Electric Dreams

A View from the Bridge
January 2006

Make Me an Instrument of Thy Peace

Olivia Strand

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Strand, Olivia (2006 January). A View from the Bridge:
Make Me an Instrument of Thy Peace. January 2006. Electric Dreams 13(1).

A busy month for the Peace Workers on the Bridge! The View takes a look at the Peace Festival in Norfolk, Virginia, running for three weeks and thus almost up to Christmas. Jody’s son David returned from Iraq, and Ilkin’s son found that his compulsory military service takes him to a town in southern Turkey that seems just a bit too close to the Syrian and Iraqi borders for comfort.

New People on the Bridge

We were joined this month by some new people and would like to welcome Lana Nasser from Jordan, now living in Berkeley, California, and Denise Rodgers from Texas.

Lana is working on obtaining grant funding for a project entitled 'Dance around the world barefoot for peace', which she hopes to take to young people, working with goddess myths and dance performance. If all goes well, Lana hopes to produce a documentary about the project, as well as a multi media performance. If you would like to know more, please contact Lana at corpusenchantus@yahoo.com.


My intention for becoming a member of Peace Bridge is to connect with others who use both night dreams and day-time dreams to build bridges to humanity. The "bridge" metaphor is what attracted my attention because I have often referred to myself as one who helps to bridge the spiritual world with the scientific world.

In November, I began hosting an Internet radio show entitled "Beyond Your Dreams: Exploring Myth, Meaning, & Metaphor in Night-Dreams and Day-Visions". I decided to do the show (on my nickel) so I could make a forum available for others who are doing good work in the field of dreams and visions, & consciousness. A place where people can actually hear from the old pioneers, like Barasch, Taylor, Van de Castle, Ullman. A forum to hear about "Dreams to the Tenth Power" and the goals of Peace Bridge, because people want to hear about these things.

You can find more about Denise’s work on the IASD Bulletin Board http://dreamtalk.hypermart.net/bb2005/index.php or you can contact her at drodgers520@austin.rr.com

Our Sons and Daughters in Iraq

As many of our readers may already know, several of the people on the Peace Bridge have sons or daughters placed in, or near, Iraq. Jody Grundy’s son -- Jody was recently interviewed in a programme by the CNN, speaking against the Iraq war, and working in support of war veteran Marine Major Paul Hackett who hopes to run for Senate for the Democrats in 2006 against Jean Schmidt -- Jody’s son David returned from his second term in Iraq last week. Major David Grundy served as a doctor both terms.

More and more military personnel (in the US) speak out against the war in Iraq, and I have to say it carries some weight with me when veterans and currently or recently serving army people do so. Shortly before his return from Iraq Major Grundy wrote an article, published in the Cincinnati Enquirer, where he spoke in support of "Rep. John Murtha of Pennsylvania, a retired Marine Colonel who earned a Bronze Star and two Purple Hearts during the Vietnam War, stood up on the floor of the House to say, from the heart, that the war in Iraq is a failure and that we should bring our troops home soon."

To see the whole article (assuming it remains on the website by the time you read this): http://news.enquirer.com/apps/pbcs.dll/article?AID=2005511270352

Bridge member Jeremy's daughter and her fiancé were both posted to Iraq at the end of the summer, and now Ilkin's son faces many months of military service in Turkey, near the Syrian and Iraqi borders -- and we all feel for them. Suddenly black and white, either or arguments seem more difficult, as we have to put real names and real faces to the people our governments send to serve at the front.

Norfolk Peace Film Festival

During the entire month of December several of the Peace Bridge members who live in the Tidewater area of Virginia (Norfolk, Virginia Beach, Portsmouth, Suffolk, Hampton) have been sharing in the creation of a Peace Festival, with first-run documentary movies, video/discussion groups, seminars and other activities. The seminars are being presented at David Gordon's Studio for the Healing Arts.

