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Wilkerson, Richard Catlett (1997 April). CyberDream Library! Electric Dreams 4(4). Retrieved July 26, 2000 from Electric Dreams on the World Wide Web: http://www.dreamgate.com/electric-dreams

In a continuing attempt to organize all the material about dreams and dreaming online, the Electric Dreams Cyber-Dream Library is now open. Here you will be able to scan through all those old Electric Dreams articles you wanted to find and leap to other online dream articles. There are topical collections of references & links to lucid dreaming, nightmares, mythology, Jung and many other area. Or you can use the library to connect to our main resources and bibliographic collections.

Featured Articles this Month:
How to conduct dream research on the Internet, Richard Wilkerson
And The Electric Dreams DreamWheel, Dream Sharing in Cyberspace, by Chris Hicks.

What, you haven't visited the Resources or Bibliographies?

Dream Bibliographies:

Have you ever wondered what kinds of books are on dreams and anthropology? Or how about finding a good book on the comparison of different ways of interpreting dreams? And just where do you go if you want a book to help you deal with children and nightmares?

Dream Bib's is a pointer site that you can go to an quickly access thousands of *references* to dream books and articles. Some collections include the Association for the Study of Dreams Recommended Reading List, the Novato Dream Library and Archive List for Children's Books, Dream Network's article list(temporarily down), the Henry Reed Collected Bibliography, the personal publications of researchers like Ernest Hartmann and Bill Domhoff, my own collection that includes chapters in books as well as articles and a special anthropology bibliography - to name a few! Search these online or make a copy for your own computer!

If you find or have a collection that you would like added, simple send either the URL to me or the Bibliography itself. rcwilk@aol.com


Dream Resources: Online:
This is a growing collection of the dream related sites on the Net by category, including lucidity, dream sharing, dream science, Jung, Freud, dream inspired art galleries, dream telepathy, dream organizations, dream journals, and more. The links are annotated and easy to use. Again, if you know a missing link, send it to me, preferably with a annotation. Longer reviews of sites can be sent to Peggy Coats to be published in the Global Dreaming News.