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Resonant Waves:
The Ocean Also Dreams

Resonant Moon. White Spectral Wizard Year

Nick Cumbo 

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Cumbo, Nick (2004 March). Resonant Waves: The Ocean Also Dreams.
 Resonant Moon. White Spectral Wizard Year.  Electric Dreams 11(3).

The Waves is a newsletter reporting on the explorations of the Sea Life community. Sea Life, the main web forum at Dreampeace, aims to bring together a circle of dreamers from around the globe, collaborating in mutual dreaming adventures, and 'dreaming with and for the earth itself'.

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During the Resonant Moon, we participated in a project called 'The Ocean Also Dreams'. Our dreaming and discussion kept us busy; focusing upon meeting the creatures and the sea; and the question of how we could go about improving their conditions.

Asked whether or not we could communicate with the sea creatures in our dreams, Stathgar offered this response:

"Yes, I think it's at least possible. I think that life on land (including us) evolved from what were once creatures of the sea, so our feeling of connection to water and the ocean may be in part due to some instincts and genetic traits still left over from those sea creatures. If we have some sort of genetic knowledge of sea creatures, dreams and the subconscious are probably the best way to access it. Also, I've seen a good bit of evidence for telepathy lately so perhaps in some way the sea creatures are intelligent and able to communicate with us in our dreams."

Sunwolf jumped in with a fascinating experience from 1990:

"I went to a channeling, where this woman was speaking about her psychic work with dolphins and during the meeting, a dolphin connected with me psychically and I went into a trance. My friends took me home after the meeting and put me in bed. It was a male dolphin. He showed me wondrous things, as I dreamed and was there astrally, which I didn't know was possible, before that. The dolphins have a vast library on the astral plane. They have about 50 words for 'Water', different types of water, warm, fast, cold, etc. Also their word for 'God', 'Home', 'Family" and 'Water' all had similar root word.

They showed me how they meditated, by turning with their tail pointing upward and the nose pointing downward and sending out dolphin calls, like a mantras. I woke up with a whole new respect for sea life."

Meanwhile, CharlotteDreamer shared her experience of riding across the ocean on a giant octopus, and Treader discovered a school of sea turtles while breathing underwater, having being pushed overboard by the captain of a pirate ship.

The Ships

Over time, the Ship has become a potent personal dream symbol of groupwork and cooperation, two principles that have been central to the success of the Sea Life forum. Greeneye's dream indicated that this might be more than just a personal symbol:

"I live where the buffalo roamed, so I never see ships in RL. Last night I dreamed about a large boat/small ship that was white on the bottom and a wide black strip around the top/deck.

I saw it through fog and rain (it was raining here for real last night) and it was night. The ship was drifting toward me and then I lost it completely in the fog. I was never very close to it. I was standing on something solid, but I couldn't see my feet throught the fog. I looked for the ship again and thought, "Whew! Won't need that life jacket after all!"

Many of the dreamers at Sea Life are participants of a dream team; small groups of 5-8 dreamers sharing their dreams on a regular basis, while also attempting group projects. For the purpose of collaboration, teams are also grouped in 'Clans' of five. I decide to incubate a lucid dream to meet the Sea Life dreamers on our ship, and was a little surprised to discover two ships (seemingly, an echo of the grouping arrangements):

Conscious Dream: All Aboard

I'm watching a movie. It starts off a little like a pirate movie. I remember thinking that the two ships are in some kind of competition with one another, but soon decide after watching them head out to shore side-by-side that this is unlikely to be the case. If they wanted to take over the others boat, they'd have done it already. They're both huge ships, massively long and narrow hulls, perhaps 100m in length, but only 10 in width. At either end the ships rise into the sky, a little like a viking boat, but perhaps with not so ornamentation on the design. They're pretty incredible, and appear to be of dark-brown wooden construction.

As both ships head out into the ocean, I notice the massive waves that they move across. Each time a big wave rolls in, the rather large crew who are scattered along the boat, go tumbling about 20m up into the air. It's incredible - somehow each time they manage to land. A little shuffling about, but they land nevertheless (apart from the occasional crew member, who falls into the ocean). As I sit watching the movie, I become incredibly immersed in the energy of their movement, and their tumbling to the ship floor amidst the rush of the massive waves.

I realise that I'm actually sitting in the cinema, with my best friend 'Rob', and it is at this point that I begin to realise that the movie is so powerful that I could just drift off into conscious dreaming, right then and there. Incredible! I close my eyes, hoping that my friend won't wake me as I shift into this new state. The feeling of rising off into a conscious dream, from the movie seat is a pretty cool one!

