Electric Dreams

An Excerpt From The Lucid Dream Exchange

Lucy Gillis

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Gillis, Lucy (2003 June). An Excerpt From The Lucid Dream Exchange. Electric Dreams 10(6).

Welcome to the Dream C.A.G.E.! where we feature Challenges, Aims, Goals, and Experiments. Many lucid dreamers enjoy experimenting in the lucid dream state and devise goals or experiments to perform when lucid, by employing various dream incubation techniques. However, sometimes an idea will come to the dreamer while he or she is within the dream. So, with no pre-planing necessary, the dreamer proceeds to experiment.

Below is a sampling of dreams from the C.A.G.E.; one pre-planned and two which seem to be initiated from within the dream state.

Craig Webb
Lucid experiment: can I stop breathing? + mirror
Date: 2002-3-17

Incubation: I would like to try a lucid experiment to see if (a) I breathe in the dream, (b) I need to breathe in dreams.

Coming through the kitchen at my childhood home, I suddenly realize that I might be dreaming, though the scene seems so true to waking life that I can't seem to believe it. The dishwasher is in the middle of the floor there and so I leap over it to see, though I'm a little hesitant in case I come crashing down on the other side. No problem. I float nicely and feel so amazed. I bob around a bit.

I remember the experiment I wanted to try, and look how real the whole room feels. Amazing! I feel that I am indeed breathing and that it's connected with my sleeping body in bed, so I'm too nervous to see if I can stop it. I do however run my finger along the floor and feel its smooth finish ever so clearly. Amazing.

The hall mirror catches my attention and so I head over to really look at myself and see what I look like. I can see myself clearly from far away and I do indeed look like me, but as I near and try to look at my face close up, the eyes seem to be covered with this fog or mist on the mirror, no matter where I move. My nose seems larger than it should be with pronounced blackheads also. Odd. I turn my head sideways and the nose is still the same and I still can't see the eyes. Very interesting. I slowly awaken or shift into another dream.

Robert Waggoner
Mirror of Reincarnated Selves
January 29-30 2003

I believe earlier in the dream I was talking with Donald L. about his new position; he states that he wants to quit doing any work on his old position and devote himself entirely to the new one. I wonder if that will work.

I go into a room, and prepare to leave for a trip. There's a very large and complicated stereo system, which I turn off -- but it has three 'off' buttons for the various components. I get them turned off and head down the stairs. As I turn through the first room, there is a shapely young blonde in a royal blue dress at a school desk, who catches my eye. I turn, and it occurs to me, "This is a dream!"

For a moment, I get that amorous feeling, and begin to take off the gloves I'm wearing. I decide to ignore the feeling. I turn and start heading for the doorway, when I notice a blackboard-size mirror to my left. I stop and look at it, wondering how I look in this dream. It is a bit fuzzy, so I decide to use this mirror to learn about past reincarnational selves. I say, "Show me past reincarnations of my self!" As I finish, two faces begin to emerge on the mirror; both in their 30's. The one on the right is a man with brown hair and a full beard - he looks directly at me and seems to be quite full of energy. To guess, I would say he is Spanish. The man on the left comes through, but he seems less energetic looking. He is balding and has very thin blonde hair on his more rounded, pale, face. I mentally encourage myself to remember these faces completely. I wonder if the pale face guy is a younger version of the "Dutch" man that I had seen in a previous lucid dream.

A third face is coming through on the far left, but it seems as if it is having a problem becoming concrete or focused. It fades away. I go back to the woman in blue, and ask her a question (I believe I ask her if she would like to see past reincarnation selves). I begin to take off my gloves again. She responds, but the dream is slipping away. I wake.

(Note: The first face of the man with the beard seemed familiar. I believe his face is the one I saw in a lucid dream about 10 years ago in which "I" was sitting in a large ornate wooden chair that had a triangular mirror at the top. When I stopped and looked in the mirror, I was very surprised to see this bearded young man looking back at me. I had the feeling that he was involved in the church, somehow. He was pretty intense.

