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Nightmares Fuel My Art

J. Myztico Campo

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Campo, J. Myztico (2006 October). Nightmares Fuel My Art. Electric Dreams 13(10).

The dream world of nightmares has been fascinating me since I was a child of five. Some of my earliest recollections of these nightmares were a recurring dream of being in a very exotic lost land with some of the most magnificent plants I had ever seen. I would wander this land and witness incredible natural beauty. But then it would turn dark and I would be chased by man eating prehistoric creatures most notably a T-Rex. I would run for dear life until suddenly I would find myself at the very edge of a cliff and I had to decide my fate quickly. Would I prefer to take a chance at survival and jump off the cliff or face being eaten alive by a very hungry T-Rex. I would always choose to jump off the cliff always waking up or shifting into another dream before I hit the ground. These childhood dreams inspired me to draw T-rex and other nightmarish creatures on blackboards at school.

Fast forward to my adult years as nightmares became more of a source of constant inspiration artistically. They serve as portals into the imagination of fear, shining a light onto the dark corners of the psyche. Exposing parts of oneself that one may need to confront during their waking lives. We are living during a time in history that governments and the media collectively use to exploit the sense of fear to project onto the masses a sense of insecurity. To give us the illusion that the only way that we as a society can be safe from all of the “evil” surrounding us is by allowing governments to continue eroding our rights and pry deeper into our private affairs. When in effect in my humble opinion I instinctly sense that these governmental entities are not only staging many of the events that are sensationalized in screaming headlines but are reaping the rewards that come with more control of the masses. This to me is like a recurring nightmare that we as humanity must be aware of and ultimately wake up to, otherwise the nightmare will progressively get more sinister and we as sentient beings will only become institutionalized numbers and chattel for the wealthy to do with as they see fit.

On the cover of this months issue of Electric Dreams my painting "Secret Hand" (see "Secret Hand") is based on a recent nightmare of a secret society of bankers and militaristic men hell bent on governing the world with their influx of debit based currency and death dealing devices creating their nightmarish agenda upon humanity to only benefit their secret society. The hand is symbolic of behind the scenes deal making, pacts with the devil selling out their souls for temporary earthly gain of wealth, power and control. I am currently working on a series of hand gesture art that will help me manifest humanities need to openly communicate in a more productive and creative way to help benefit all and not just a few... We can all evolve quicker and more effectively without these secret societies obstructing the intellectual and spiritual evolution of humankind. Let us all end this NIGHTMARE...

About the Artist; J. Myztico Campo is a Cuban born, NYC raised self taught Visionary Surrealist whose work has been displayed in various galleries in the U.S. He has a variety of creative passions besides painting that involves music, filmmaking, murals, poetry & photography. To see and hear more of Myztico’s work visit his website: http://myztico.mosaicglobe.com