Electric Dreams

Dreams and The Lunar Cycle

Richard Wilkerson

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Wasserstrom, Randy (1998).  Dreams and the Lunar Cycle.
Electric Dreams 5(3).   1998 Vol. 5 Issue 3.

Reprinted by permission of Randy Wasserstrom from a previous printing in  Innerchange, a NC, USA. new age journal: 

Dreams and astrological symbols show us the same themes ‑ demonstrating how that the psyche is an undivided whole from we draw our wisdom. Dreams are most directly connected to the lunar cycle‑ the most immediate of the astrological rhythms. By looking at the current position of the moon in its sign and house in our astrological birthchart, we can correlate similar themes from dreams which occur at the same time of this cycle. Through this process of connecting dreams with the cycle of the moon, we can become clearer about our inner patterns and rhythms. 

Moon in Sagittarius, 7th house, 2‑2‑97

Iím at a small gathering honoring Jimmy Stewart. Itís outside in someoneís back yard at night. I think itís a guy hosting the event. Thereís maybe 10‑15 people there. A younger Jimmy Stewart seems to be there and later the older, current Jimmy shows up and the host is going to introduce me but he never does. At one point, thereís dancing and I envy the people dancing because of their free‑spiritedness. 

This is one of my dreams which illustrates the dream/lunar cycle connection. In this dream, the theme is that of *free spiritedness*, which is also reflected by the moon in the sign of Sagittarius ‑ the astrological sign which has the same meaning. Additionally, the moon is my seventh house in my personal astrological birthchart and this is the house of relationships. So another dimension to the dream and to the lunar cycle is that I am seeking free spiritedness in relationships.  

Here is another example: 

Moon in Cancer, 3rd house ,10‑31‑96, 

I am riding a bike on a road at night and Jay Leno comes up on my left, also riding a bike. Both of us are whizzing along above the ground. To my right is a vista of the sky. I see a full moon flash across it ‑‑ very powerful and dramatic. Then I look again and see the full moon turn into the sun against a bright blue sky. Very powerful. 

This dream has that lunar feel‑ very emotional, personal and intuitive. Just the description of moon in cancer. The full moon itself is a literal symbol of the moon and the lunar cycle. This is also a ďmessageĒ dream in that Iím getting a message about my life through the metaphors of the moon, sun and sky. Also, this dream is about transformation, new beginnings. Messages are represented by the third house (house of information) in my astrological birthchart. 

And another example: 

Moon in Aries, 11th house. 1‑14‑97. 

I am with a female friend/mentor in Israel. We are going over the family history book I am about to publish by experiencing the actual places of my family history. At one point, we reach a crossroads of a country road and she playfully takes my arm and starts dancing. I am startled. 

This dream has that action‑oriented, experimental feel which is characteristic of aries. We are on an adventure ‑ risking and challenging and the passion and spontaneity of aries is shown in the last scene with the dancing. The moon is also in my 11th house of friendships and I am with an inspirational friend (aries) who in waking life also sparks me to write this book.

In each of these examples then, we can see the connection between dreams and the lunar cycle as mirrors of the psyche and its current themes. These themes are reflecting back to us what we are learning at the moment and over time. Dreams and astrological symbols are presenting to us the same themes ‑ showing that the psyche is composed of multiple aspects. 

Randy Wasserstrom is a professional astrologer and tarot counselor in Raleigh. He offers birthcharts, current events and relationships and also teaches classes on astrological subjects. He can be reached at randwass@aol.com