Electric Dreams

An Excerpt From The Lucid Dream Exchange

Tips and Techniques

Lucy Gillis

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Gillis, Lucy (2003 March). An Excerpt From The Lucid Dream Exchange: Tips and Techniques. Electric Dreams 10(3).

The Lucid Dream Exchange is pleased to announce a new reader-supported feature called "Tips and Techniques" where readers can help fellow lucid dreamers by sharing their tips and advice; from how to induce lucid dreams, to how to achieve specific goals in lucid dreams. Below is a "sneak preview" of this feature in the up coming issue, LDE number 26.


Beginner Lucid Dreamers

Near Misses. If you are trying to have a lucid dream, make note of your lucid dream "near misses." What's a lucid dream near miss? These are the dreams in which you speak or think about lucid dreaming to yourself or other dream characters. For example, you may have a dream in which you are reading a book on lucid dreams, or talking to a friend about lucid dreams. You may even say to yourself in the dream, "This reminds me of a dream" without becoming lucid and aware! Whatever the case, don't despair! These "near misses" suggest that you are making real progress in achieving lucidity. It indicates that your inner self has picked up on your waking interest in lucid dreaming. So keep trying! And pay attention to those near misses. They can show you where you need greater critical awareness.

Intermediate Lucid Dreamers

Lucid Trifecta. So, you wake up at 5 am, and can recall a lucid dream, and make notes in your dream journal - great! But don't stop there --- in my experience, once you have had one lucid dream in a night, the conditions are right to have two or three lucid dreams that same night. So write down your lucid dream, and think about a goal that you could have achieved with a little bit more awareness in that lucid dream, and then intend to have another lucid dream! Experience has taught me that when the conditions are right, keep going -- the probability of success is high.

Advanced Lucid Dreamers

Next Level. So, you are once again lucid. That's great. But this time, instead of flying, having an intimate rendezvous, or interacting with dream characters, announce to the dream that you want to go to "The Next Level." See what happens. In my experience, the lucid dream makes a complete shift on a number of levels. But, see for yourself. And, if you would, send your experiences to the Lucid Dream Exchange.

The above Tips and Techniques are courtesy of Robert Waggoner.

Paying attention to, and taking advantage of "dream signals" is another way to trigger lucid dreaming. With practice you can learn to easily recognize your own personal dream signs, as C.S. does:

Excerpted from C.S.'s dream:


"I woke up twice previously but was too tired to recall my dreams. . . I suggested "I want to have a lucid dream, and will have a lucid dream." Immediately:

Energy flowed around me (my lucid sign), mostly at my sides, down around my feet and around my head. The noise associated with it, at this time, was low. I felt really happy so I sang a fast, joyous song."

Some lucid dreamers have their own "tricks of the trade" when it comes to maneuvering within a lucid dream. For example, if you experience difficulty in flying to distant locations you may want to try what Katie does:

Excerpted from Katie's dream:

". . . I spy a cluster of buildings, dominated by a pointy one, both off in the distance and higher up in the air. I do my trick where I determine a spot and arrive at it rather than physically fly (as I'd been doing earlier, flap flap like a bird straight up). I do this in short increments rather than all at once."

If you have any tips, tricks, techniques, or suggestions you'd like to share we'd love to hear from you!

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