Electric Dreams

A Brief Hello: 
A New Editor for Electric Dreams

Richard Catlett Wilkerson

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Wilkerson, Richard Catlett (1994 November 20). A Brief Hello: A New Editor for Electric Dreams. Electric Dreams 1(18). Retrieved August 2, 2000 from Electric Dreams on the World Wide Web: http://www.dreamgate.com/electric-dreams  

Historical Note:  First issue where Richard Wilkerson was the editor

  A brief hello from your new editor. I'm Richard and I will be your dream bricouler or the guy who pieces things together, a role that Chris has been filling for some time. No cause for despair, Chris will not be leaving us and we hope that she will have more time now for creative projects. I'm a Bay Area dreamworker with an ear for multiple voices and a special interest in imaginative interpretation. My key metaphor for this is what I call the Improverse, the world of improvisational interpretation that is modeled on the unique space, window or door that is created when two or more instruments begin to 'hear' each another through the imaginal interplay of variations on themes. Electric Dreams provides this kind of imaginary interaction, and I want to keep and support our unique community and style.

Keep those dreams coming in! Also, I hope you feel free to send in comments, articles, essays or any other dream related inspirations. I'm adding some features like articles on dream interpretation and research (See Jill Gregory's article on dreams and kids) and encouraging reviews of local events that might interest all of us (see ASD Workshop Review) If you have some ideas for Electric Dreams or if there is some way we can help mediate your creativity, send us a note.

Hey - For the upcoming holidays, I'd also be interested in a special holidays issue, so dig into those journals and send any past dreams you have had about holidays. Lets keep exploring, experimenting, and responding to one another's dreams!

Richard Catlett Wilkerson