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 Nocturnal Postings: an Interview with Julia Koberlien

Richard Catlett Wilkerson

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Wilkerson, Richard Catlett (1997 September). Nocturnal Postings: an Interview with Julia Koberlien: Interview via email with Richard Wilkerson. Electric Dreams 4(9). Retrieved July 26, 2000 from Electric Dreams on the World Wide Web: http://www.deramgate.com/electric-dreams

Nocturnal Postings is an electronic publication specializing in fiction. It focuses on, but does not necessarily limit itself to, the hours between dusk and dawn; this might include stories written at night, works inspired by dreams, things involving the night as a central element to the work, etc..

Richard Catlett Wilkerson (RCW): I noticed that Nocturnal Postings began this year as a forum
for amateur writers and artists. But how did you come up with the Nocturnal theme?

Julia Koberlien (JK): I personally get most of my best ideas in the middle of the night, and that can be the most peaceful and uninterrupted time to write. I figured other writers had similar experiences, too.

(RCW): What caught my attention was the ~dream~ focus for the August issue. What got you interested in dreams and dreaming?

(JK): Mostly the large amount of submissions I've received in the past five months. At least seventy-five percent deal with dreams and/or interpretations. It's obviously a hot topic.

(RCW): Do you have a special dream from childhood that you remember?

(JK): It's kind of hazy now, but it involved flying - with my mom and older brother - while being chased and fired at in a deserted whitewashed town. Everything looked like it was made out of chalk. Our only refuge was a Burger Chef restaurant. It was very frightening.

(RCW): I have been pushing online and there-abouts for dreams to be considered as valid literature and dream commentary as valid literary criticism. Nocturnal Postings could really help bridge this gap by drawing out dreamers to send in their dreams as literature. Often on Electric Dreams we get so over-focused on what the dream could mean to a person and their life. Do you plan to continue offering issues where the fictions could be dreams?

(JK): Definitely!

(RCW): Do you see dreams as fiction or truth?

(JK): I've had some awfully frightening dreams, so I would have to answer fiction. Truth would make me paranoid! But seriously, I believe dreams are the fiction of our subconscious minds. I am also inspired by medieval and later dream fiction, such as the Old English "Caedmon's Hymn" and the "Dream of the Rood." Dreams have been treated as fiction for hundreds of years, and it's hard to refute that.

(RCW): I noticed the August dream theme was Dreams and Relationships. Perhaps you could send us at Edreams a short summary column each month or the themes for the next month so our writerly folks can send in submissions?

(JK): Certainly. Presently, the upcoming themes for September and October are "Dreams in the Modern World" and "Creatures in the Night," respectively. Other themes will be determined by submissions I receive.

(RCW): We've recently lost a host of writers that were warm to dreams, Allen Ginsberg and Burroughs especially. Any thoughts on their passing?

(JK): It is always sad when the world loses creative souls, but being an optomist, I choose to focus on the works these artists have left behind and the inspiration these works provide for the future.

(RCW): What plans do you have for the future of Nocturnal Postings?

(JK): I plan to continue to publish a new issue each month. Perhaps expand artwork, if I can find more art submissions. I have no plans to become a commercial site with advertising, so unfortunately Nocturnal Postings cannot affort to pay for works used. Perhaps, if one day I become independently wealthy...but that's just a dream!

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