Electric Dreams

The Waves: 02
Dream Healing

Planetary Moon (April 04 to May 01, 2003)

Nick Cumbo

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Cumbo, Nick (2003 June). The Waves: 02. Dream Healing.
Planetary Moon (April 04 to May 01, 2003). Electric Dreams 10(6).

The Waves is a newsletter reporting on the explorations of the Sea Life community. Sea Life, the main web forum at Dreampeace, aims to bring together a circle of dreamers from around the globe, collaborating in dreaming adventures, and 'dreaming with and for the earth itself'

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This moon, we'll be looking at the vast topic of Dream Healing; reporting on our own experiences, and looking at some of the potential benefits it could bring to the health of our communities.

Tell your doctor about a dream offering advice for a problem you're experiencing, and the most many of us will receive is a chuckle and a strange smile. And that's only if you can build up the courage to speak of it in the first place! Modern medicine hardly acknowledges the healing power of dreams, never mind encouraging the awareness and application of them.

Dreams can provide us with timely health checks, precautions to take to maintain our health, and advice as to suitable medicine and treatment. They are even capable of healing deeper soul wounds that may be responsible for the physical symptoms of disease. We see the above attitude expressed in the healing practises of many cultures around the world; from tribal shamanic practitioners to the hundreds of Asklepian dream healing sanctuaries in use around the Mediterranean in centuries past.

Prior to attempting our own healing dream journeys, a number of dreamers of my acquaintance had blessed me with the details of their own experiences. Kathy, a member of the World Dreams Peace Bridge, is one such person. Kathy's story acted as a powerful affirmation of one of the many possibilities of Dream Healing.

Kathy's daughter suffered from carnitine deficiency; A side effect of an anti-eleptic drug, it destroyed all her muscles and all but killed her. By good luck, Kathy found a doctor who knew what was wrong. As soon as her daughter was diagnosed, she was given carnitine and all the life threatening aspects stopped (eg. She no longer fell into comas). However, she could not grow her muscles back. The doctor had gone overseas, and there was nobody else in their home city who was an expert on this metabolic problem.

One night, Kathy had a very clear dream. In it, she saw a medical script for creatine. She had to trace over the doctor's name on the script. It was the same doctor who had diagnosed carnitine deficiency.

Having had similar experiences before, Kathy was quick to act on the advice of her dream. The next day Kathy's daughter started creatine as well, and her muscles started to grow. When the doctor returned six months later, he mentioned to her daughter to take creatine. She said she already was! He wanted to know how she knew, as the research had only just come out about the link between carnitine and creatine!

Kathy's story clearly highlights the potential of dreams as a source of accurate and medicinal advice. True - It was a pretty simple dream, but it did give her the information she needed. It also seems important to remember that Kathy had enough faith in her dreams to actually make a decision based on what she was shown. Who knows how many people have similar dreams, and simply never feel comfortable enough to tell them to anyone.

I believe, we need to get the value of these type of dreams out in the open, especially within the medical community. This way individuals can begin to freely confer with doctors about the details of their dreams, without feeling embarassed about it. Given her feelings on dreaming, I'm sure Kathy would agree:

"I think we can get advice anytime we want. In general when I want to learn something about how to relate better to those around me or situations in which I am, I always ask my dreams. I think of it as giving myself permission to shift in this area.

ALWAYS I learn."


We were just beginning our own dream healing project at the forum, when MeKenzie, a wonderfully skilled dreamer from within my own Dream Team, received some unexpected advice.

MeKenzie had been diagnosed a couple of months previously, with hypoglycemia - low sugar blood. As a result she often suffers from severe headaches and anxiety attacks.

In her lucid dream, she emerged into an underwater world, a kind of training center for dreamers. At the first level, for example, she saw an elderly man teaching the kids "how to do karate with THE FORCE". Eager to move on, she gradually progressed to the most advanced level, before finally settling down to "reach a different level for lunch":

"I look around, aware that I'm hypoglycemic so I can't eat certain food. I hear a voice telepathically that says something like, ~You don't have to worry. These foods are offered to show you what you can eat in your life without having to give up your sweet tastebud~. I look up in amazement. There is a chef looking at me and he says, "Yep. That's right! Go ahead! We personally made them just for you!" I smile and blush. I eat strawberries with sugar-free whipped cream, most tasty vegetable cake/soup, etc. I feel very special!"

This dream didn't offer a cure to her disease, but it did give her a sense of greater freedom and a knowing that perhaps things weren't so bad. Given the proven link between the health of the mind and body, stress-relieving advice such as this is certainly important. Inspired, she later decided to seek further guidance by incubating a dream on the topic:

"My mom and I go back to the hospital for the follow-up check for my blood. The nurse comes in, to check my blood pressure. She tells me to sit in the front of a big screen. I wonder why they need a big monitor for checking my blood pressure, but I say nothing about it. My nurse tells me to wait here and that my doctor will come in soon.

