Electric Dreams

Debriefing for an Accent into Lucid Freedom: 

An Interview with Dolphina


Richard Wilkerson

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Wilkerson, Richard Catlett (1997 November). Debriefing for an Accent into Lucid Freedom: An Interview with Dolphina. Electric Dreams 4(11). Retrieved July 26, 2000 from Electric Dreams on the World Wide Web: http://www.dreamgate.com/electric-dreams


" Dreams do not make logical sense. They are a mosaic, a puzzling portrait of pieces that combine with other pieces to make something altogether unique. "
Dolphina solyluna@cruzio.com

Dolphina's early lucid dreams unfolded in 1993 into the Dreaming Of Lucid Freedom In America project when she realized what could be created from the power of dreams. Dophina combines her early experiences of lucidity with other forms of freedom to provide an online program for those interested in practicing remote destination traveling and establishing continuity with
the dreaming body.

Richard Catlett Wilkerson (RCW): Dolphina, you mentioned having lucid dreams by the age of Seven. What kind of lucid dreams were they?

A: I say that Dolfina has had lucid dreams since the age of seven because that is when I recall realizing that I had power to make choices about the outcome within dreaming. Actually, In my recall, I have memories going back to being a baby. But I do not recall being lucid.

(RCW): What kinds of things did you create from the power within your dreams as a child or did this come later?

A: I have to say that my intentions in dreaming were quite childish at times and not so childish at other times. I did a lot of wishing for things, like a new bicycle. So I would create things I wanted in my day life and experience them in dreaming. I recall being quite disappointed when I awoke. However, I also realized that there was a connection between dreaming and things that occured during the day. I could will my self to become sick if I did not want to go to school. I mean really sick. I had an innate knowledge that my wishes had a certain reality.

I used to ask my dream beings questions. I asked everyone questions. Yet, I knew, that if I ever really wanted to know anything about reality, all I had to do was ask and an answer would come back to me.

(RCW): You mention at your web site that due to your early religious training, you did not feel safe to speak openly about beings in you dreams.

A: I grew up with a lot of mixed up messages. My parents were raised Catholic but I was not. My mom tried out several churches from Baptist to Mormon. My extended familiars were also trying out various religions. Although babtized Baptist, I had a range of influence. I could see the contradictions, really, about the age seven. I kept asking questions about God and religion. Because of religious confusion, I merely kept asking my inner guidance. I figured if there was a God, God would talk to me.

(RCW):Did you record or rehearse dreams to remember them?

A: In a sense, yes! I would lock my self in the bathroom and talk to my self. I had skits of my self talking with other parts of my self. I would go to a nearby field and watch bugs on the wild grass and ask questions to my guide and wait for answers. I would listen to all of the adults around me and memorize their conversations. I got into trouble around my family a lot for repeating what every one said. I used to practice listening through the walls and aiming my attention to adult conversations in other rooms.

(RCW): What do you feel the most important lessons were these beings taught you?

A: Trust in a higher power, a force of nature, my inner guidance.

(RCW): How did the early out of body experiences [OOBE] fit into this? Did you also keep quiet about these experiences?

A: I had out of body experiences at nap time at school. I had a lot of energy and felt like I wanted to play, all the time. So, I experienced leaving my body as a rebellion against naps. I did not know that they had any meaning until I was in my early teens. At that time, I had been having nightmares about Nuclear War and that I was the last survivor. I talked to my Great Aunt about my dreams and when I described the out of body experiences, she encouraged me to believe that what I experienced was real and of a spiritual nature. Of course, I did not believe that because I had not asked the pertinent questions in my life yet. All I knew was that I had these experiences and I did not know that they meant anything at all.

(RCW): In college, you dreaming about visiting parallel dimensions of reality. What was this like, and how did you recognize that this was a valuable space?

A: My experiences during college were the mind blowers of my entire life! For one, I was not able to sleep well. I had hit a point of being extra-sensorily aware of my self and my surroundings. I was seeing from my inner vision and I was freaked out, scared that I was going crazy. I had written a novel, which took about six months to write. It was a fiction novel about two women who had a past life as a man and woman who had an affair in Ireland. I could not sleep without the character dialogues coming out of my head, my inner ears. I just wrote and wrote furiously every night from around 4pm to 3am.

