Electric Dreams

The Waves: 03
Star Trek to Sirius

Spectral Moon (May 02 to May 29, 2003)

Nick Cumbo

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Cumbo, Nick (2003 July). The Waves: 03. Star Trek to Sirius.
Spectral Moon (May 02 to May 29, 2003). Electric Dreams 10(7).

The Waves is a newsletter reporting on the explorations of the Sea Life community. Sea Life, the main web forum at Dreampeace, aims to bring together a circle of dreamers from around the globe, collaborating in dreaming adventures, and 'dreaming with and for the earth itself'

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This moon, we'll be looking at our dreams of Sirius, and the system's relevance to life on Earth; From ancient knowledge of the system to key themes that arose in our adventures. Furthermore, we'll be reporting on our dreams as a way of a communicating on a galactic or transdimensional level.

Sirius is over 20 times brighter than our Sun, and over ten times larger. In fact, it's the brightest star in our sky. It's probably drawn your attention many a time. First find the constellation Orion, and locate the three bright stars in a row which form Orion's Belt. Then follow an imaginary line through these stars to Sirius. It is situated in the jaws of the great dog, Canis major constellation - and is thus known as the Dog Star. Sirius A: Sothis is also known as the blue-white star.

This moon at Sea Life, we opened a new section of the forum 'Dreamspell', for discussion and dreams relating to the 13 Moon Calendar. In the first issue of The Waves, 'Dreaming Our Way to 2012', we touched very briefly on this topic, but failed to go into any significant level of detail. I was reminded of the important relationship the 13 Moon Calendar has to Sirius, in a recent dream, asking for guidance as to what to write in this issue.

Did you know that the moon circles the Earth 13 times in one year? Strangely, enough our global standard calendar doesn't correspond to one natural cycle. Instead, we have a 12 month calendar, made of months of unequal measure. Confusing, isn't it?

If you were to build a house, wouldn't you use a ruler of equal measure? Science, aims to model the world as best it can, yet we seem to have forgotten the science of time. Time, the atmosphere of the mind, a mentally perceived phenomenon, surely has a great impact on our day-to-day lives.

What if, we were to replace this irregular system, with one that was found to be inherent within nature itself. The 13 Moon Calendar is based around a simple system of 13 moons of 28 days each, followed by a 'Day Out of Time', for global celebration, universal forgiveness, and artistic expression.

It may sound radical but, in fact, such a reform was proposed by the League of Nations (forerunner of the United Nations) early in the 21st century, which considered three of 500 suggested entries. The 13 Moon, 28 Day calendar was by far the most popular - 98% of 1,300 businesses polled supported it. Unfortunately, the movement was met with strong resistance by the Vatican Church, and the project later distracted entirely by the outbreak of World War II.

"This is not the first time people have used the 13 Moon Calendar. The Druids, The Incan's, Ancient Egyptians, Mayans, and Polynesians all kept a 13 moon, 28 day count. The Lakota Indians based theirs on the keya, or turtle since the turtle has 13 scales on it's back. Modern science has even discovered that dolphins keep time with 13 sets of 28 grooves along their teeth."

One night, I decided to do a little dream incubation exercise, through visualisation of a magazine called "Shaman's Drum". The resulting dream gave me unexpected first hand experience of the phenomenon.

"I'm on a road, which leads up a hill to my home. At some point my perspective changes. I am able to experience perception, as though I am the Earth itself. I see a 3-dimensional vector, running up across the contours of the hill. I immediately become aware that the land itself is understood to be an illusion by the earth, but is also a kind of focusing device. I become aware that 13 senses or dimensions are accessible at any point along the vector.

It seems one is already selected. I see an image of a series of 13 tabs, and the name of the choice that is selected. Each of these has a unique energy attached to it, and I get to experience one selection for myself, within the dream. Afterwards, I am walking up the hill, and I get the feeling people are wondering how I could possibly hope to succeed in changing the calendar system."

Obviously, at this point I still felt a little uncomfortable with how people might react to my efforts to enhance people's awareness of the significance of the calendar system we use. However, I also felt a genuine belief in the importance of moving to this new system. I couldn't deny the wise words of Mahatma Gandhi, "one must be the change we wish to see in this world".

To literally resonate according to a standard of harmony, synchronized with the Moon, the Earth, the Sun, the Galaxy, is taking a conscious evolutionary step into what is called "galactic culture". This is where Sirius comes into the calendar. On July 26th of every year there is a heliacal rising of the star, Sirius (meaning it rises with the sun in the morning). The 13 Moon Calendar begins on this day, so it synchronizes with a galactic event that actually happens every solar year.

