Electric Dreams

An Excerpt From The Lucid Dream Exchange

Lucy Gillis

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Gillis, Lucy (2003 February). An Excerpt From The Lucid Dream Exchange. Electric Dreams 10(2).

We feature all types of lucid dreams in the LDE, but we also like to set aside some room for particular dream themes. Below is a selection from readers who shared their techniques and experiences with the current theme, Flying Lucid Dreams.

Robert Waggoner, Many Kinds of Flying....
August 5-6 02

(Note: There has been some research done on the sensation of rocking and its effect on the vestibular system and a subsequent increase in lucid dreaming. At the beginning of this dream, please note that the "rocking" is occurring "in" the dream and then leads to lucidity. I have noticed this in many of my lucid dreams. It may suggest that as far as our vestibular system is concerned, "mental rocking is just as good as physical rocking". So the next time you want to make another character in the dream lucid like you, then rock 'em.)

Wendy and I are in a small plane -- the pilot is horrible -- we are coming in for a landing in a thunderstorm, so we swoop and swerve all over, dodging electric lines and trees! Finally we land and get out. As we begin to walk in the dusky night, I sense that the setting is just "too dreamy". Then I become convinced. I tell Wendy, "Let's fly! I'll show you how," and I grab her arm and we fly about 50'. We do this a few more times. She keeps getting better each time. I finally tell her that to fly well when lucid, you have to "see yourself where you want to be." I point to a car, and say, "see yourself there and then fly, it's easier." I joke with her and we laugh about it. We go through a gate and into a beautiful garden -- it is almost like a mini-paradise. I wonder if this scene is a reflection of my happy mood or has some other meaning.

We walk into a scene of some guys setting up something by a wall. I decide to try an old trick and so I announce, "All of those who are mental forms, disappear!" But I am surprised that they don't disappear since this has worked in times past. Instead they look at me over their shoulders. I keep moving.

We go farther. I tell this one guy who looks like Robin Williams that I want to know all there is about flying in dreams. He says dryly, "Not that Superman kind of flying stuff." I say, "Yes." He shakes his head and explains, "You have got to understand that there are many different kinds of flying." He pauses. "There's jungamon, hugamon, and tagamon flying and there's...." (he continues with about four more odd names). He tries to make a point that different types of lucid flying are required for different types of lucid environments, and that it is best to use the most appropriate one. Superman flying seems to be a very modest level. He goes on with more information about using thoughts, mental mentations, and flying. He has a helper who looks a bit like Craig Webb.

We walk into a banquet area. I see some nice dishes and yogurt and strawberries, etc. The Craig-guy grabs some. A young wait staff woman looks at me and then says to another, "Is he the one?" The other gives her a look as if to say, "Don't spoil it." Then the Robin-looking guy says that he has some very interesting things for me - that he will reveal more than ever before. He keeps announcing his 'mystery' in different ways until I begin to wonder, if he really has any knowledge to share. (Gets a bit fuzzy here.)

Somehow I fly off or begin to see a small electrical device with cords, and there are two people lying there nearby. They seem to be sleeping or unconscious. As I wonder what to do next, I can hear our cat in 'waking reality' - it keeps pushing on the door, and I begin to have a false awakening of writing this dream down - then it bangs again and I awake.

Shirley Hadley
Flying Dream

I was standing with these two women looking at this house. It was night-time and the house was dark. They were talking about wanting to go into this house. They were afraid to. So I spoke up and said, "I am not afraid, I will go in there and see what is going on." So in I went. The house was empty, except for this one room. As I approached the doorway I saw this brilliant glowing light. Hanging from the ceiling was this most amazing spiraling light form of energy. I went up to it and merged myself with it. I felt myself expanding. I grew and grew, so huge that my energy flowed out of the house and into the surrounding landscape. I spoke these words, "We all create our own realities". My voice was so loud and booming that it sent reverberating echoes out over the land. Then I withdrew from the spiraling energy form and walked back outside. I was so excited that I went over to the two ladies and picked them up in my arms and flew them all over the sky. I was singing to them and just so joyful to be able to comfort them and to be flying with such ease and playfulness. Once again there was not one particular part of the experience where I suddenly became lucid. I knew from the beginning of the dream that I was creating it. Once you grasp that full realization, that you indeed not only create your life, but also every aspect of your dreams, then you understand that there really is no part of you that is unconscious or not aware. You are always in a lucid state of "beingness".

Craig Webb
Vibrant Senses

At home in what seems it might be my childhood home yet the window on the room I'm in is like the room where I am sleeping, yet I don't really wait around long enough to tell for sure because I spontaneously begin to go lucid. To confirm it's a dream, I lean partially out through the front wall and window, tentatively knowing that if I don't pass through the wall/window then it's not a dream, but if I do, I won't have to worry because I can fly (interesting logic). Obviously, the latter happens and it feels great to be fully lucid and flying. I swoop down to feel the grass with my hands and feet and enjoy the visual clarity of these black and red pots or pieces of cookware that are there in the green grass. I take in the colors. I even stick my face down into the grass and feel it against my cheek, and breathe in and enjoy the fresh smell of it. The scent is not super strong but I can definitely smell it. I leap up and fly again, wondering how much time before the dream ends as I fly around over the community. Then I notice a woman flying in the opposite direction and so I think that it would be great to go and meet or call in a friend or two to the dream. But first, I decide to meet whoever it is who went by. It's someone I vaguely recognize and she's a pretty young woman, maybe even with slight elements of old friend Janet R. from where I used to work in my teens. We meet and embrace a bit and there is a slight composite character element with my new friend C. Anyway, she tentatively starts to sit on my lap, and there doesn't seem to be any sexual energy. I encourage her to go ahead and sit down, and we feel a lot of joy to be hugging and hanging out together as the dream fades.

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