Electric Dreams

The Waves: 09. Dreaming with DNA

Overtone Moon
(October 18 to November 14,2003)

Nick Cumbo 

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Cumbo, Nick (2004 January). The Waves: 09. Dreaming with DNA.
Overtone Moon (October 18 to November 14, 2003). Electric Dreams 11(1).

The Waves is a newsletter reporting on the explorations of the Sea Life community. Sea Life, the main web forum at Dreampeace, aims to bring together a circle of dreamers from around the globe, collaborating in mutual dreaming adventures, and 'dreaming with and for the earth itself'.

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James Watson, co-discoverer of the structure of DNA, reported stumbling upon the double-helix image for the DNA chain through his dream of a spiral staircase. Picking up on the theme, this month, we set out to learn more about the role of our DNA structure, and it's relationship with the conscious mind.

It's commonly accepted that DNA is in some way responsible for the course of our evolution, and the workings of consciousness. What if it were also possible for consciousness to alter the structure of DNA?

Studies by Glen Rein, Ph.D. and Rollin McCraty, Ph.D., have demonstrated that the quantum fields generated by our human feelings can influence neurological and immunological functions at the cellular level. These studies also determined that the strongest "energy generator" in our bodies is our heart. Furthermore, the energy the heart produces is directly correlated to what we are feeling.

When we experience deep feelings of love, compassion or appreciation we align ourselves, that is become coherent with Divine creation. In feeling these divinely aligned feelings, we radiate these coherent frequencies throughout the body, which promote health and vitality. Conversely, when we experience feelings such as anger, anxiety, fear and rage, we directly affect the body in harmful and damaging ways.

Other experiments have shown that the very molecular building blocks of our body--the DNA--is directly affected by our emotions. When angry/fearful/anxious, our DNA twists tightly onto itself forming what I call a "DNA cramp." The molecule takes a shape that is somewhat like a rope ladder twisted into a knot. Why this is important is that the crossing of the DNA strand onto itself determines what genes are turned off or on. The tighter the "cramp" the less of our DNA--the less of our potential--is accessible.

This scenario is played out in the brain as well. When stressed by "DNA cramping" emotions, our body produces different hormones than during periods of inner harmony. These stress chemicals such
as adrenaline and cortisol flood our body. This has the effect of chemically denying us access to the upper, reasoning functions of our brain and increasing access to the lower fight/flight mechanism.
We become limited in our ability to respond from our full selves. Our body clearly desires to be in harmony and functions best when in a Divinely-aligned emotional/feeling state."


Inspired by this knowledge, I decided to venture into dreaming with the intention of learning about upcoming changes/mutations in the structure of my DNA. I was impressed with the results:


I'm in a small room. An animal is also here with me. It might be a bird. For some reason, I immediately become sympathetic towards it. Why, I'm not entirely sure? Perhaps it has been trapped here? The bird somehow picks up on my thoughts; and immediately sparks up a conversation; telepathically! The birds 'speech' is fluent, it's words being 'heard', as though we're having a
conversation in English, only without the need for our mouths to open.

The process in itself is remarkably natural; yet as we continue speaking, I realise there is a feeling of nervousness/fear, which accompanies the rather direct conversion of my thoughts to conversation. I begin to worry that the bird will be bewildered by the strangeness of my thought processes. Surrounded by its gentle reassurance however, I realise that this is a mental block built throughout the course of my life, to which I must now adjust. Letting my feelings about these difficulties be 'spoken', our communications take on a whole new level of honesty and trust.
At one point, the bird looks on directly into my eyes. Gentle, but also remarkably intense. I hear
another voice, which tells me that the intensity of staring at it's gaze, disturbs the rational mind of humans, and puts us in a more spontaneous mental state. Apparently, for the next 15 minutes, or so,
it will be easier to shift directly into conscious dreaming.

Soon after, my younger sister arrives into the room. I find myself communicating telepathically with her also; not through any conscious effort on my part, but because I'm now used to this shift in attention. I can feel the thoughts just roll on into her mind. I'm rather stunned to discover that she
repeats them back exactly as I 'spoke' them, only pausing to clarify the final word, which indeed she had mistaken.

My sister finds herself taken aback by these new abilities, and promptly asks me if I can teach her more about telepathy. I think for a moment; letting her know that resting the attention on the third eye is probably important, but soon after decide on a much more valuable piece of wisdom, "Animals are the best teachers".

In The Cosmic Serpent, Jeremy Narby writes of his conversations with the Ayahuasqueros from the Peruvian rainforests, who have praised the Serpent (sometimes appearing in the form of the dragon) as the symbol of Life. Celestial, a dreamer from Sea Life, described the key themes of the book for us all. All across the Peruvian jungle there have been found extensive, detailed wall paintings, and decorative art, featuring images which profoundly resembled today's diagrams of molecular biology, (diagrams which describe the beginning of life on our planet). These pictures are often painted with two identical snakes, entwined in each other, who the tribes repeatedly talk about being the centre of all creation, the DNA of life. The Ayahuasqueros claim to have received this knowledge from two giant snakes, who appear to them while they are under the visionary influence, of Ayahuasca (an incredibly powerful hallucinogenic brew).

