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Research: Dreaming Our Way to 2012

Nick Cumbo

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Cumbo, Nick (2003 May). Dreampeace: The Earth Needs Dreamers.
Research: Dreaming Our Way to 2012. Electric Dreams 10(5).

The Dream of Peace network, explores the role of dreams in bringing about a more peaceful and harmonious lifestyle to this planet, and is dedicated to bringing the potential of dreaming into the culture of our communities.

Link: http://www.dreamofpeace.net/

Our web forum 'Sea Life', aims to bring together a large circle of dreamers from around the world, collaborating in adventures in the world of dreams, and 'dreaming with and for the earth itself'.

There is a focus on small groups of dreamers (usually about 8 members), called Dream Teams, sharing dreams on a regular basis, and getting to know each other on a more personal basis. Within a group, we run creative dream incubation projects, journeys to places such as the Redwood Forests and Antarctica, attempt mutual dreaming experiments, and much more. It was decided this month to begin running research projects to demonstrate the power of dreaming in various fields. These research projects, are also the result of a wish to improve collaboration between members of different dream teams, and open the forums to individual dreamers.


In March, our research project focused on the topic of 'Dreaming Our Way to 2012'. As a result of this research, the site was led through important changes. Most significantly, the changing of our name from 'Earth Dreamers' to 'Sea Life', and the addition of a pre-existing forum offering a wider variety of general discussion on dreams called the 'Fishbowl'.

Firstly, I would like to call on some external evidence to demonstrate rather quickly the significance of the year 2012. As some readers may know, the ancient Maya of Central America were an advanced civilisation. A central part of their knowledge, was their sophisticated astronomy, and their understanding of time itself.

John Major Jenkins is a key figure in our modern knowledge of this system. In his online article 'The Solstice Sun and the Galactic Center' he writes

"Mayan cosmology is a complex science primarily concerned with understanding the nature of time. It utilizes calendar systems invented by the Maya to calculate important eras during which divine energies, or gods, would manifest on earth. Mayan calendar systems are intimately involved with, and based upon, the movements of celestial bodies including the sun, moon, and planets. Mayan calendars also track more subtle astronomical phenomena such as eclipses and, most significantly, the slow shifting of the heavens known to modern astronomy as the precession of the equinoxes. The precession of the equinoxes (which also could be called the precession of the solstices) was believed to be responsible for a succession of World Ages, a doctrine central to Mayan Creation mythology".

Link: http://www.timeofglobalshift.com/

"The next large turning point in the Mayan Long Count calendar, a date which marks the end of a period of over 5,125 years in Mayan chronology, occurs on December 21, 2012. The ancient Maya believed that the years around 2012 would be attended by great changes and, in accordance with their World Age Creation mythology, the transformation of human beings into something completely new. "

"What makes this belief, all the more interesting is that the end date was actually fixed on "an astrological alignment, an alignment so compelling and rare that the ancient Mayan astronomers believed it to signal the commencement of the next World Age"

"The solstice sun will be in alignment with the Galactic Plane in the years between 1980 and 2016. In more precise terms, both the U.S. Naval Observatory and astronomer Jean Meeus (in his book Mathematical Astronomy Morsels, 1997) calculated that the solstice meridian will align with the Galactic equator in 1988. We can call this zone a solstice-galaxy alignment, or simply, galactic alignment. This alignment occurs roughly once every 12,800 years (one-half of a precession cycle)."

"The Maya believed the era-2012 alignment to be the most significant evolutionary event that human beings experience. For example, the image of the sun moving into alignment with the Milky Way is played out in the Maya ballgame. It is equivalent to the movement of the game-ball, symbol of the sun, into union with the Milky Way, the cosmic "goal." Likewise, the Mayan Creation story of One Hunahpu's resurrection in the cosmic game court also symbolizes the 2012 alignment".

For those interested, a modern calendar utilising the Mayan knowledge of time, can be found at the official website of The World Thirteen Moon Calendar Change Peace Movement:

Link: http://www.tortuga.com/

"This popular movement to change the calendar is also a peace movement, and is based on the discovery of the Law of Time, a discovery that demonstrates that time is a frequency, the universal frequency of synchronisation.

It is this law that maintains the universe in harmony and guarantees beauty wherever you look in nature. When we are genuinely synchronised in time we can easily promote values such as harmony, cooperation, and spiritual unity. When there is harmony there is art and elegance."