Focusing on the audio or just the feeling of the movie, soon enough I find myself there out in the water. I still think my physical body is back in the movie cinema. There's a strange feeling, out there in the dark. I remember looking up into the sky, and suddenly becoming empty and fearful for no particular reason. I bring myself back without a thought, but start wondering if that's just because I'm not willing to face that feeling head on. Little bursts of lightning begin to spray across the sky.

By now of course, I've remembered what I wanted to do in my dream. I wanted to go find out the name of our ship, and meet the other dreamers. I start calling out for the ship, and am surprised when one rocks up. This is of more modern construction, a little like a large motorboat. There's someone who's already on it, and rides up to me to pick me up. I think it's my best friend 'Rob'. I remember being a bit surprised that there aren't more people on the boat and I ask about it.

Upon waking, I wondered if the two ships were the dreamers from Sea Life; broken into the two clans that exist at the moment. It occurred to me that maybe I had my own little boat, so I could travel between the ships of both clans. This is very much the case metaphorically, as I help out with the projects being run in both teams. As a symbol, the ship demonstrates that when we put all our resources together, we can make the journey a whole lot more enjoyable for ourselves.

 DaFuMu for the Sea Life

We've recently begun a more focused and intensive night or two of DaFuMu dreaming and meditation to accompany our month-long dreaming projects. DaFuMu, is a term familiar to members of the World Dreams Peace Bridge, meaning "a big dream of good fortune".


This month we participated in a DaFuMu to improve the environmental conditions of the Sea Life, with much success! My dream came quite spontaneously, reminding me of the little things we could do to improve the oceans environmental conditions, and reconnecting me to the natural dream wisdom of my land and the Australian Aboriginal people:

Dream: Original State (Explora)

I'm out on the beach, by the Ocean. There seems to have been a wood-fire burning. It's now out. At this point some Australian aboriginal men appear, merged seamlessly into the texture of their dream. Their faces are covered in ocher rock paints. I come to understand, that traditionally when the aboriginal people move from place to place, they try and return the beach to it's original state.

It seems they spend a few days?, dancing on the beach, crushing the wood into dirt-like granules. I begin to dance like the aboriginal people, noticing the cigarette butts, which we've left there, hidden in the sand, knowing that these won't just dissolve into the sand with the wood! I continue dancing, until the wood is little more than patches of brown powder amongst the sand.

Also this month, we were lucky enough to have Pasquale, the creator of the LD4ALL forum join us in our adventures. Her dream gave great insight into the need for more respect for the environmental conditions of the Sea Life:


Conscious Dream: Seed of Life (Pasquale)

I am taken to the ocean or I'm already there. I remember the DaFuMu. When reading the quest on Sea Life it made me think about how humankind uses the ocean - they fish it empty, dump all their toxic waste in there and all their garbage.

In the dream I now see some kind of animation, but it is also 3d. It reminds me of a Greenpeace commercial. Everything is white but the lines are squiqly black, a specific animations tyle.


A boat comes. It dumps a giant barrel black barrel marked with a white skull in the sea. It fishes a huge amount of fish out of the sea. It dumps more stuff.

After doing that it produces a golden (this is gold and shiny not black and white) "Seed of Life" and dumps it in the ocean.

Right after that a sail pole goes up on the boat, but not as high as it used to be. I understand that this has been going on for a long time and every time the Seed of Life has been dropped the sailpole goes down a little. In the beginning it would have been huge.

In the dream this brings a lot of understanding. Now I write it down, I ponder on the meaning. If it continues like that, soon the Seed of Life won't be powerful enough to produce a sailpole long enough to take the boat home. The Seed of Life symbolises the power of life of the ocean. But the more garbage and poison we dump and fish we take out, the Seed of Life cannot put up with it any longer, the balance is gone. It could also mean that due to all the poison the sea life have a lower life energy within them.

So stop poisoning the sea life.

In the dream Pasquale had been eager to remember the animation so she could reproduce it or make a storyboard for Greenpeace. Given that our site's called Dreampeace I couldn't help smiling when I read her story. Since this time, Pasquale has kindly offered to draw the animation, for use on our homepage.

So how then can we best contribute to a positive change in environmental conditions for the Sea Life. The birth of the Sea Life Star Foundation was an idea first seeded through dreams many months ago. My DaFuMu developed on the concept, advising that Sunwolf and I were to be co-heads of the Star Foundation.

In the future it's my hope that the Sea Life Star Foundation, could contribute to research + preservation schemes for the Sea Life, which come directly from our dreams. It's my belief that dream experiences could put us in direct contact with the Sea Life, helping to understand their needs better, and how we could go about improving their conditions. Given the nature of the military's deep sonar projects, and their impact on the sea life below, surely it would make more sense to learn about the sea creatures, if the communication lines were to remain available on both sides of the waterline!

Stay tuned next month for the results of our experiences 'Dreaming with the Trees'. We welcome new dreamers to join us in our adventures.

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