My doctor comes in and he pumps in the air to test my blood pressure. All of a sudden, the screen turns on, showing me everything about my blood. Sugar, red cells count, white cells count, t-cells count, chemicals, etc. There are a lot of things I don't even know exist in my blood like t-cells and their function. You can say that I have learnt a lot from this experience!

At the upper-left corner of the huge screen, the computer is making an estimated diagnosis of my illness/cause. It shows a lot of "scientific" words before it makes its final decision. I don't actually remember it, but I am making an educated guess with the letters that I do remember, "Cl v/f sis"

My doctor, wearing a concerned face, says "You have a 'puddle' blood. You are at the edge of everything. You can easily be hypoglycemic, or out of 'balance'. You can be diabetic as well. Your blood has taken a heavy toll and is still taking a heavy toll." I'm shocked, realizing that I get sick quite easily and can become very sick if I am not careful.

"Oh, and a diet will help - but it will not cure your condition", he adds before he departs the room. I wonder what he meant by this and I get an impression that I will have to learn how to live with my condition and that it is caused by my DNA."

MeKenzie's dream read very much like an account of a visit to an ordinary doctor. In fact, I was initally quite confused! I couldn't help asking myself if this were really just a dream.

MeKenzie was impressed that the dream seemed to have uncovered information about her body, of which she was previously unaware. Not only was the material clearly presented, but it was also free! What a wonderful advantage for any student, or low income earner.

MeKenzie would like to hear from others who are coming to terms with this illness. Perhaps some of you know what she was diagnosed with in her dream?

Email: dm7@dm7.net


While offering a variety of goals to meet in our dreaming adventures, our main choice for the healing project, was an attempt to meet a master skilled in the healing art of Reiki.

It seems appropriate to draw on the knowledge of the homepage of 'Reiki the World', a website co-ordinating an event in mid-June in which Reiki healers worldwide, will join forces to direct healing energies into the world itself.

Link: http://www.reikitheworld.com/

"Reiki is a system of healing using the natural energies of the world. It is often termed spiritual healing but draws its traditions from thousands of years of medical practices from Asia and India. Reiki is not a power within the practitioner but a power that he or she draws on and uses.

You may often hear reference to the physical, emotional or spiritual. One cannot exist without the other. A physical trauma will often trigger either an intense emotional response or a higher need for spiritual awareness. A need to follow a spiritual path will often result in a release of emotional negativity. An emotional issue will often result in a physical ailment. For every physical manifestation, there is usually an underlying emotional cause. The beauty of Reiki is that it works on all of these levels simultaneously, bringing a sense of balance between them.

There are many aspects of our lives that Reiki can assist with. It will work away at the cause of Illness, will effectively reduce stress, will help you to develop a positive attitude as well as balancing energy and chakras, increases energy levels. It will also enhance personal growth, and help to expand creativity. Reiki heals the Body, Mind and Spirit."

In my lucid dream, I found myself in the kitchen of my house. Moving into a stance for meditation, I noticed that my arms felt a little uncomfortable. Wondering if this was a reaction to using the keyboard so often, at first, I decided to try healing myself:

"I start applying energy from my right hand to the left arm, singing the energy across. However, this has a strange effect. My arm becomes more transparent, I can see a somewhat unhealthy looking red energy beginning to outline the skin. I become worried, that firstly the area doesn't really need this type of healing, and in any case being so experienced, and focusing my own energy on myself, could make it worse. I try allowing the universal energy around me to flow into my right hand, and I see a higher density white-patchwork frame of light, forming around it. This light seems pure, and I know it can be used for healing."

This part of the dream stressed the importance of using energetic healing techniques in the right way, before applying them. It was also at this point, that I remembered my goal to try and 'Meet a Reiki Master'. I decided to find him in a neighbouring room. I was so surprised to find him there.

"He looks like some type of higher being. His face, is more like a light golden oval mask. His face has an ancient feeling to it, and a unique energy all of it's own. He wears peasant like clothing - a red skirt as I remember. I can't see his arms. His appearance is a strange combination of cartoon character and mystical influences.

He's a funny character, and initially we seem to dance with one another, mimicing each other's movements forwards and back. This is probably initiated by me, but it seems this is his way of understanding my own energy.

Some time after this, I begin to fade in my lucidity. It seems as though I'm about to drop out of the dream, but instead I find my mind drawn into his energetic field. I see green wave-like patterns, and feel myself and him as these patterns. I feel that I have to follow and become one with these patterns of trance, in order to increase my understanding of myself and of what it is he is doing here.

I return from this, finding myself back in my dreaming body. He explains to me that we are in a sense universal reflections of each other, and of the importance of the previous process. I'm quite impressed by what he's done, but am eager to continue. I kind of casually stroll around him, "Mmm. reflections, hey. Yeh, I understand that".

