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Kalinda's Chocolate Dream 

Lucy Gillis 

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  Gillis, Lucy (2001 Feb). An Excerpt from the Lucid Dream Exchange: Kalinda's Chocolate Dream.  Electric Dreams 8(2). Retrieved December 30, 2001 from the World Wide Web: http://www.dreamgate.com/electric-dreams 

With Valentine's Day just around the corner, who can help but think of love, romance, and of course, chocolate! As most of us know, chocolate is wonderful in waking life - can you imagine what it would taste like in a lucid dream, with senses heightened? This month's excerpt includes two delicious examples of experiencing the sensation of taste in lucid dreams.




Chocolatey Lucid Dreams

September 29, 2000

I was in a crowd watching bicycles go by, and there was one bicycle that was for 5 people; all the crowd was amazed. After the cyclists went by I was walking home and there was a chocolate truck that was leaking out the sides, all over the place, forming big puddles of melted chocolate. I became lucid and flew up in the air. Just then I remembered another benefit of lucid dreaming, which is indulging in foods that one normally shouldn't eat too much of. There were POOLS of rich, deep, dark, velvety chocolate, and I let myself sink into it. It was so smooth, and it tasted like liquid heaven - much more intense than RL. I thought about diving into the chocolate, but even though I knew breathing wouldn't be a problem, I decided just to enjoy the taste. It was far better than anything I've ever tasted while awake.


October 6, 2000

I dreamed that I was in a little room or kitchen, stirring [or *folding*, actually, for you gastronomes] a very large bowl of chocolate mousse. It was light (both color and texture) and fluffy, something like thick whipped cream. I decided that there wasn't enough of the mousse, and that it wasn't dark and chocolatey enough for my taste, so I added another ingredient which resembled corn syrup but was dark chocolate. The mousse grew to a much larger size in the bowl - so big in fact, that it was going over the edges of the large container! I was using a big flat utensil to stir it, and kept trying to flip the oozing chocolate concoction back into the bowl. [The texture was very interesting - somewhat firm and flexible, but also still "moussey" and almost browny-like.] Finally I got it all to stay in the bowl, and brought it out to another room where Adastra was lying back on a couch or bed. There were large stacks of large, thin chocolate chip cookies sitting around him, an! d he was munching on one when I came out. The stacks of cookies looked sort of like tall piles of tortillas. I sat cross-legged behind where A's head was, and took one of the cookies and tasted it. I felt guilty about eating it, especially because there were so many piles of the cookies. I remembered that I was only dreaming though, and felt very happy that I could enjoy as much as I liked. [Not sure if I was lucid before that time] I said, "Ha! wait for this!" and took the bowl of chocolate and dipped my hand in, scooping out a big, fluffy amount. I slapped it onto the cookie and put another one on top to make a sandwich. I took a bite and it was the most rich and wonderful taste I could imagine. The chocolate filling ooozed out the edges, and I licked it off my fingers. mmmmmmmm

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