In a fascinating and seemingly strongly related series of events, Morpheus, found himself visited by a number of dragons, who appeared to him across a series of nights, offering to show him and another 5 warriors "the way of the dragon"; each time beginning where they left off.


I am on an Island, alone, but not afraid. The air is dark, the sky riddled with electrical storms. I hear the beat of wings, growing ever louder and louder. Looking about me I see no one, and no thing. Suddenly a voice says, "See; but not with your eyes, see with your ears and mind". I concentrate and
the Island is transformed into a new place, a training hall of some kind.

A voice behind me says, "Welcome". I look behind me and there stands the Dragon, "I will teach you the ways of my people". Before, I can speak I'm bathed in Dragon breath fire. It doesn't hurt me. I'm not burned. Instead all of my chakra points light up with incredible brilliance. My body becomes transformed too. More muscular, stronger. I'm a warrior.

We begin to fight with swords and with inner powers. I'm exploding with power from within. "This is the way of the Dragon" and soon it will be your way too. Suddenly we stop fighting and he turns away from me, mumbling something to himself.

5 other warriors appear seemingly from nowhere. The Dragon shouts to the sky, "these five warriors are worthy of our ways lets us reveal to them the secrets of the ages". The sky is filled with Dragons. I'm too amazed. I awaken.


We sit atop an emerald green rock, the wind blowing softly. I can hear the wind saying something, but I'm not sure what exactly. The atmosphere has a "Lord of the Rings" type of feeling.

A loud voice says "within the seeds of all of us lay the seeds of all of us". In this instance a glass of liquid appears before me and the liquid begins spinning very quickly. Suddenly it stops spinning. As soon as it does, I see it is a DNA double helix. As I do the 5 appear and I see a female among them as before. We all drink of the DNA liquid. The voice says, "It is done".

I look at the 5 and they are all ME!! Then WE are all the WOMAN!! Then we are changing into each other, experiencing experiences of each other, and becoming each other. The voice says "and now you know from the same seed you were made, created and maintained, what separates you is the illusion that you are separate, your body in the world is too an illusion of solidity or separateness. Soon you will know the power of the shape-shifters for the 5 and the explorer (explora??) are worthy"....


I am in the Land of the Dragons; I can see the landscape before me. It is lush green and very beautiful, the wind is blowing softly as if speaking to me, "come, come, we are waiting"

Suddenly now I am on water, standing on water, I look down at my feet and I see the ocean filled with life, creatures never before seen in my physical world. A sea Dragon comes to me and through telepathy it says, "welcome one who has chosen the name, we have been waiting for you" the creatures are light up with an incredible brilliance. I find my self dissolving into the light merging with it, becoming one with it.

I am transported to another place now, underwater. The five are here with me we are all being taught to change our shape at will; a bird, a stone, water, fire, a tree and I become light. My consciousness expands exponentially. I am at once everywhere flowing with each moment.

I slowly become more focused in my light form, as a laser beam is. "I am Light", this chant resounds in my mind "I am Light, I am Light". I am guided down the earth now as if to join my "friends" we, in each of our forms "stand" atop a large cliff. There are lights all around us and in the sky there are
circling 3 large dragon-like creatures. "It is time", I hear these words in my head and yet also in the space around me. I think we all do, because we all hold "hands", when the last link is made. The 3 Dragons stop circling above and descend upon us, breathing hot flames. At first I am afraid, but I soon realise that the fire is not harming any of us. I being to hear thoughts that are not my own. The dragon's fire is causing us to merge into one being (it is hard to explain how this creature looks, made of fire, light and water and clothed in earth). We speak to the dragon. Its as though a huge chorus is speaking, not one voice or five voices but hundreds, perhaps thousands.

With a "smile" and a look that says, "I am pleased" the dragon says "it is done, you are now one".

It seems appropriate then to end with a quote from another site, Star Knowledge, which also brings together the concept of changes in our DNA, leading to a shift in consciousness resulting in
awareness of our oneness, and the activation of the light body.


"It is time for the Star Knowledge people to emerge. Their timeless chunks of info are relative to the now. Star Knowledge people are seed bearers of the Light coming through the planet at this time. These Light Bearers or B'nai Or (Hebrew - Sons of the Light) are message carriers at the cellular level. The DNA codes are being restructured and this will allow the Light Body to connect with the physical body. This is necessary for us to use this body as a Light vehicle for travelling to other dimensions. This is the millennium's new way of travel. It is activating now." Grandmother Chandra

Stay tuned next moon for the results of our 'Dreaming with the Departed' project.  We welcome new dreamers to join us in our adventures.

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