Having explained a little about the Mayan system of time, many are probably wondering what this has to do with dreams. Our research into 2012, not only gathered information from sources across the internet, but also aimed to discover new information about these changes, through a knowledge source accessible to all of us, our dreams.

Our project was to 'Travel to 2012', and if possible to discover the role of the 'Earth Dreamers' forum (as it was previously known), and 'dreaming with and for the earth itself'. We planned to achieve this through dream incubation via visualisation and stating our intention, before sleeping, and the techniques of lucid dreaming.

The results were quite unexpected:

2012: SEA LIFE (22 March 2003, by Explora)

Lucid dreaming, I begin to sink into the earth, into a realm of energy, continuing a long spiral journey through the blackness. It is certainly not quick, but the rush of this type of travel, keeps my thoughts moving for most of the journey. After what seems like a minute, I begin to become a bit concerned at how long it's all taking. What can I do to maintain my lucidity, I wonder. Voicing words, to myself, I am soon relieved to find myself noticing new visual imagery. I see a city skyline at night, which I know to be important. I get the feeling that in the future I will no longer live where where I do at the moment, and will be closer to the city.

I eventually find myself in a room, which in some ways resembles the living room of my house, but which seems to be my office. Here, I see an iMac like machine, produced by Apple. I press the power on key, and am relieved when it turns on directly, without the need for the entire startup process to take place. Instantly, I notice the words 'Sea Life' centered on the top menu bar. It seems important, as though it is the title of the product the company is working on. It reminds me of the way a company produces a background image, for itself.

It gives me a sense of deja-vu, as though I have already heard this name somewhere before in a dream. I look at the column of icons along the left side of the screen. I notice there is alot of Adobe software. I notice 'Adobe Sea Life' in particular. This strikes me as a little bizarre, and interested, I click on the program. It loads, and a picture of a tank like area with sea life on the left side of the pool shows. I see an animation, perhaps of the mutation or growth of a species of sea life. The creatures move to the right.

Still, a little confused, I decide to see what else I can find on the table. Reaching to the back, behind all the other little items there, I find a business card. Along the back are a list of peoples names, about 10-12 in total. I run through the list, noticing one that's underlined. It seems this is the main number for the company. At this point, I begin to wonder what the company is called. Flipping to the other side of the card, I see the name, 'Don Marti & Architects'.

Initially, I was quite confused. While I'd enjoyed the journey and felt that it was a very real experience, I couldn't really make sense of why the product was called 'Adobe SeaLife'. Why would a group with the name 'Don Marti & Architects' be producing Adobe software. After all Adobe is a very large organisation!

I was also a little confused, as I wondered whether it was possible the dream was referring to some type of career in the computer software industry. I'm currently studying telecommunications at university, but had deeply hoped that my future career would involve the arts of dreaming.

Thankfully, I am also a member of the World Dreams Peace Bridge, a much larger group. I decided to share my dream, to see what others thought of it. I received a variety of interpretations, but I felt a particularly strong resonance with San's comments:

"I would look to the word Adobe. For me, having Adobe PhotoShop and Adobe PageMaker, I might consider if it had any meaning for me there, but stronger still for me, the nature of adobe. Unfired clay. Sometimes I work with unfired clay as a medium for my art. It's very satisfying in that it's pliable, flexible and cooperative until I'm ready, and then it dries into a shape of my choosing. When I am ready (or not sometimes) I can break it, or leave it to the rain, or divide it between friends in ceremony, etc. Ultimately, it returns to the place it began, as we all do. ...so for me the Sea Life and the Adobe might provide for an interesting transformation and I'd have to imagine how I'd want it to unfold ... perhaps one lapping wave at a time ..."

Link: http://www.worlddreamspeacebridge.org/

These wonderful words seemed to redirect me to my hearts wishes, for it reminded me of what I felt about the nature of dreaming. I decided to research the name 'Don Marti' a little. Having said this, I was still considering the possibility, that I may be involved in software development, and assumed that if this were the case I'd be working in Australia (as this is where I currently live).

I keyed in his name, and was surprised to find that he was a well known article writer in the Linux scene. He seemed to be a key figure, in offering his opinions on the direction of the operating system.