The second man looks quite a bit like a dream character that I have seen in normal and lucid dreams. I feel like he is a Dutch trader - much more sedate and contemplative, and balding! In a future dream, I hope to engage these characters in conversation and ask them questions.)

January 15 2003

I had a long dream about Maureen; some kind of hostility or threat that I eventually got away from. Then I'm looking at a window and it comes to me that it's a dream. I put my arm through the window to test it, yes, I'm dreaming. Delighted, I fly through. I fly over to my parent's house, there's a group of people standing around by the crabapple tree, maybe an impromptu party of family and neighbors. I tell them I'm dreaming and try to decide what to do.

I decide to die and ask for their help. We try hanging me from the crapapple tree but the limb is rotten and gives way. Mom tries whacking me over the head with a glass bottle but that doesn't work. I think it's Dad that comes up with the idea of carbon monoxide poisoning. We do the car in the garage with a hose in the tailpipe trick. It's a big old beige station wagon like we had when I was a kid. I lie down and wait, and eventually, deliciously, get sleepy and floaty.

I float up into the air in ecstasy; the clouds are a very big part of this, the beauty of them, soft fleecy transparent ones. I come to Heaven and float around enjoying the beauty. Lots of very tall buildings, like sandstone with dark green trim, but they're spaced far enough apart that everything is light and airy.

I'm enjoying this a lot but decide I'd like to see God. I spy a cluster of buildings, dominated by a pointy one, both off in the distance and higher up in the air. I do my trick where I determine a spot and arrive at it rather than physically fly (as I'd been doing earlier, flap-flap like a bird straight up). I do this in short increments rather than all at once.

Everything's bright and sunny. There's people around like a campus. At regular intervals on either side of the path are these translucent orange hemispheres about the size of an orange half. I ask no one in particular, "What are those?" and a man walking by answers me, naming some kind of food, and a woman coming the other way says, "String cheese", so I take it that they're food that tastes like whatever you want it to (manna?). The spacing of them and the size of them is just irregular enough to indicate that they're handmade and also set out by hand. I bite into one - it tastes like it looks, like a kind of orange-flavored, gelatin candy.

There's a lot of pigeons around too, the sun making their neck feathers glint green and purple. "All these pigeons and no bird shit," I say to myself, "this must be heaven!" I go in the pointy building. There's a huge set of double doors, unornamented but in a pretty wood like cherry.

I push through these and get to another, and another, and another, one of those annoying dream blocks I get when lucid. I break this by a verbal announcement that I want to get past, I think, and stepped up determination to get on with the dream.

I come to a corridor that goes off to my right; immediately off of this there's a large room with a lot of people around a table who stop what they're doing and look up at me in surprise. I say, "I'm new, where do I go to, uh, check in?" They tell me to go on down the hall. I think I'm calling for God, then I hear God calling, "Katie, is that you? Where are you?" A little wandering around while the voice wanders too trying to meet up, ending up back near the conference room, whereupon I meet God, who is an infant Asian boy with gross motor disabilities. Either he's got deformed arms and legs, or else can't use them (he's in a one-piece red romper).

But what he can do, and does several times, is somehow use his muscles to spin in a complete circle so that he begins lying face up and ends lying face up, spinning around a vertical axis (parallel to floor). He's grinning and cheerful flipping himself around. I'm under-whelmed. I say to a bearded old man in a blue turban, "That's God?" Seeming alarmed that I'm not impressed, he offers me kits to make other Gods, Buddhist or Hindu, presumably whatever. The kits have sparkly beads and so on, arts and crafts kinds of things.

"So what you're trying to say," I summarized, "is that we make our own gods. In other words we are God." (My brother has been talking a lot about this perspective in real life lately and gave me a book to read on it, which I haven't started.) I was kind of bored and annoyed and disappointed and that's where the dream ended.

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