Electric Dreams

An Excerpt From The Lucid Dream Exchange

First Lucid Dreams

Lucy Gillis

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Gillis, Lucy (2003 May). An Excerpt From The Lucid Dream Exchange: First Lucid Dreams.
Electric Dreams 10(5).

Here is a selection of lucid dreams from our readers - their first lucids for 2003.

Lucid Fire Warning
January 2 2003

I dreamt I was at my parent's house in New York, sleeping on the basement floor. My mother came down and was puttering around talking to me. I was annoyed that she was disturbing me when I didn't have to get up yet. I thought it seemed odd to me that if she was up and around I didn't have to be yet.

She's wearing white slacks and that tan and white striped cotton shirt she used to have. I think I get up for a minute then go back to "bed". She asks me questions like, "Why haven't you washed that?" referring to the muddy throw rug I'm sleeping on and, "Is that my green sheet?" I say crossly, "Stop asking me rhetorical questions when I'm trying to sleep!" Looking at the motley assortment of bathmats and throw rugs and scraps that I'm using as a bed, she says sadly, "I wanted so much more for you." I want to tell her it's perfectly comfortable. She goes about her work and I settle down to sleep. Then I realize I already am asleep and that this is a lucid dream. For a moment I think, I'm lucid, what should I do? Should I do something sexual?" but what I really want to do is continue this dream. I say to my mother, "Mom, I'm dreaming."

She understands what I mean and says thoughtfully, "You know, I had a dream last night about you. I dreamt that Jacoby Hall caught fire and the library burned down." (I consider telling her that these are two separate buildings but don't want to interrupt.) She says she went back to the office for some paperwork she had to do - referring here to her school campus, not mine.

I say, "Would you do something?"
"Tell another person my dream?" she asks.
I'm surprised she's thought of this. "That too, but write it down. I've never had a dream come true like that... well, sort of..." I trail off, thinking that I've had a lot of precognitive details come true. She considers, "Who knows? With a holy dream like that."
I'm startled by her use of the word "holy", I didn't realize that she considered the dream to be of divine origin.
She says, "I want you to do something for me. Unhook your dryer at 3 o'clock on Wednesday."
"3 o'clock on Wednesday?"
"3 o'clock on Wednesday."
"My time or yours?"
"By unhook the dryer you mean unplug?"
"Well, you know." She makes vague gestures with her hands. She says something about "Your father and your brother may also be at risk," which I take to mean the dream may be about them and not me.

Even as I'm having this dream I'm surprised at how clear it is, the stability of the lucidity, and the absolute clarity of my awareness and thinking. Not all the details are right - early in the dream my mother behaves differently than my real mother would (nor would I be sleeping on the basement floor for that matter). At the end of the dream I see the phone and the wall plate is a different color than the phone, which doesn't strike me as incongruous. But the quality of my thinking is as clear as waking.

Karl B.
January 8 2003

I go down the hall to Roger's office and work at a cubicle. Roger falls asleep. I get up to leave, and I suddenly realize I'm dreaming. I go to the wall. I realize that since this is a dream, there might be a secret door in the wall. The wall swings open, and I go into a passageway filled with bright light. But I wind up back in the office. I guess I'm supposed to be here. Now my body begins to faint, although I'm still conscious and lucid. My body falls backward, but very slowly and gently. I lie on the floor, unable to move, and I gradually lose lucidity.

Rich Stammler
January 26 2003

Sandi and I are trying to get somewhere when we come upon a pond, or a stream that had a pond in it. I am aware there are fish in the stream and pond. (Water in my dreams always represents the unconscious or inner reality; fish represent inner ideas and goals. I have had past dreams where I pick up Japanese brown carp as large as puppy dogs and hold them over my arm while stroking them. I have also offered to share the fish with other members of the family and some have refused to hold them.)

I see the water level is at our eye level but is totally transparent. There are fish in the stream and, at one point in the dream, we see fish, not swimming but moving along at about eye level. The fish have large bodies like ornamental goldfish and tail fins that equal or double the length of the body. The fish are at eye level and are iridescent. The tail fins are totally translucent with small color patches that are translucent but at the same time very bright colors. The fish are colorful, transparent, and stunningly beautiful, magical.

Then Sandi and I are carrying some boxes with files, trying to go somewhere. We end up in this field and I am aware of people on the periphery who are hunting or something like that. I get the feeling they are what is pejoratively called rednecks or hillbillies. I didn't want them to see us, but they come directly toward us. They are upset we are there as if we are trespassing.

I then look down while one of them is yelling irately and I see a female with her feet not touching the ground, levitating. (I became lucid at that point but it is not what I think of as full lucidity. I'm beginning to realize that there are many shades of lucidity.) I tell Sandi "It's OK. We don't have to worry about them, they are dream characters." They then disappear.

We continue to where we have to go. I talk about the best way to launch, to fly astraly, to make the trip faster, and Don, a colleague from work appears. [Don is a very conservative, traditional southern gentleman.] There was weather here for the first time and dirt and kind of a cliff on the other side. I tell Don that what I need to do is jump off the cliff and then we will fly.

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