Electric Dreams

Mutual Dream Report: Giza Pyramid

Phyllis Howling

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  Howling, Phyllis (2000 March). Mutual Dream Report: Giza Pyramid. Report. Electric Dreams 7(3). Retrieved July 14, 2000 from Electric Dreams on the World Wide Web: http://www.dreamgate.com/electric-dreams 

On February 15, people from around the world went to bed and made an attempt to visit one another at the Giza Pyramid in dreamtime. The meeting was great fun and I can't report all the dreams here, but will mention a few. Also see the DREAMS section for more reports.

If you would like to join us on the 15th of each month, please be sure to check the target site.

From eDreams and Phyllis Howling:

There's a gathering, lot of people I don't know, various interactions that I can't recall now, party atmosphere. The setting is fuzzy too - bare indoor spaces, earthy, don't recall any furniture or windows (didn't think about it being in the pyramid until after I wrote it down, but seems to fit). I'm standing around interacting with a group of women, and one woman comes and says the top she's wearing is one that I had worn some time earlier. This is a sleeveless shirt with collar and just a few buttons, and with shirt-tails meant to be tied in front so that your bare midriff shows. The fabric is rather sheer, so you can see the woman's black bra through the material. Other women laugh and tease me, saying "Phyllis - you wore that?" and I confess I did, but protest "But I didn't wear a black bra under it!" Now they laugh even more, and I realize that what I said could be taken to mean that I didn't wear any bra under it, when what I meant was I wore a flesh-colored one. But they know this, and it's all in good humor - I'm laughing too, and I feel very warmly towards these women, who seem appealing, loving and fun.

Then I seem to be standing on the lower steps of a stairway talking with a few men (don't recall what about, but friendly, engaged), when I am suddenly called into another room because of an emergency. I rush in (maybe up the stairs?) and see people gathered around a baby, and they have put some sort of healing hood over it. It may be my baby (in the dream). They hand the baby to me and say to rub its back (think it's a girl, only a few months old). And then I am horrified to perceive that the baby's head has been removed - I think they removed it in order to heal her. She is alive though, and I wonder how this can be. I just hold her close and rub her back without daring to look, feeling sick, and think I see her head on a table, which I believe they will reattach. But then I realize I have misperceived all this and her head *is* attached, has been all along it seems, and I feel tremendously relieved. But then someone takes the baby (a woman - one of the helpers/healers) and it turns into a lizard and starts running up the wall in the corner, and the woman jumps up and grabs it and hands it to me, and again I rub its back, very tenderly, this time with one finger, because it's so small. I wake up very disturbed over all this - and my first thought is "darn, this is not a pyramid dream." But then I think maybe it is after all.

I only had an impression of a dark green crocodile; I was sitting on its back and dangling my bare feet into cool green water..

I could see an opening in the pyramid but I can't remember going in to it..

Last night I dreamed I was in an empty dirt room. No windows but I could see at least three openings/doorways to tunnels. (The dirt looked fresh, like this pyramid was newly made.) Felt like a lower level deep in the ground. I was sitting on the floor I think, in front of my computer, waiting for pyramid dreams. (This was my job it seems.) Checked my email several times. Nothing. I checked my email once more and wow. Four messages. Every one I opened was a pyramid dream from someone! I specifically remember Richard's being two dreams. I was so happy. Then instantly felt under pressure because I didn't know how to compile all the information.

I'm not sure now if while in the dream I recognized I was in a pyramid.

From Kathy

Well here is my Great Pyramid dream - I'm putting it here because, as with you Phyllis, the dream centered on a shirt!! - but I didn't get into the Pyramid - mainly I suspect because the night before when I was asking to join in the mutual dreaming I felt afraid about entering the world of the dead and especially what seemed like the claustrophobic world of the inner pyramid.

I was standing outside of the great doors (they felt huge and wooden though I never saw them) of the Great Pyramid. The doors were open but I could see nothing but blackness inside. I was insubstantial myself, hovering in the lighter darkness a little way from the entrance. There was a smallish man there bending over doing something. He did not notice me. All around was fairly dark but his hair was distinctive (slicked back dark hair - he was quite Egyptian looking!) and his shirt was what my whole attention focused on (it was long sleeved and tight fitting, black and yellow stripped - the stripes of various thicknesses, rather like a bar code - and made of something synthetic, perhaps a sort of brushed nylon). I faded out of that dream into another one.

Very interesting to me about the centering on shirts/tops!
Love to you all