On Friday, December 9, Bridge member Valley Reed, who also happens to be one of the founders of the Crawford Peace House, was at the Festival with her partner and Peace House co-founder, Hadi Jawad. Their seminar presentation covered the vigil conducted last summer by Cindy Sheehan in Crawford, and the other exciting events that have happened there since then. Never missing an opportunity, Valley and Hadi stayed with Steve Swan while in Tidewater, and Jean stayed there too, a virtual slumber party, joined by other Peace Bridge members in the dream state. Other members of the Bridge were invited to congregate there in the dream state.

In a seminar of her own, "Women and Children in War: Dreams of Peace", Jean will present the World Dreams Peace Bridge Aid for Traumatized Children Project, showing the PowerPoint presentation created for this years's IASD conference, and sharing the article on the group's project, "Dreams and the Children of Baghdad," written for the summer issue of Dream Time.

Halfway through this festival, and to tie in with the Iraq theme above, Jean Campbell reported being part of a team of two who facilitated a discussion of the films "Caught in the Crossfire" and "Operation Dreamland" at the Naro Theater, as part of the Peace Festival.

Although there weren't as many members of the military there as I might have hoped, one interesting thing was that we had four members of the Army Press Corps (public relations people), one of whom was in charge of embedding the seven hundred members of the American press who covered the story of the bombing of Fallujah. Well, of course, that made for a pretty interesting discussion.

One good thing was that a number of the members of the Tidewater Peace Alliance attended the films, and the military spokespeople met with a far more educated and articulate audience than they thought they might encounter. For example, one man, a Vietnam vet, spoke about his experience in the military, and then challenged the idea of "I'm just following orders." He ended up asking the military people, given Bush's response to terrorism, that if Bush were to ask them to take him (the speaker) out as a terrorist, would they "just follow orders?" "You wouldn't come after ME would you?" he asked. (Nervous titters from the audience.)

DaFuMu in November

Our dreams this month sparked some interesting conversation, touching on what lies at the core of the work of the World Dreams Peace Bridge – the potential for change that lies in our dreams, and in reality creation.

But how can I do justice to the wonderful discussions that take place on the Bridge?

I don't know if recall is all that important. I tend to side with Robert Moss, its about being CONSCIOUS in a dream, and what one brings back is the message. -- Ron

Just watch people for a few days -- you'll notice they are constantly jockeying for "rank" through words and actions designed to position themselves vis a vis everyone else they come in contact with. I think this forms one of the basic unspoken structures of human interaction, and should be recognized so we can figure out ways to work around this tendency. -- Gina

I've always felt there was a 'pecking order', even just in social groups -- but never could put my finger on it or always hear the words -- 'you create your own reality' -- to dismiss what I see to be true. How does the 'create your own reality' mesh with this pecking order business? -- Liz

I think we create our realities - up to a point. That's actually one of the things that I choke on most frequently with all the new age teachings, 'well-meaning' people telling me to think positive and create my own reality. We simply cannot create our realities independent of those around us . . . -- Olivia

. . . and again I find refer to an ecology – where it seems to me we CO create -- the rest of it is real, is Not us -- AND -- we, by our choices & actions, how we hold it – have almost infinite effect. Isn't it in how we 'take' our reality that we create it? Not the arrogant stance that we make it all – what we make is our part of the dance with it . . . -- Anna

I so resonate with the concept of co-creation that has both energies in it: it holds space for our individual choices and our ongoing life learnings and also holds sacred space for the communal and world energies that move in us and through us constantly . . . -- Rita

Ron, I love the idea of Peace T.V. I've gotten more involved with media again than I ever expected to do. Anne and others are looking into the contract of the local cable station to see if independent programming is still possible. -- Jean

I will dream the existence of a peace channel with you, Ron, to be created in your lifetime. -- Rita

I hope so. I just found out there is a military channel. And of course Eric and I just recently got our new gay channel LOGO. So if we can have a gay channel, a military channel, gosh darn we ought to be able to have a Peace Channel. -- Ron

Or, to paraphrase St Francis of Assisi: Make me a channel of thy peace. -- Olivia

Sound like fun? Come and join us on the Bridge!

And we shall see, what dreams may come.

The World Dreams Peace bridge is open to all people who dream of world peace: http://www.worlddreamspeacebridge.org

or discussion group: worlddreams-subscribe@yahoogroups.com