Electric Dreams

A View from the Bridge
December 2005

What Dreams May Come

Olivia Strand

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Strand, Olivia (2005 December). A View from the Bridge:
What Dreams May Come. December 2005. Electric Dreams 12(12).

Conversation on the Bridge seems to have turned more inward in the past few weeks, placing our dreaming, individually and as a group, more in focus again. Although some of the people in the Bridge group have been as busy as ever!

Jean Campbell is, among other things, organising a Peace Film Festival in southern Virginia, along with Bridge members David Gordon and Valley Reed. This festival seemed to grow from the screening of 'a peace film' to filling a three-week programme of films, talks and other events, all but in the blink of an eye! Next month's View will have a re-View of the festival; in the meantime, if you, or anybody you know, live near Norfolk, VA, and would like more information -- please email Jean at jccampb@aol.com for a programme.

And Jody tells us from Ohio that she has been too busy to even tell us much of what she has been up to! But you may recall from last month's View that Jody had been interviewed for a CNN programme, Voices from the Homefront, together with veteran Paul Hackett who will be running for the US Senate in 2006. No doubt we will hear more about this, too, next month!

A Soul Family of Dreamers

One of the past month's highlights came in the form of the return of Rita, who together with her partner Bob used to be active members in the early days of the Bridge discussion and dream group. This time Rita has joined us on her own as Bob sadly passed away earlier this year.

The conversation that followed made me personally reflect on how I have begun to feel that even while I have met only two people from the Bridge in person, this group of dreamers have become something of a soul family to me. On the Bridge I can share thoughts and dream experiences and know that they will be received with both kindness and understanding, and with interest! And I have found it strangely grounding to have such a wonderful group of dreamers to turn to, and share with. And yes, I said grounding and I meant it. Because our collective wisdom seems practical as well as compassionate and, above all, grounded in personal experience. In the context of loss and of belonging, Jody put it very well:

Doesn't it seem that this IS the Bridge: the improbable but very real creation of a space that spans our life and death, alone and belonging, conflict and harmony, despair and hope experiences?

"We Create A New God"

Because of a shift in when we 'go to press' with the View, we have a 'shorter' month this month, that doesn't feature a DaFuMu dreaming. Not that this stopped us from dreaming, and sharing many of those dreams.

Ilkin, a powerful, and often lucid, dreamer from Turkey, shared a number of dreams with us, and in response to an observation that her dreams seemed to have the finding of solutions and a sense of being in control as a common theme, she commented:

I thought you want any dreams related or not with peace work and the Bridge. I don't think these dreams are related with both directly. But they may have relation with some of my interest areas including peace etc.

In fact my dreams about disastrous events begin to repeat again but this time accompanying by some powers I may have. It may or not be related to the topics we discuss here but I am very much concerned about the climate change, world changes, ecology etc too and want to direct some of my energy to these areas. I feel that I must interested with the future of nature and changes in front of us, as much as I am interested with politic, social, economic etc issues where we stand as humanity. These may be reflecting in my dreams though the ones I sent you were not very special.

Ilkin says something that I find very interesting here, when she speaks of the return of her disaster dreams, many of which have seemed precognitive in the past, but how they this time allow her to draw on her powers, in the dream. To me, this suggests that as we become more aware of our dreams, not only after we had them, but also while we are still dreaming, inside the dream, we begin to learn to change things in the dream. And by extension, learning to change our dream realities may allow us to change our waking reality world, too. If you are familiar with the World Dreams Peace Bridge then you have probably also heard our mission statement: There can never be too many people dreaming of peace.

Jean too submitted a dream that evoked the imagination of many in the group, judging by the response. She called her dream "We Create A New God" and I have included it here:

In the dream we (and I mean us folks of the Bridge) are standing in front of a group of gods. We have just created a new god. But this new god looks curiously like Ernie from Sesame Street...same flat face, same somewhat awkward, floppy character.

I am both observer and participant in this dream, so I can see and hear from above the crowd our dismay as we look at this new god of ours. Someone, maybe me, says: "Awwwwww, now we'll have to live with him forever!" EOD

There is a playful quality about this dream, an irony. While I was walking this morning, I reentered the dream, and let myself be the god Ernie. What he said was that, even though he represented television and the impact of technology on the people of this planet, he was also an extremely lovable god. He said the reason kids love Ernie is because he can make mistakes, and knows how to laugh at himself.

It turned out that as well as having enjoyed Sesame Street with their own children, members of the group had experiences of Ernie to share, ranging from working with children in therapy, to dreams of their own about him. In response to a question about the "group of gods", Jean commented:

In my dream, at least, the other gods were more like the traditional image of ghosts...pale, silvery, almost see through. And a little shocked to see such a new and colorful god as Ernie.

I, myself, wondered about the "Ghostlike gods... hmmm... What does it mean if our archetypal gods have grown wan, silvery and pale?" to which Anna responded:

There is a lot of lore from many traditions that says the god/desses create us and we create them in never ending circle...the native American animal spirits who ask to be danced into material experience; the orishas who inhabit human riders' in voudou ceremony; all the way to the immanent spirits in our earth, who it is clear, we have not tended and they fade.

So much wisdom which tells us that it is our human calling, between heaven and earth, to heed the spirits, to admire them and invite them, to ASK for their help which they so willingly hold for us but must wait to be asked.

To wilfully dream is a part of this, I think.

Perhaps it does not seem too much a leap of the imagination, to see Ilkin's concerns about the changes in the world and the climate that affect the Earth's delicate eco systems reflected in Jean's dream of the god Ernie, and the fading gods of old?

DaFuMu dreaming in November and December

Join us in our Dreams of Great Fortune -- DaFuMu -- on the 15th each month!

The November DaFuMu will continue the theme of awakening to the world, and with the addition of dreaming for the youth of the world a request that arose as France has seen almost two weeks of urban rioting. We hope to have an update on this in the next View.

The December DaFuMu is open to anyone who care to join us please visit our website for more information on DaFuMu-dreaming, and on how to submit dreams.


And we shall see, what dreams may come.

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