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Dreams and Intuition

Marcia Emery, Ph.D.

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Emery, Marcia, Ph.D. (2006 June). Dreams and Intuition. Electric Dreams 13(6).

Dreams can be a very important source of intuitive guidance. They often provide a preview of upcoming events and advise you as to what step to take next. Often I don't hear my intuitive voice during the day, but rather in the still of the night, when I am receptive. Then my intuitive voice may speak through a dream to provide direction, guidance or a warning. A dream can put me in direct touch with my subconscious, the source of intuitive wisdom and home of my inner physician. The relationship of dreams and the intuitive mind has always fascinated me. I'll never forget a story I heard at a dream conference in Virginia Beach. A woman with stomach cancer had exhausted all the traditional remedies. One night during a dream, she was visited by a long-deceased uncle who came to give her a healing remedy for her cancer. He simply said, "Eat a can of hearts of palm for the next thirty days." The woman was amused and bewildered, as she had never even heard of hearts of palm. However, she followed her dead uncle's advice and astounded everyone thirty days later, when her cancerous condition slipped into remission.

Here's an example of how my inner physician alerted me to a potential crisis through my dreams. I dreamed that a doctor gave me a diagnosis of cancer. In my dream I was astounded by the cancer pronouncement, and I called the doctor a fake and quack for trying to make me believe I had this dreadful disease. Months after the dream, I made an appointment with a skin doctor to have him a red bump on my nose examined. As I lay on the table, I felt a surge of pain in my nose from a deep incision. I looked up to see the doctor sewing my nose with a needle and thread. I was appalled! After all, I had just come for an opinion about the bump. The doctor explained that he needed to cut a piece out of my nose for a biopsy to ascertain if I had skin cancer. He was already convinced I had it, and urged me to prepare myself for a series of cancer treatments.
My head was spinning. Then I recalled my dream and realized his pronouncement mirrored the dream scenario, suggesting to me that this doctor's claim was erroneous. As it turned out, the bump was benign, yet the doctor insisted I have the series of cancer treatments anyway. My intuitive mind told me the doctor was wrong. Guided by my inner physician, I refused the treatments despite the doctor's recommendations. Weeks later, I received a second opinion from another doctor who gave me a clean bill of health. This dream alert from my intuitive mind foreshadowed the first doctors fraudulent diagnosis, and prepared me to choose wisely in the face of misguided medical authority. And it brought home an important lesson: no matter what any "outer" doctor says, get a second opinion from your inner physician.

Here's another example about intuition and healing dreams from Nancy, a woman in mid-life, who recently had her uterus and ovaries removed after doctors spotted a cancerous growth in that area. Still alert to any vestiges of cancer returning, the doctors kept Nancy under strict observation. This vigil was enough to agitate anyone, but Nancy managed to calm herself after her inner physician came to her in a dream in which she received a gift certificate for a tank of gas. In her dream, she drove over a hill, and at the bottom on the other side, noticed her gas tank was empty. She filled up the tank in the nick of time. The meaning was obvious and reassuring to her. She literally felt like she was "over the hill" with her health crisis and was once again going through life with a "full tank."

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Marcia Emery, Ph.D., has pioneered applied intuition practices for decades and has developed intuition-enhancing techniques based on her many years of experience as a psychologist, intuitive consultant, college lecturer, and media personality. Marcia was one of the three dream experts on the Dream Decoders miniseries which aired on The Discovery Health Channel last November. Her website is www.drmarciaemery.com