Somehow, the dream seemed to have drawn it's meaning from the name of a writer, I had previously never heard of. My first association of course, was the nature of the Linux platform, as open-source, and under development from anyone who chose to participate. This seemed to hold true for the work we were doing at the 'Earth Dreamers' web forum.

Meanwhile, DM7, a member of the dream team I'm a part of, managed to visit 2012:

ATTEMPT TO ASTRAL TRAVEL - 2012 (29 March 2003, by DM7)

Everything is so real so I have to use some Reality Check's. I try to push my finger through the wall, but it doesn't work. I try to pinch myself and it HURTS! "Maybe I'm not dreaming?" I thought, trying to be stubborn because I really want to travel into the future again. I check the clock and it remains the same. I slap myself really HARD and it is kind of numb, but I still can feel the pain. I'm really confused about if I'm actually dreaming or not.

I finally try to back trace where I am. I come to the conclusion that I WAS from my bed. "There is a possibility that I'm dreaming, but no matter what I doÓ it won't tell me if I'm dreaming." I thoughtÓ trying to figure out if it's actually a dream or not. I'm extremely confused, but then finally, I thought, "How about trying to travel to the futureÓ if you can do it, then you're dreaming. If you can't, then you're not dreaming." So I proceed, trying to think how to travel since I usually go outside and fly toward the sky, but I can't float and I get an impression that I'm locked in the house.

I can't think of anything except yelling out my command so I did. I yell, "TRAVEL TO THE FUTURE IN THE YEAR OF 2012 - NOT 2,012 YEARS LATER, BUT THE YEAR OF 2012 - NOW!" To my surprise, the scene changes. "That's way too easy!" I thought. I'm still in my house and it still looks very much the same, but my parents are busy doing something in the kitchen. I turn around, trying to find some kind of a source to tell me the year it is. I find a huge TV in the middle of the hall. I get an impression that it is actually there so I can ask for the year.

I go to it and to my surprise, I have full control over the TV. I ask it what year it is right now and "2012" in green text appears on the TV while it is on the news channel. I don't understand the news anyways so I go into the computer room. I notice that I have carpal tunnel braces on. I try to get them off. While I do that, I lose my lucidity. Luckily my intention is strong enough to be continued.

I get on the computer and check on the forum. There are two different forums. One is from dreamofpeace.net and other one is more like a dream interpretation forum. I notice that there are much more active members on the latter (perhaps more users there as well). I notice that there are a lot people starting to be concerned about their dreams, requesting for the interpretation. I get an impression that year of 2012 is a "opening" time for people about dream interpretation where it will eventually lead to lucid dreaming and dreaming of peace, etc.

The topic of "dreaming" is still very much underground like it is right now, but there are more members there. The next thing I know is that I wake up.

As well as demonstrating a fun and original 'reality check' for use in lucid dreaming, DM7's story shed valuable light on the role of the forum in the future. I was quite excited by these events, as I often share the Dreampeace website address with other people I meet who are interested in dreams. Recently, I've begun to wonder how useful it would be to many visitors, because of the lack of a general forum for discussion of dreams. DM7's dream reinforced the value of another forum, to help encourage people to move from not only sharing their dreams, but also to actively seeking adventure and guidance for the world this way.

A few days later, in a response, to a dream I had posted online, entitled 'Dance of the Spirit', another dreamer 'Singer', replied:

Hello, Explora!

I enjoyed reading your dream posts very much. Dreams are so important, especially positive ones that foster taking better care of ourselves and our beautiful planet! Our future survival depends on it!

I was reading a book called Matter into Feeling by F. A. Wolf, Ph.D., who put it very nicely when he wrote, as an example:

"The dream experiences of Australian Aboriginal people indicate that the needed characteristic arises, is first born, in dreams. Each creature dreams of the possibility for the next evolution, so that, for example, the fish dreams of the amphibian and the amphibian dreams of the bird, and so on. That is, we first dream in order to become aware of our future possibilities --- the new ways that each one of us may exist. And the ability to sense oneself as something new or altered seems to be vital for survival, for altering the genetic code."

Let us keep dreaming!

Love and Light to All

This seemed to fit the theme of 'Sea Life' perfectly. It conjured up the same animation, I had witnessed in my dream voyage to 2012, of the sea life mutating and evolving in the tank. More importantly, it demonstrated what I believe we are doing through dreaming, we are learning to become aware of our future possibilities not only as individuals but also on a planetary level.