Reading through the messages from the World Dreams Peace Bridge, I was surprised to find that the dream of Jeremy's that gave birth to the magnificent Peace Train project, which now travels the world, occurred on July 26th 2002 (the new year). Using the Harmonic Module, a key component of the calendar, we can discover the unique energies attributed to this date: "Galactic Tone: 10. Planetary: Perfect, Produce, Manifestation", "Solar Seal: 09. Red Moon: Purifies Universal Water." Fitting, aren't they? Once you began writing down the events and feelings of each day, the energies at work pretty quickly make themselves evident.

Dallas had come about the Sea Life forum through the Planetary Art Network; a forum all about the 13 Moon Calendar. He could barely wait to dream about shooting himself out to Sirius:

"I had a dream that I was walking through what seemed to be a community center and it was crowded. There were people standing around talking and some laying on the floor napping. I was handing out 13 Moon Calendars with purple covers. I remember having the feeling that I wasn't going to be able to get many people to take these calendars and before long people started accepting them with no problem and in fact coming to me and asking for them."

Obviously, this wasn't just an ordinary community center Dallas had entered. It was a community of dreamers! His dream seemed to suggest, that despite all his initial concerns, it wouldn't be long before people would begin to recognise the value of the calendar system, and in fact begin to seek out knowledge about it.

We need to remember that "Time is the universal factor of synchronisation." In the words of Jacob, who's been working with the 13 Moon calendar movement, "To synchronise is to be within one's Time, like being on your game, feeling good, going with the flow." For some of you, the following information has been synchronised to reach you now:


The Dogon Tribes of Northern Africa, have maintained a system of knowledge about the Sirius Star System for over 5000 years. Without the aid of any advanced instruments, the Dogon have known that Sirius A: Sothis has an invisible companion. Their name for Sirius B, consists of the word for star, tolo, and po, the name of the smallest seed known to them.

"The Dogon claim it to be the smallest thing there is, yet also so heavy 'that all earthly beings cannot lift it'. The Dogon, thus attribute to the star it's three principal qualities as a white dwarf, it's smallness, heaviness, and whiteness. They go on to say that the star's orbit is elliptical, with Sirius A at one internal linkfocus of the ellipse, that the orbital period is 50 years (the actual figure is 50.04 plus or minus .09 years), and that the star rotates on its own axis."
(Robert Temple - The Sirius Mystery)

What makes this story all the more fascinating is that Sirius B was only discovered by the scientific community a mere 50 years ago! How did they do it? The Dogon say that their astronomical knowledge was given to them by the Nommos, amphibious beings sent to earth from the Sirius star system for the benefit of humankind. The name comes from a Dogon word meaning 'to make one drink'. This is part of their oral tradition, and they have even made paintings showing Sirius as a double star. Simply put, the Dogon have long made a practice of worshipping Sirius.


The Dogon claim that they learned of these things when they resided in the land of ancient Egypt, roughly 5000 years ago. Interestingly, the Ancient Egyptians also held Sirius to be of especially sacred significance.

Initially, I knew very little about this connection. It wasn't until information that I received, upon waking from an incubated dream, that I was stunned into researching it further. In my dream, I had been introduced to someone with a very unique name. Upon waking, my mind came together for a moment with what appeared to be a higher being. I could feel the presence of these thoughts, as though a page in a book.

Beginning with the words "Grandfather" and "Isis", it read like an invitation, "As you exist on the sixth level, you can certainly do more there than anywhere else". Though the page continued, I chose to wake, since I wanted to retain what little I had been told. Bewildered, I resumed my sleep.

The next dream seemed to make the meaning of the sixth level quite clear. I found myself walking up my driveway. Arranged along the driveway were a series of books, with titles like 'fourth level', 'fifth level', ascending until I reached the top. There was a certain feeling attached to noticing them there at my feet; a recognition that these 'levels' were states of mind which one could not simply understand by reading a book. In fact, the recognition came through with such clarity, that I was shocked into lucidity.

The next morning, I found to my amazement that to the Ancient Egyptians, Sirius was astronomically the foundation of their entire religious system. It was the star of Isis, sister and consort of the god Osiris, who appeared in the sky as Orion. Further, I discovered that their Grandfather went by the name of Ra (the sun god)

Though, I don't believe I managed to reach the 'sixth level', this short experience opened me to a much wider source of information about the system. In his wonderful article 'Dreaming Like An Egyptian', Robert Moss details the relationship between both the Egyptian's worship of Sirius, and their advanced conscious dreaming practises:

"The dream guides of ancient Egypt knew that the dream journey may take the traveler to the stars - specifically to Sothis or Sirius, the "moist land" believed by Egyptian initiates to be the source of higher consciousness, the destination of advanced souls after death, and the home of higher beings who take a close interest in Earth matters"

Another thing I'd noticed in my early attempts to visit Sirius in dreams, was the presence of a black dog. This of course seemed important, given the connection between Sirius' name as the 'Dog Star'. As it turned out, Anubis, most often portrayed by the Egyptians as a human figure with the head of a jackal or black dog, is in fact the watchdog of Sirius.

