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Wilkerson, Richard Catlett (1997 July). Interview: Richard Nagle and DreamScape Website. Electric Dreams 4(7). Retrieved July 26, 2000 from Electric Dreams on the World Wide Web: http://www.dreamgate.com/electric-dreams

Upon entering the DreamScape Web site, something very different becomes immediately apparent. Even beyond the dream music of the Eurythmics, the site sets an immediate tone that you are in a special place, even for the Net. DreamScape's fair assesement of itself and its plans for the future can best be gather by actually walking the walk, but I thought you might like to hear some of the inside details and the delightful power of dreams ......

Richard Wilkerson (RCW): What got you interested in dreaming in the first place?

Richard Nagle (Nagle): What got me interested in understanding my dreams was a very spiritual dream that I had which caused me to be paralyzed when I woke from it abruptly. I was afraid I had died and couldn't really figure out where I was at first. I tried to get up and couldn't move. I tried to yell for help and couldn't speak. When I got connected to the web I found the link (now www.licensure.com/.dream) and submitted this dream for interpretation. The guy that interpreted it described in detail all of my spiritual beliefs, which at the time were confused. No one knew this about me, but he did because of my dream. I wanted to know how he could do this. Thus my dreaming journey began . . .

(RCW): What's DreamScape about, and how did you get involved in this?

(Nagle): I get excited about dreaming and want to share what I have discovered. Dreamscape is my attempt to share with everyone what I have learned so that they too can try to understand their dreams . . . and themselves. The interface is my attempt at making it aesthetically pleasing and fun to learn about it.

(RCW): Is there a "Next Step" in coming up at DreamScape?

(Nagle): Yes! I want to provide information about how to enter the lucid dreaming world. My problem is that there is a lot of opposing information about lucid dreaming and how to accomplish it. I am currently researching it from different resources so that I may compile a useful and correct guide to entering lucidity. What I don't want to do is provide incorrect or poor information, so I am being very careful about this aspect of Dreamscape. I have had the fortunate experience of 2 lucid dreams in my life. They only occurred about 4 months ago. I was so excited and told everyone I knew, but no one really understood how awesome lucidity is.

(RCW): Do you have a theoretical stance or bias yourself in approaching dreams?

(Nagle): I don't believe in Freud. I think he was a sickening pervert. I understand that he was one of the first to attack dream understanding, and I must give him that credit, but I don't have to agree with anything he taught.

(RCW): So, what are your favorite dream books?

(Nagle): It's probably the book called "Dreaming", by Derek and Julia Parker. It was my first book on the subject and provided a very detailed view of the scientific aspects of sleep and dreaming combined.

(RCW): What's your favorite dream?

(Nagle): I have a recurring dream that I have the power of telekinesis. When I saw the movie Phenomenon, it was quite frightening because it so closely resembled the dreams that I have had. Phenomenon is one of my favorite movies now.