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 Wilkerson, Richard Catlett (1995 March 30). Review: _Dream Scene Magazine_. Electric Dreams 2(5). Retrieved July 31, 2000 from Electric Dreams on the World Wide Web: http://www.dreamgate.com/electric-dreams

Review: _Dream Scene Magazine_ by Richard Wilkerson

I was first struck by the simplicity of the magazine. Black&white graphics, dream titles, dreams. That's it. There is a particular attention I need to access my dreams which I like to describe as attention on how things are occurring in me, as opposed to attention on how I'm effecting things. In this silence I sometimes experience a fullness I can't get from consuming. Dream Scene offers this fullness in generous portions. As one reviewer from Editor's Choice said, "The dreams are completely anonymous while your thoughts are locked up in you head, so any analysis remains unspoken in the virtual space." Its as if both the pictures and dreams begin to reference themselves. Rather than pointing beyond themselves, they evoke and draw the beyond to themselves. And as with all dreams, within the limitations of text and imagination, there are no boundaries. The transcendent quickly becomes trespass and violation. Mutilation bounces back and forth between metaphors of self to literalizations of paranoia. Psyche at her best and worse; exaggerating, mythologizing, lying, bending and twisting old forms into new stories that all seem oddly familiar yet never before heard. Its the sound of one dream clapping.

The editor and creative wizard, Dan Holzner, will send you a free copy if you submit a dream that is accepted. You can send dreams to his email address listed below, but you will have to snail him *three unused stamps- not stuck to an envelope* to cover mailing.

Subscriptions otherwise:

Dream Scene Magazine costs $3.00/issue

Four consecutive issues cost $11.00

Checks payable to Dream Scene Magazine

"Feel free to include personal analysis and interpretation as part of your test. Drawings, diagrams and collages also accepted. Surreal dreams and bizarre nightmares always welcome, especially if they're really transcendent phosphorescent zingers." - Dan Holzner

Dan said he would also accept graphics or text on pc/3.5 disks (text = ASCII, graphics in .PCX) or just snail him the hard copy and he will scan it in himself. --Richard

Dan Holzner


Dream Scene Magazine

38 Rossi Avenue, Suite Number One

San Francisco, CA 94118-4218



The Dashboard publishing phenomena _Monk_ magazine is doing an issue entirely about Las Vegas and is interested in related dreams. If you are interested in publishing in a forum with serious media exposure, send your dreams to:

Monk Magazine

Las Vegas Dreamtime

175 5th Ave STE 2322

New York, NY 10010