During the project, I began to use the image of 'Anubis' as a visual gateway for my own journeys to Sirius. In one experience, I was awoken by the middle of the night by vibrations which began at the top of my head. This was then followed by an announcement from above, by a female narrator, who advised me to 'Visualise a red and orange car". I was assured that using this technique, I'd have no need to worry about shady or creepy entities guarding the paths. It felt as though a special gateway to the star system had been set up. Unfortunately, once again, I was unsuccessful in my attempt to enter it.


Another theme that quickly became apparent in our adventures to Sirius, was the significance of a vibrant blue energy. From glowing blue clouds to Albert's dream of flying an X32 (a prototype spacecraft) with a blue belly and white top, the blue energy certainly seemed to make it's importance felt. It began with Kate's dream, in which she decided to visualise the words Sirius Star System on a piece of paper.

"First I dreamed about an object that had figured in my mundane life today; a blue propane cylinder with a gas cooking ring attached to the top. In the dream someone is showing me one of these, it turns out there were 2 when I thought there was only one. The one I am shown appears very sharply defined and is a very vivid blue. I comment to the person that it is a much improved model to the one I have in mundane life. Next I am walking up a hill, following 3 people from my ordinary peace group".

I was instantly reminded of an especially powerful dream from roughly a year ago, in which I'd received what I felt to be a very special transmission from the stars. Walking along a path, in the night sky, my attention had been suddenly drawn high up in the sky. There I saw a huge blue and white 'spaceship', which gave off a powerful ray of blue energy. The energy itself was so rich, that I had immediately been awoken into lucidity. Attached to the back of the spaceship, were the words '2012 it is their last superstar'. Upon focusing on this, I witnessed the message change to '2012 it is their next superstar'. The message seemed to be directed at all the people of Earth. The ship disappeared onto the horizon, and I was left with an incredibly overwhelming sense of hope.

With regards to the blue gas cooker, Kate added, "I thought if it was on and you turned it sideways it could symbolise a spaceship." This type of contact is perhaps best expressed by the words of Jimmy, a shaman whom I know online:

"Suppose, that communication on a galactic or transdimensional level was not physical and not based on radio or TV transmission, but was instead a mental or astral experience. To those of us who have the experience, this makes sense; but to researchers who do not, it's total BS. I do believe that galactic contact is of this type, and that shamans are traditionally the people chosen to communicate beyond this world, with real beings in other worlds and times, in the shamanic ways.

Suppose then, that instead of creating cover memories we are instead using natural human methods to try to confront and understand a strange experience of contact. This contact is with energy, in astral terms or even in other terms, and because of the way our minds work we tend to interpret this energy visually. We see strange things and we know they are not precisely accurate, but behind those visualizations is only something strange and new, and not something terrible. We simply haven't seen it before so we give it shape that is new and different."

In a later dream, I was shown a picture, with a large black background, that I assumed to represent outer space. "There is a whole area with these colourful orange bead like shapes - which seem to represent other stars. On the right I am directed to another area. I am told this is what lies "beyond the known universe". The shapes I see on this part of the page were of a vibrant blue colour." I felt that by the 'known universe', my helper was referring to our physical reality. It seemed to suggest that our experiences, related to an intelligence present in a deeper reality.

As those interested in the Mayan calendar might know, the years surrounding 2012 were believed to be a time of global change. 2012, the end of a 5125-year cycle of time, signified to the Maya, the birth of a new world. However, it wasn't until very recently that the meaning to my dream could be further decoded. By chance, I'd ventured into a trash and treasure shop in a small town, while on holiday. Noticing a friend rifling through the record collection, I decided to have a look myself. And there was the connection, a record labelled "Jesus Christ: Superstar". I've never followed any specific religion, but I couldn't help feeling that therein lay the hidden meaning to my dream of 2012.

Interestingly, the star itself is well known for it's blue-white appearance. Furthermore, the Hopi name for Sirius is 'Blue Star Kachina'. An ancient Hopi Indian prophecy states, "When the Blue Star Kachina makes its appearance in the heavens, the Fifth World will emerge".


Blue energy wasn't the only important them to arise from our adventures to Sirius. The first sign came with a conscious dream from Mekenzie.

