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Wilkerson, Richard Catlett (1996 December). Lucid Dream Resources Online. Electric Dreams 3(11). Retrieved July 26, 2000 from Electric Dreams on the World Wide Web: http://www.dreamgate.com/electric-dreams

Note: Being somewhat dated, please also see the lucid dream resources listed at:


I have been going through my _Dream Guide to the Internet_ this month in an attempt to update the links for the upcoming ASD vote on what links will and will not be on the ASD Web. It is my position that the Net is made up of individual and group efforts that are interwoven together in a complex new gestalt of interconnectivity and open communication. There may be some reasons to censor in cyberspace, but there are more compelling reason *not* to. The dynamic social revolutions that are arising from open global communication and experimentation are still quite fragile. There is a cost in this freedom, and my experience has shown that the cost is defrayed by caring attention, where as it becomes too high a price where there is neglect. We apply this caring in many ways, each with his and her own talents and skills.

What I would like to do here is list the dreaming resources so we can link to them where appropriate, and add to them where we missed or lost links. This month's focus is on Lucid Dreaming Resources. If your web site offers a unique lucid dream resource, tell us about me about it and I'll include it in the growing body of LD sites.



The Usenet Newsgroups related to Lucid Dreaming:
+ alt.dream.lucid
+ alt.dreams.castaneda

The Web sites & Mail lists

+ Charles McPhee Stop Sleeping Through Your Dreams. Author invites discussion of Lucid dreaming and provides some of the best Links to Lucid Dreaming Online.

+ The Lucidity Institute, Inc - A mix of helpful commercial & non-commercial products and direct educational materials and essays, the Intititute is the outgrowth of Stephen Laberge's work on Lucid Dreaming. Be sure to check out What's New? for current and upcoming events. Stop in at the Intstitute's LUCID FAQ

or if all else fails, call 1-800-GO-LUCID.


+ Online Guide to Lucid Dreaming - This democratic site includes an FAQ, Methods, Techiques & Tips, LD Phenomena, Research Papers, a Gallery & Other LD Resources http://www.york.ac.uk/%7Esocs214/ogld/

+ DreamWeb - Not just a delightful Dream site, Ryan brings you Intros, FAQs, Histories, techniques & tips as well as a dreaming science information. http://www.geocities.com/SiliconValley/3815/

+ Dream Harrowing by Rick Smith is a site devoted to turning your dreams into a journey from which objects and treasure may be found. This site will soon encompass the Dream Canteen and other dream support projects. http://faraday.clas.virginia.edu/~rls3z/hrrw2.htm

+Astral Library - Links to lucid dreaming technology and information sites http://lava.net/%7Egoodin/library.html

+ The Lucid Dreamers Reference Guide - Resources, links, reviews by Mark Breck

+ The Oneiro-Network The Oneiro-Network is dedicated to advancing the global online community of lucid dreamers through telecommunications, and telepresence technologies. It's purpose is to bring lucid dreamers from all points of the globe together in a social atmosphere. To meet and get to know others of like mindedness, and to talk about lucid dreams. Everyone is welcome to participate, and create their own niche within the club. http://www.geocities.com/Athens/Acropolis/2357/

+ Online Guide to Lucid Dreaming - This democratic site includes an FAQ, Methods, Techiques & Tips,LD Phenomena, Research Papers, a Gallery & Other LD Resources

+ Electric Dreams Besides a helpful online community of nearly 600 members, many of the Electric Dreams E-zine backissue contain articles on and by lucid dreamers.

+ Lucid Graphics A graphical web site about Lucid Dreaming, where you can find several tips and tricks on how to do it in a graphical environemnt. The site uses frames so only netscape 2.0/explorer 3.0 users can see it. http://www.brightsite.com/mirror

+ "A Study of Dreams" By Frederik Van Eeden (1913) and transcribed by Blake Wilfong :" In this seminal work, Van Eeden describes several varieties of dreams and coins the phrase'lucid dream'. Although many of his conclusions contradict the findings of modern researchers, this paper remains a classic." http://www.phoenix.net/~blake/dreams.tx

+ SpiritWeb Go to the Search box and type "lucid" for more than a dozen articles.

+ LUCID DREAMING Article by Denise Linn for Golden Age Magazine. A positive short introduction. http://www.newage.com.au/contributions/lucid.html

+ The Lame Man's Guide to the Dream World A quick lucid and obe techniques guide.

+ Lucid Dreaming Enhancement A Treatise on Lucid Dreaming by Robert Bruce,1994.

+ Ben's Lucid Dreaming Page A quick reference, personal experiences.

+ LUCID DREAMING: FRUSTRATIONS AND FANTASIES A short article by Brenda Giguere 95.08.20 http://www.phys.unsw.edu.au/~mettw/edreams/articles/frustration.html

+ http://www.utu.fi/~jounsmed/asc/ld/b lackmore.html">Lucid Dreaming: Awake in Your Sleep? By Susan Blackmore - From Skeptical Inquirer, Vol. 15 Summer 1991, pages 362-370

+ The Carlos Castenada Internet Resources page is growing, and continually adding new links and information on workshops, hermeneutics, books, and other Castaneda archival materials.

Richard Wilkerson,