Electric Dreams

An Excerpt From The Lucid Dream Exchange

Challenge Dreaming with Dream C.A.G.E.

Lucy Gillis 

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  Gillis, Lucy (2001 June). An Excerpt from the Lucid Dream Exchange: Challenge Dreaming with Dream C.A.G.E.  Electric Dreams 8(6). Retrieved December 30, 2001 from the World Wide Web: http://www.dreamgate.com/electric-dreams 

The Dream C.A.G.E. features lucid dreaming Challenges, Aims, Goals, and Experiments. One of the on-going challenges is to try to go beyond the state of lucid dreaming, to see where that takes us. Are there other levels of consciousness we can tap into when we chose to explore beyond our lucid borders?

Here is what Clint found when he attempted to go beyond lucidity:

12/17/2000, 4:59
Beyond Lucidity


In LDE 16, we were challenged to go "To Lucidity and Beyond" to see what lies beyond our usual personal levels of lucidity.

I'm walking along the road with a couple of guys. They want to go one way and I want to go another so we split up. I take the road off to the left, which is a loop that will come back to the main road where we plan to meet again. A bright blue corvette passes me just as I turn off the road. As I walk along the road I pass a pretty little lake. There are some unusual looking small birds walking around the edge of the water; I don't recognize them and I wonder what kind of birds they are.

As I continue walking I come to a small hill. I jump up to see if I will remain in the air because if I stay afloat I will know that I am dreaming. I don't expect to remain in the air because it doesn't feel like I am dreaming. To my surprise, I do stay up in the air and I realize that I am in fact dreaming. I continue flying slowly along the road. A couple of people pass by me on the road below; I say hello to them but they don't seem to notice me. I then yell loudly, "Hello, I am dreaming!"

At this point I remember to perform the LDE exercise in which I'm supposed to look for something that reads "Beyond Lucidity." As I look around I see a small wooden building with a couple of row boats hanging on the front. I look to see if "beyond lucidity" is written on the boats. I do see some writing, but it says, "Pull on knob." I see a knob on the side of the boat and pull on it. A long rope is attached to it and comes out as I pull on the knob. I read what it says on the boat again and the complete instructions read, "Pull on knob and place in water."

I go up to the door of the building and imagine that it says, "Beyond Lucidity." I open the door and behind that is another door. I think I hear people behind the second door. I open the second door and there is a large white plastic curtain, like a shower curtain. I part the curtain and go through. Now there are no visuals in the dream scene. There is only gentle white light that seems to have a soft cottony feel. I don't want to wake up so I try to feel with my hands in the vacancy to see if I can detect any objects; but I don't find any. Now, for a brief moment I enter a deep meditative state in which there are no thoughts but only pure consciousness. There are no feelings of ecstasy or joy or really any feelings whatsoever - just "being." Just before I wake up I "hear" the words to a verse in and old Incredible String Band song:

"Dreaming -
All creatures are.
Brighter than the brightest star -
You are -
By far"

When I get up to record this dream I feel very good and very happy.

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