I ended the story line and had reworked it to the point where I hit blocks on doing further work on it. After I stopped, I began entering dreams by looking down a black tunnel which opened up to a video/dream screen. I watched my dreaming but I was not sure what it was because it looked and felt real.

My fear kept me from sleeping well. I felt like I never got any sleep. I was on constant vigilance that dream beings were going to take me away. And so I became extra-aware of my dreams. I did not want to be controled by dream beings. As I became more aware, I noticed that I was entering other worlds. I got more terrified but felt that I needed to watch my self to understand what was going on with me. My curiosity was equal to my fear.

A typical night would be watching the tunnel open up and viewing a dream screen at the end. One scene was of a living room that looked like color schemes from the sixties. I enter the dream screen and it becomes three-dimensional. To check my reality, I begin to touch the couch and the furniture. Then, I try something, I close my eyes. I see another living room with the same furniture arrangement but with different colors. I open my eyes and I am back in the first setting. Then, I focus on a part of the scene and walk through a door. Out the door there is another world altogether. Like a mosaic, it seems that there is no continuity except that everything flows right into the next scene.

Each morning after I experienced a major parrallel reality dream, I felt like my world had changed. My world was shifting because my perception of the world and what I could see and feel was shifting.

The terrifying part was that from day to day, I could not describe reality. I was losing my sense of a static reality. Not only that, but if these dream beings were real, then there was another world, or other worlds inside worlds and that scared me to think about it. I could not really describe what was happening to me so I felt that I was becoming an alien from my friends and family.

(RCW): What is the Dreaming Of Lucid Freedom In America about?

A: Dolfina, from what I have been able to recall and gather, is my soul mission. When I was a child, beings in my dreams taught me about the power of dreaming, and told me that some day I would take this knowledge out into the world. Literally, I felt that I had been bottling up important knowledge that would some day be necessary for me to open to the world. The mission letter I received from my dream had to do about what Dolfina has been learning as a soul in order to do the service of creating an atmoshpere where other soul beings can come out of the closet, so to speak.

Dolfina is a mission to train other lucid dreamers to take their dreamwork out into the world and express their soul's need to create a SOUL BASED REALITY vs. a material based reality.

Dreaming Of Lucid Freedom In America is about the Spiritual Ideal for which America was founded. America was supposedly founded as a religous refugee santuary. The Ideal America is one in which people are bound together by a spiritual contract to respect our likenesses and differences. To take our next step as a country and leap into the global scene we need to become lucid dreamers en masse... period. There is no doubt, no question of it. Dreams are the core of everyone's knowledge; dreaming is the acting out of that knowledge; lucid dreaming is the disciplined control to make freewill choices. The age old debate over fate, destiny, and freewill will be balanced between exploring the dreams worlds and the outer manifestation of them... the so called "reality" as we know it.

(RCW): How is Dolphina connected to the website Sol y Luna Multimedia Productions? Studio?

A: Sol y Luna is a hub of interconnections between other lucid dreamers who are creating and producing their own SOUL BASED REALITY material. As one of my co-partners says, "Sol y Luna is a cooperative of people working from the heart".

(RCW): How did the idea for a Web site come up?

A: I have been carrying notepads and a laptop off and on for several years. I wanted to publish Dolfina's Dreaming Journal. However, I could not see a way that printing it would do justice to it. And I kept searching for the right way to publish it. I wanted the freedom to independantly publish and oversee my work, from raw material to finsished material without the middle men of the publishing industry, who might market it as a commercial product vs. a SOUL BASED REALTIY CHECK from Dolfina, the being who showed me how to enter dreaming in a spiritual path.

I had worked on TimePassages, an astrolgy program to teach people how to do astrology. I was working with the creator, Henry Seltzer. He was getting started on putting his Astrograpgh Software on the internet. I did not really pay much attention to it. I could see potential, but I was interested in writing. At about that time, in the Dolfina Dream Circle, I met a guy who encouraged me to start my own website. I still did not see it as real. I began doing research about the Internet. I guess that I was still holding onto fear that telling the world about parallel realities was going to bring chaos into my life due to other people's reactions. So I did not see Dolfina's Dreaming Journal going on line until after I had created Sol y Luna. Sol y Luna is a co-operative venture so I had to lay the ground work because I wanted to build a support network of other lucid dreamers. I could see we all needed a forum to create our work. With my research, I was seeing that the next step in communications is the Internet. There is no quicker way to access and be accessible to people, in general and in groups. Sol y Luna evolved to meet the needs of others who have the need to express their soul work. In addition, on the Internet, Dolfina can receive immediate feedback from my audience who are in tune with Dolfina Work. Dolfina can make direct connections with people around the globe.