"I look up at the sky. It's night-time and the sky shows a lot of galaxies and planets. It looks so cool. Also there are strange glowing blue clouds with only one openingā a triangle-shaped opening. "Guides, I ask you to allow me to do the project," I ask mentally. Suddenly the triangle-shaped opening moves toward me, opening a warp-like tunnel toward me so I start to fly. All of a sudden, WHOOSH! I'm moving at an extreme speed. "WHOOOOOOAAA!" I think as I let the warp-like tunnel to guide me. I feel the winds against me and I become a light traveling faster than light. My vision, unfortunately, starts to fade into hypnogogic-like imagery, but I still can feel everything vividly. I feel myself hitting the black holeā the end of the warp tunnel. I sense that I'm there in the "dog" system."

Unfortunately, Mekenzie's dream didn't remain stable, and eventually she ended up waking. What makes this interesting however, is that the Dogon believed the Nommos (the intelligent beings who provided them with information on Sirius) to have arrived in a ship with three legs. In combination with Mekenzies description of triangular-shaped opening, it seems to reference the number three.

The next night, I went to sleep thinking about this connection. In a light meditative state, I began to visualise the 'triangular gateway' to assist in my dream incubation. Slipping into a light trance, I suddenly received the impression that the triangular gateway and the design of the pyramids were in fact connected. This was made obvious by the instantaneous emerge of a cross-sectional view of the pyramids. The next morning, I woke up, and began chatting about this event to Mekenzie. She seemed very surprised. Though, we're on different sides of the earth, she had witnessed exactly the same thing, as she lay awake about 12 hours earlier. Eager to discover more about this phenomenom, I was happily surprised to find an internet resource with information about the Winter Triangle:

"Sirius is also connected to two other stars, Procyon, in Canis Minor and Betelguese, in Orion. These stars represent a triangular gateway, the ancients referred to as Heaven's Gate (not the cult, and was thought to be the place where souls enter this dimensional reality). According to The Pleiadian Agenda, by Barbara Hand Clow, "Sirius holds the 6th Dimensional geometrical light body of Earth in form." The book further indicates that the ancient Egyptians came from Sirius teaching temple technology to earthlings for the express purpose of also teaching us about sacred geometry. She goes onto describe the Sirians as "magnificent feline gods" responsible for building the Great Pyramid and Sphinx as geometric portals to the stars. These portals have been primarily dormant for a long time. However, several major Celestial events over the past several years alert us to the reactivation of these portals."
(Shamanic Astrology)

Meanwhile, Mekenzie had another conscious dream to report:

"I see a strangely glowing dark-blue landscape so I glide down and land. I look around, seeing how humanoids (they looks exactly like humans, but their aura and everything is different somehow) are working together to make an obstacle for someone. Perhaps a game? I walk around, noticing that they're staring at me. I try to pretend not to notice. All of a sudden, I get a vivid painful burning sensation on my right palm. I scream in pain while I look at my palm and there is a new scar shaped like a triangle. When the burning sensation fades out, it is very sensitive to touch. I realize that I'm supposed to do the Sirius project, but I get a bit annoyed by this scar so I try to heal it by focusing my green energy toward it. All I can do is making a green lightening coming out from my left hand. No matter how hard I try, I can't seem to make my scar disappear. Suddenly, I thought, "Maybe there is a higher being trying to tell me something?"

Awaking from a series of dreams after these earlier events, I found imprinted into my mind the knowledge of a similar triangle to be found here on Earth. I immediately understood one of these points to be a mountain. It also appeared that these three points were to be found in North America, and in some way correlated to the individual stars of the Winter Triangle. Hopefully we can discover more about this 'triangle' as time passes.


In many of my journeys, I was very interested to explore knowledge of intelligent life connected with Sirius. Though I understand that it tends to discredit those who mention such experiences, I thought I would go on and do it anyway, in the hope that is of value to somebody out there.

I'll begin with a dream in which I found myself on a train, which followed the path of a river:

"I'm looking out through the window, and see two Aboriginal boys walking along the riverbank. They seem to be going off to school. I see the older brother, perhaps of 7-8 years old, helping his younger brother along. They look really cute together. I see them climbing up a wall, and just as they are about to edge over it, I seem to continue their ascent. I feel vibrations echoicing through my head, reminding me of my physical body, but I'm now lucid.

I climb higher into the sky, moving with the vibrations, I announce my intent, saying something like "I wanna meet Sirian intelligences" - hoping to meet beings from another star system. I feel myself emerging from blackness into a new scene, where I find myself atop a computer desk-chair, bobbing in the water. I'm in a kind of rectangular tank. Everything's still a bit blurry, and I'm trying to find someone to speak to. I see letters roll out through the darkness, one by one, reading 'Dictionary'.