Now that's settled, he asks me who it is I want to heal. I think I go into trance again, because a moment later a thought pops into my head. For some reason I decide that my sister will benefit from it. I get the sense that this is a good decision, as she's going through her final-year of school, and that this will help give her direction.

Immediately, my sister appears before me. He stands close to her, and he tells me there is some kind of parasite? at the back of her head. I see a harpoon-like band of energy, reach from him into this energy center. I'm stunned. I know him to be applying the healing energy through this, but he seems to think there is not much time. It's as though there's some distraction in surface reality, and that we need luck on our side.

'Hmm..', I think, remembering how important one's will is in affecting situations like this. I hold myself in an inner knowing that this will work out. Meanwhile, he continues the healing. While working with him, I feel surrounded by a magnificent aura. Suddenly, after a significant period of time, something changes. "You've done it! You've done it!" he shouts in jubilation. He's almost jumping up in the air. It's an incredible sight!

Suprised that I haven't woken up, and absolutely amazed by witnessing the event, I run up to him, giving this crazy character a big hug. "What's your name", I ask excitedly. "Ducky Johnson", he replies. I smile, and then wake up."

Waking from the dream, I was truly astounded by the beauty of the event. It gave me a lot of faith in the true power of Reiki. I genuinely believed the experience was real - that the Reiki Master was actually channelling the Reiki through to my sister's energy body, from within the Dreamtime.

Having said this, it is a difficult thing to validate the success of the healing. Upon hearing the story, my sister wasn't sure about the nature of the experience, but was genuinely appreciative that I would think of helping her.

To the skeptic, this story may not have much power, but that is surely why it would be beneficial to see the integration of these healing practises in an experimental setting. Perhaps, in the future we will begin to see experienced lucid dreamers practising Reiki on patients from afar. If the patients were to remain unaware of this influence, we could begin to study their health in order to see if these practises were indeed succesful. MeKenzie's experience demonstrates a case, in which this type of healing could be especially helpful:

In her lucid dream, MeKenzie found herself flying over a freeway. Deciding to expect a building with Reiki masters inside, she came to a tall building with a temple-like appearance.

"I enter the building and an elderly woman introduces me to two patients - one with cancer (brain tumor) and another one that just generally needs some healing. I tell her about my intention and that I wish to learn level one healing. She looks at me like a weirdo as if she wants to say, "You ALREADY know how!"

But instead, she changes the topic and talks about the importance of herbals and that people on the earth fail to recognize the simple medications without any unwanted side effects like it is with man-made medications.

Another gentleman comes and tells me that I need to help them to heal the same two patients the elderly woman introduced me to. Apparently, I have "unconditionally" and "special" healing energy.

He places his right hand on my head and places his left hand on the cancer patient while that elderly woman places her right hand on his shoulder and her left hand on other patient. "Focus your energy and we will do the rest. Do not worry," the male Reiki master says. I nod and then start to focus on my energy. All of a sudden, I experience a rush of energies through me. I start to cry, knowing that I am now directing the energy from the endless universe.

I look up and see their hands glowing in bright golden light. I can feel each individual energy and tell its origin, it is the weirdest encounter I ever had with the energies. I feel overwhelmed and the Reiki masters seem to know that I will wake up soon, so they say, "Until we meet again."

I am still channeling the energies even though I am not focusing on channeling them - as if they are on the automatic switch. I wake up, buzzing with the energies and I soon realize that I have two favorite's now: my "special" energy and the "water" energy.

MeKenzie's story impressed upon me, the sheer intensity of the experience. The dream seems to have uncovered through first-hand experience, awareness of the healing powers which so obviously belong to her. Not only this, but it demonstrates an area in which spiritual healing practises are particularly important; Illnesses and diseases for which we no medical cure. Stressing, once again the value of further study in this area. Hopefully this story, will inspire other dreamers to seek out similar experiences.


Knowledge of the use of dreams as a source of healing guidance and medicinal advice is especially valuable to our culture. Some of us are at first reluctant or embarrassed to see a doctor - perhaps due to concerns about privacy or the fees involved. Yet by listening to the sought-after or at times spontaneous advice of our dreams, we can open ourselves to an alternative source of wisdom within.

Once more of us begin to learn to place our trust in these dreams, we will begin to see a society in which their powers are solidly integrated into medicinal practise. For now, let's hope that our doctors take our dreams a little more seriously, the next time we visit.

If you're ever feeling concerned about your health, try asking your dreams for assistance - through the practise of dream incubation! Remember, it's free!

Stay tuned next moon for the results of our research from our 'Star Trek to Sirius'. In the meantime dreamers are invited to contact Nick (Explora), with their experiences of healing in dreams.

Email: explora@dreamofpeace.net


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