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Richard Wilkerson & Jean Campbell

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Wilkerson, Richard & Campbell, Jean (1999 April). ASD Bulletin Board - Home to the Dream Titans! Electric Dreams 6(4). Retrieved July 11, 2000 from Electric Dreams on the World Wide Web: http://www.dreamgate.com/electric-dreams


Jean Campbell, Linda Magallon, Ernest Hartmann, Robert Moss, Robert Van de Castle, Alan Siegel and more....

The Bulletin Board for the Association for the Study of Dreams was conceived and brought to live by Jayne Gackenbach in 1995 in a whirlwind of controversy and has maintained a steady flow of information and discussion for nearly five years. The board has had many hosts and has plans to bring on some real giants in dreams and dreaming for the 21st Century.

The only drawback, (or its shining glory to some) is that the meaning of actual dreams cannot be discussed. But even with this limitation, the message board creates a friendly face to dreamers from around the world. The web based bulletin board also has wonderful hosts, such as myself, Richard Wilkerson in San Francisco, Ad Christiaensen in the Netherlands and currently Jean Campbell from the USA East Coast.

Please stop by, ask question about the process of dreaming, science of dreaming, or current events in the field.

Here is a little more on information from the current host. Jean Campbell

Not long ago I listened to some people discuss how difficult it is to get people to participate in dream lucidity. Around twenty years ago I had a conversation with Anne Faraday, one of the first people to popularize dream work, in which she said she and other researchers doubted that dream lucidity might exist. I say we have come quite a distance in twenty years.

For me, most of that twenty years has been spent exploring dreams in one way or another. I have had a book published, DREAMS BEYOND DREAMING, and have conducted some research on group dreaming that gained international acclaim. The history of this group dreaming research, done through Poseidia Institute which I then directed, is being collected for the dream book

I am currently writing: GROUP DREAMING: DREAMS TO THE TENTH POWER Recently my research has taken me along another path though. Much of dream work, like traditional psychology, involves only talking. Yet, as therapist Stanley Kelleman says, "We embody our dreams." I have studied for the past eight years with Hector Kuri Cano, a Mexican therapist who developed what he called Energetic Metatherapy, a method of bioenergetic body work involving all levels of body, mind, and spirit. I have discovered that when dreams are brought to this type of work, the understanding, because it comes from a cellular and experimental experiential level, is much deeper.

Dreams are a human magic, and have the potential to unite us.

I am reminded of a slogan I saw once stitched in silk on a sweater in an exclusive Georgetown shop: "Dream the Revolution."

We could.