(RCW): What are the plans for the future of the site?

A: The future of this site is to create a dynamic site where people can come together from all parts of the world, create their own forum that is related to the common goal of Sol y Luna. An example: if you have been working on a film script and you want to bring it to life, Sol y Luna will be a hub for artists and technicians who will work with you. You might find other writers, editors, stage artists, film artists, etc... The goal is that you have a soul based project and if you do not have the money to go to the bigger productions studios, you can produce your work with others who can share talents, skills, and resources.

Dolfina Work is a Mosaic of Interactive Dream Training which provides services for dreamers who aspire to work on their dreaming practices from within their dreaming. Dolfina Fun is an experiential tour of parallel realities or multidimensions of space and time travel. Dolfina is a dream guide who can travel into other dimensions and actually demonstrate dreaming technique from inside other people's dreams.

To participate in Dolfina Work, a person can email Dolfina directly at solyluna@cruzio.com. Dolfina will re-invision, or remote view the dream and give you customized instructions on one's personal dream technique. Dolfina's future vision is to create an on-line university for dreamers who will guide and train other people in their spheres of influence to do dreamwork.

(RCW): So, Dolphina, what are your favorite dream books?

A: My favorite book as a child was Alice in Wonderland. I knew that there was a reality in other worlds.

In my last year of college, I ran across Journey to Ixtlan. During my last summer break, I decided that I needed to stop being afraid of my dream beings and their multidimensional worlds. After, I rec'd my letter about Dolfina, as I described, I came across Journey to Ixtlan. I flipped through it and realized it was about what I had been going through. I read it within a few days. I was drawn to go to a used book store in Berkely and buy a collection of Carlos Casteneda's work. I felt that don Juan was teaching Casteneda what had been happening to me my entire life. My dreaming shifted from fear to a sense of communing with my dream worlds. Of course, as I read Casteneda's work, I began to recall previous dreams where I had been stumped, stuck. I began to chart my dreams through the core teachings of don Juan. I tested his hypothesis from inside my dreams. I did not beleive anything Casteneda wrote until I had verified its reality from within my dreaming practice. Casteneda's books put me on the path of knowing, for certain, that what I had been doing was Dreamwork.

After reading Casteneda's work, I began researching other dreamer's work. However, the teaching aspect in Casteneda's books aligned with my own inner logic and inner illogical mosaic of perception.

A lot of people have felt that Casteneda's work is flawed. My question for them is, "How do you know; did you test each set of practices?"

The real question that everyone either asks or needs to ask is, "Is phenomena more real that neumena?" What constitutes a real eperience? Can you prove that a strawberry is sweet? Is salt salty? Is rain good or bad? In the dreamworlds, one experience fades into another and there is no dividing line.

(RCW): Do you have a favorite dream?

A: No! I play no favorites. Replaying a dream, which I can do, is being obsessed with the images, the holographic quality of the dream. I need to experience new dreams all the time.

(RCW): Anything else you would like the online dream community to know about
you and your projects?

A: I would like to say that the most important part of my dreaming mission is to share the simplicity of dreaming. We are all dreaming. We hear about it form different sources. Religion as we know it was invented to train us to see our dream life from a set of given and regimented rules and routines. Religion caste the fear of dreaming into so many people. Our underlying social order is based on fear of the unknown. So we tend to surround ourselves with objects which we can hold onto and know for certain that we have something real. Go into your dreams and explore the other worlds and discover, for your selves what reality is all about. Don't rely on ministers or scientists. They are only people too.

Visit the Dreaming Of Lucid Freedom In America on the Sol y Luna site:

To view other projects or to work with Dolfina privately, go directly to the Dolfina introductory page: "http://www2.cruxio.com/~solyluna/dolfina.htm"