE [Thrills and Chills, lost in another]

** Dream: "Jadzia" by ? (990602) **

May, 99

The dream features me and two men I am attracted to and carry a great degree of love for. I am not seeing either of these men, but have equal potential for both, but have been very confused about them. So in the dream I was in the shower with one of them...Kevin. We were kissing and things were getting passionate and all the sudden he stopped and said, "I hope you don't mind." I looked over his shoulder and there was a mirror there. In the mirror I could see the other man, Duane, reflected. In his eyes I could see he wanted to be with me...to come into the shower with me. Kevin was indifferent and returned to kissing me, as I stared into the reflection at Duane. The last thing I saw before waking was Duane's eyes as he began to take his clothes off.

** Dream: "friend" by La'Sar (990703) **

June 23,1999 2:30 am

I was in my room kissing my guy friend, who I have a major crush on. We were really getting into the moment when all of a sudden my grandmother pulls up. I push him of my bed onto the side to hide him. My grandmother comes in my room to tell me she forgot something, and she came back to get it. When she was about to leave the room, my friend said: "Is she gone?" I tried to say something loud so she wouldn't hear him, but she did. Right after that, I had another dream about the same guy, but this time we were at his house and every time we tried to get close to one another someone called or knocked on the door.

Comments by Dreamer: I wrote a letter to him telling him I liked him before he told me he really liked me too, but he had a girlriend in another school. When I woke up, I was angry I didn't get spend time with him.

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