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An Excerpt From The Lucid Dream Exchange

Lucy Gillis 

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  Gillis, Lucy (2001 August). An Excerpt from the Lucid Dream Exchange: Lucid Dreams. Electric Dreams 8(12). Retrieved Dec 28, 2001 from the World Wide Web: http://www.dreamgate.com/electric-dreams 

20 February 2001

Standing with my mother outdoors, there is an image of the Sea in front of us, separate and suspended. I say to her, "You see, this is how it is in dreams." There is part of the Sea that is still, part in motion, a wave forming over and over, some foam breaking off and sailing through the air over our heads. The image is quite fragmented, beautiful bluegreens, deep blues.

Now in the center I see a white shape incomplete somehow. I recognize the essence of it as that of my father. There is an unspoken acknowledgement that he is dead in the conventional sense. I say to him, "But now you are complete." And with those words, the white shape fills itself in and becomes an oval of radiating brilliance. I am filled with a rush of happiness beyond measure! I wake and the joyous feeling remains all day, the sweetest birthday present I could ever have hoped for.

Note: This dream occurred on the morning of my 50th birthday. My father died a few days before what would have been his 50th birthday in 1962, so this dream had very special significance for me.
August 2, 2001, Morning

I entered this dream from the waking state by watching my hypnagogic images. At one point I knew that I would be inside a dream and said to myself, "Okay dream starts now!" At that moment I was in a convertible car, which was parked in some sort of garage. I got out of the car and saw a man in blue overalls, 40ish, with dark brown hair. I said to him, "I'm dreaming. Can you take me to any sexy women around here?" He said there weren't any around. (He spoke with an Eastern European accent) I said, "Are you sure?" He nodded. I walked through a door into a hallway, lined with tools and tool boxes. I remembered that I wanted to try stretching my tongue. With my two hands, I grabbed the tip of my tongue and pulled it out of my mouth. It stretched easily as far as I could reach. Four feet or so. Then I wondered if I could taste anything with my tongue stretched this far forward. With my hands, I pressed the tip of my tongue against the grimy wall figuring I should be able to taste grease or dirt. I could not. I just felt the dull hardness of the wall as if my tongue was a sponge. I walked further down the hall and came to what looked like a staff lunch room. A chubby, middle-aged woman was standing there and I considered kissing her. But I felt absolutely no attraction to her. I thought I'd try to excite myself by kissing her feet. I got down on the floor (she was wearing sandals) and brought my face close to her foot. Then I changed my mind. I wasn't in the least turned on and reasoned that there was no point trying to fight it. While down on the floor I did catch a glimpse at a human hand wrapped in plastic in a microwave oven. I opened the oven door and it wasn't a hand after all. It was a bag of salad dressing (the orange kind - 1000 Island?). I gave it to the middle-aged woman, guessing it was part of her lunch. Next I turned my attention toward my hands. I took my right index finger and stuck it through the back of my left hand. It felt sort of gooey like silly putty. I was half expecting to feel blood and wetness but did not. Also - I felt pain! Not pain like I feel in the waking world, but a strange deep tickling pain. Soon I began tearing chunks of flesh from my hand. This was sort of gross and felt very odd. There was that same dull pain but it didn't bother me too much or I would not have continued. My ankle also hurt and I looked to see if the middle aged woman was standing on it. She wasn't. I thought that I must be sleeping in an awkward body position back in waking reality. When I finished mutilating myself, I left the lunchroom and went back out to the hallway. A very good looking woman, about my height and muscular, walked up to me. I said, "Hey I thought there weren't any beautiful women in this dream!" She said something like, "Well you were wrong!" I kissed her face and thought that it would be great if her friend joined us for a threesome. Almost immediately she took my hand and led me into another large room where there was another woman, bending over doing something. I thought these two women must be friends. Meanwhile, the muscular girl had her back facing me and she bent down as if to tie her shoes. While she did this her shirt rode up exposing the skin on her back. I began kissing her bare back and then the dream faded and I woke up.
1/15/2000, 6:55
Falling Through Endless Sky

My brother is driving the rest of my family in a big car. I am on foot. We are racing to see who can get somewhere first. I'm running along the street and I jump up and fly to show him that I can fly. I fly to the top of a tall building. I say, "Oh, they know I'm going to win!" He takes off and I'm going to jump off the top of the building and keep flying; as I fly I realize I am dreaming. I am falling and falling and I think well I will just hit the earth and go right inside the earth and see what it looks like. However, I just keep falling through this endless sky. I am falling face up and I see the blue sky and wispy clouds. At this point I think I will just wait and see what dream scene materializes. I say, "This feels wonderful, even if there is nothing here." I think about not waking up and I wake up.

Somewhere in all of this is an unpleasant dream, maybe a reprise of the one about M. During the dream I look at the horizon and see vertical lines. I point these out to someone, then realize they're tornados. I recognize this as a dream sign and say, "I've had enough of this dream, I'm going to have sex with that tornado. Come on, big guy, let's get it on." The tornado comes over to me and picks me up. But the sensation isn't sexual at all; nor is it particularly tornado like. It's just like being gently wafted along this way and that, no violence or spiral motion. Then let gently back onto the ground. Very pleasant, the anger and anxiety of the non-lucid dream all disappeared.

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