Electric Dreams

Dream Time and Art

J. Myztico Campo

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Campo, J. Myztico (2006 November). Dream Time and Art. Electric Dreams 13(11).

"To live is to Dream, to die is to Awaken", this thought has always fascinated me for as long as I can remember. As a child my dreams were very vivid, full of prehistoric creatures, vivid past life recollections, flying dreams all in vivid colors. These dreams fuelled most of my waking imagination and my creative process was informed from these surreal images. I remember as I grew older my dreams became more lucid, things were happening in my dreams that later appeared in my waking life on a rather consistent basis. Some may call these Dj vu, to me it seemed like these dreams were trying to show me glimpses of the future before it actually happened which I found rather eerie yet completely mind boggling.

As I got deeper into the creative process that included painting, music, filmmaking and writing, dreams continued to be a major source of inspiration and influence on my waking life. At times I preferred the dream state than the waking state of mind. In the dream world possibilities are endless where as in the waking state there are so many restrictions placed upon us by questionable governments, societies, organized religions and expectations as to where we should be within our aging timelines.

A lot of my art work (about 90%) arises from visions I witness during my dreamtimes. I always pay close attention to my dreams. Some are much more vivid than others as I try to be as lucid as possible during them. In the particular case of "Enlightment Garden" that appears in this months Electric Dreams cover I had this vision during a particularly vivid dream. I was walking in an incredible garden where the trees were whispering conversations to each other. As they carried on with their conversations the trunks of the trees were turning into these stunning stained glass mosaics. Blooming from their branches were these stunning purple hearts and scattered eternal flames burning intensely. A further walk through this garden led me to an interdimensional portal that transcended time, space and the material world. I was greeted by 2 intensely glowing spirits whom communicated with me telepathically.

They told me that our "so-called world leaders" were drawing humanity closer to the end of times unnecessarily. Due mostly to ignorance, greed and the need to control the masses under a dark cloud of deceptions. If humanity was to evolve over the next 100 years we the people of this world need to place extra close attention to the way we are being governed. I remember asking them what would be the best non-violent manner in which to create these changes to affect positive change for our world. The answer was surprisingly simple yet rang so true. They said humanity needs to "AWAKEN" from a long slumber caused by mass brain washing and historical deceptions. To realize we are purposely distracted daily by outer influences that keep us away from our true evolutionary potentials therefore keeping all of us oppressed by a minority few.

With that said these spirits embraced me and then proceeded to walk through the portal hand in hand until they assimilated and became one with eternal space. The portal imploded, the garden morphed into a ravaged war torn city with body parts strewn all over wreckage of what once were homes and businesses. A crying child with half a torso crawled toward me shedding tears of blood and said, "Will we ever have PEACE?"... I woke up in tears, sketched out the garden scene on a pad and proceeded to paint the dream that very day.

About the Artist; J. Myztico Campo is a Cuban born, NYC raised self taught Visionary Surrealist whose work has been displayed in various galleries in the U.S. He has a variety of creative passions besides painting that involves music, filmmaking, murals, poetry & photography. To see and hear more of Myzticos work visit his website: http://myztico.mosaicglobe.com