I initially assume this to mean that what I'm saying is not being understood, by anyone around me. I decide to venture out through the murky waters, noticing other computer chairs in the water too. I'm even a little scared, since I'm concerned that some creature could leap out from below. It's a bit eery. Then the dream starts fading."

Upon waking from the dream, I was left with an impression that the tank itself was very similar to my initial dream of the 'Sea Life' forum, in which I'd seen sea life mutating and evolving in a tank. It occurred to me that perhaps the word 'dictionary' was an indication, that the scene was quite symbolic in it's appearance. Was this dream suggesting that 'Sirian Intelligence' is already present at the Sea Life forum? It seemed so. After all, our members probably would spend a significant amount of their time on computer chairs communicating online.

I wasn't only the one who started dreaming of similar themes. Albert, a member of my personal dream team, reported on his own experience:

"There is this book in my hands, and I turn the pages. I know it is about aliens and I don't want to look through it. I see a diagram of a person and an alien superimposed, but it's a simple stroke of a paintbrush representing a person's back and arm extended, while the aliens' is a limb extending from below in another color. I get the information that our (genetic?) makeup can be found in some distant star system. It then explains how aliens originally came down, and I see a picture of some small spaceship landing out near a forest, but one of 'our antennas' changed frequency and 'immobilized' the ship on earth (causing the aliens to retreat I think). The change of frequency was just a person standing out near a field."

Finally we had Mekenzie's experience, which read alot like an amazing sci-fi story. Finding herself on a snow mountain, Mekenzie was soon reminded of her goal:

""Will you, my guide or whoever, draw the triangle for me so I can stand on it in order to be transported to Sirius or Sirius-related places?" To my surprise, a young girl walks over and then draws the triangle in the snow. "I could have done that myself if I had thought of that." I think while I watch her walking away as if nothing has happened. "Umm" I think, just shoving it off and walking into the drawn triangle. I look up into the sky and announce, "May the triangle take me to where it wants me to be!" Nothing happens. I look around patiently, having a lot of faith in the drawn triangle that I'm standing on.

Suddenly, I pass out, finding myself in the spacecraft. I'm the driver. I inspect what I feel is the earth way before we, humans, were born. I see a lot of high-technology buildings being destroyed because there is a HUGE war going on between the 'aliens' and the first generation humans (super humans). I continue to steer, trying to find out more about it because it's really unexpected.

I arrive at the huge camping ground that is the aliens' side. I enter, noticing that there are many guards there so I tell them, "I come in peace." To my surprise, they trust me. I meet the Queen. Their faces are painted in green and purple colors. They appear like humans, but I have a feeling that they're doing that to confuse the super humans because they don't know that the 'aliens' are actually aliens who are trying to help them. Anyway, the Queen asks me about my intention and why I am here. I tell her that I am attempting to learn more about Sirius and that I ended up being here. I promise her that I come in peace. In fact, I offer to do the swearing ritual (I don't know how I already knew about it) so they'll be assured that I come in peace.

The Queen agrees and a guard handles me the sword. I have to do the sword in the order of left, middle, and then right while I state, "I come in peace, I swear." After I do that part, I am to walk on the broken gems (you can compare it to glass) and coals except that they're not like coals that we have now. I walk and then I approach the hive with angry bees, yet they don't bite me. I finish my ritual and it appears that the Queen has already been killed by one of the super humans. The guards are looking at me in a weird way like they're trying to decide if I should be a leader. I'm like, "No, don't look at ME!" The dream eventually blurs into nothing.

Well it's nice to know that the 'aliens' insisted on peace in any case. While I certainly can't confirm any of the details offered by any of our dreams, I find it very interesting that all three seemed to relate that humans did in fact have a connection to Sirian intelligence.

However, our experiences appear to have raised more questions, than they answered. My hope is merely that they can act as a small piece of the puzzle, for those interested in exploring the Sirius mystery further. Rather than assuming that 'alien' cultures will only communicate to us through our known physical methods, let us consider for a moment, that they may use a means not as well recognised, yet equally accessible; our very own minds.

Stay tuned next moon for the results of our research from our 'Journey to Mt Shasta'. In the meantime dreamers are invited to contact Nick (Explora), with their dream experiences of any of the themes mentioned in this piece. We're always looking for new people to join us in our adventures, so if it sounds like fun, please consider the offer.

Email: explora@dreamofpeace.net
Forum: http://www.dreamofpeace.net/sealife