Electric Dreams

An Excerpt From the Lucid Dream Exchange

Face and Embrace your Fear

with Charmaine Smith

Lucy Gillis 

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  Gillis, Lucy (2000 Oct). An Excerpt From the Lucid Dream Exchange -- Face and Embrace your Fear with Charmaine Smith. Column. Electric Dreams 7(10). Retrieved December 31, 2001 from Electric Dreams on the World Wide Web: http://www.dreamgate.com/electric-dreams

Since this month's theme is about "dark dreams" I thought I'd submit a section of the latest LDE called "Face and Embrace Your Fear." A lucid dreamer shows us how she used her lucidity to change a potentially disturbing dream into a pleasant experience. This is followed by a poem I wrote several years ago, inspired by the research done on stopping nightmares with the use of lucidity.


Charmaine Smith

I was sitting with a woman with curly brown hair, olive skin - looked Greek? - her face smudged with yellow pollen. I caressed her face and asked if she knew how beautiful she was. She began leaning toward me as if to kiss me, and I began sinking backwards and falling into a light trance. She extended two long, thin, flexible forked snake-like tongues - one from her mouth and another from her genital area - and began kissing me with the one from her mouth (snaking it into my mouth) and slipping the other one into my vagina and stimulating me. I felt myself being lulled and became afraid that she (an enchantress?)
intended to harm me in my vulnerable and trancelike state. I roused myself and struggled, seizing the tongues, (probably causing her pain) whereupon she hurt me in some way. I suddenly became lucid then, and realized that I should drop my fear and embrace her, that there was no threat. I immediately stopped resisting and embraced her fully, trusting her, and she immediately ceased hurting me and became seductive again. An *extremely* pleasurable and erotic experience ensued. Then she gradually faded away, the "test" over.

[Note: I say "test" because I had a strong feeling afterwards of having been "tested" (or having tested myself) to see if I could recognize the situation and choose to respond with trust rather than fear. I felt that I'd successfully passed the "test" and been rewarded fully.]

By Lucy Gillis

My heart is racing...
Where am I?
I can't see! Everything is storm and darkness and sharp figures
poking, pulling, grabbing...
Thunder crashes all around me
I am tossed and thrown in the raging night

Lightning claws at the sky
and in that fleeting moment of illumination
I glimpse the shapes and forms of grotesque creatures
and the bony hands of fear
tighten their grip on my heart

I want to run! I want to hide! I'm trapped
and blinded in this endless black sky...
This can't be happening!

But wait! I know this place...
It's a dream!
This storm and these phantoms created by my mind

And as lucidity dawns on me
a morning sun dawns in my dreamworld
and I see before me the face of a ragged demon
built by my beliefs and fears

I'm tired of cowering before myself
I know where the answers lie
So reaching out to my demon
I literally grab my fears by the ears
and look them
in the