A week later, through a strange series of coincidences, I happened to stumble across, a web forum called The Fishbowl, run by the magnificent Toko-Pa. I quite enjoyed the discussion here, due to it's obvious direction with regards to spreading the potential of dreaming, and it's clear distribution of information.

When Toko-Pa mailed me asking me to add a link from Dreampeace to the forum, I was quite honoured. I soon realised that this was a wonderful opportunity to offer consistency with DM7's vision of an alternate and more open dreaming forum:

"Dream School is an innovative organisation dedicated to the integration of dreamsharing into our culture. Offering a thriving dream forum called the Fishbowl, as well as creative seminars, lectures, private dreamwork and online resources."

Link: http://www.herownroom.com/fishbowl

Rather than just linking to the 'Fishbowl', it was decided to actually make it our sister forum. I was just putting together the updated website, when I became aware of the logical next step. I was wondering what to do about the icons for 'The Fishbowl' and 'Earth Dreamers' forums, when up popped a thought. The realisation that the 'Sea Life' program, the 'company' was working on, had been a new name for the 'Earth Dreamers' forum, all along.


Through this research project, we've seen the nature of mutual dreaming really come alive. I remain with the feeling that the energies of the 'galactic alignment' of the 2012-era, manifested themselves through our research project, resulting in a series of unexpected discoveries. I feel there was some inherent meaning to these, that we were actually being reminded of some strategies to assist us through the changes the earth is going through.

Our initial intent was to discover more about the role of the 'Earth Dreamers' web forum. Our results:
  • In my journey to 2012, I appeared to be a key member of a company, called 'Don Marti & Architects' working on a product called 'Adobe Sea Life'.
  • DM7's dream of 2012, reflected a future need for more open dream interpretation, and a general discussion forum.
The meaning of our dreams, could only be uncovered through a combination of techniques:

At the time of my dream, I only knew the word Adobe as the name of a large software organisation. As a result of sharing the dream with the World Dreams Peace Bridge, I was lucky to receive a variety of interpretations, including San's reflection on it as 'Unfired clay', 'Pliable, flexible, Co-operative, until I'm ready, and then it dries into a shape of my choosing'. We could probably extend this a little and call it a shape of our choosing.

The meaning of the name 'Don Marti & Architects', was initally completely unknown to me. I was a little suspicious about this, so I thought I'd check out the name on the internet. Don Marti, proved to be a key writer and reviewer of an open-source operating system. I would guess that this strongly relates to my own future path, and that of the other 'architects' involved in our work at the 'Sea Life' forum. What makes this interesting, is that the meaning relied on an external source of information, namely the internet. My dream appeared to not only draw it's information from the future, but also from the heart of our collective consciousness.

The key to uncovering the meaning of the word 'Sea Life' hinged upon a series of future events coming together, in synchronisation. Firstly, as a result of posting a dream 'Dance of the Spirit', I discovered what the reference to 'Sea Life' was all about: realising our own potential by first dreaming it. Next, a strange series of events led me to come across a wonderful forum called the 'Fishbowl', drawing upon DM7's vision of an alternative dream forum. Finally, we have the logical next step of realising the similarities in themes between the 'Fishbowl' and 'Sea Life'.

I think we see three themes being stressed here: the importance of sharing our dreams, of our spiritual unity, and finally of the key role of time in synchronisation and bringing together these concepts.

As a result of these changes, we now have a new forum for dream interpretation and general dreams discussion called the 'Fishbowl', and the renaming of the 'Earth Dreamers' forum to something a little more intriguing, 'Sea Life'. Through this alignment of direction and themes between the respective forums, people are more likely to find a place where they feel comfortable sharing and envision their dreams. Surely this will have a beneficial role, as dreams continues to take a greater place in our society.

We are all intimately connected to one another. In the place of the heart, we are all one being, none of us separated from any other. Let us remember this as we 'Dream Our Way To 2012'.

Stay tuned next week for the results of our research into the topic of 'Dreams and Healing'. In the meantime, Dreamers are invited to simply contact, or to share their dreams of 2012, with Nick (Explora)

Email: explora@dreamofpeace.net

Blessings and a Big Thank you to All the Dreamers of the World!