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An Excerpt From The Lucid Dream Exchange

Lucy Gillis & Barton Santello

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  Gillis, Lucy (2000 June). An Excerpt From the Lucid Dream Exchange -- Barton Santello's series. Column. Electric Dreams 7(6). Retrieved July 14, 2000 from Electric Dreams on the World Wide Web: http://www.dreamgate.com/electric-dreams

This month I'd like to present Barton Santello's series of short dreams that took place during a noontime nap.

Lucid Nap Dreams
By Barton Santello

The following series of dreams occurred during one 10 minute nap at lunchtime. Some are lucid; some not. What is fascinating is the prolific diversity of dream stories in such a short period of time.

Dream 577 - Simulating Truck Driving Through the Jungle (Lucid)

At one point I was looking inside a truck cab. I started the truck and was feeling the response of the truck as the tires sunk-in and slid along the ground. I could feel the wheels get stuck and the feeling was truly duplicated. I was impressed at the level of realism for a nap. I drove the truck over a hill and it was like I was on a roller coaster ride. I was simulating crashes, nose first, as the truck came down over the hill, without having to worry about getting hurt. Very good realism was displayed when I decided to lose control of the vehicle and crash head-on into something.

Dream 578 - Jungle River (Lucid)

I was swept down a raging river and then entered calm tributaries. I recall being aware I was dreaming and began to look at all the vegetation; thinking how detailed the jungle and river was created in my mind. I began thinking that this was a fun way to spend my lunch time.

Dream 579 - No Escape

I'm with a woman. I tell her to pack everything and let's get out of here together. She says that there is no way she can pack up and leave, "What about my daughter?" I put my arms around her and we kiss. My hand goes under her sweater to touch her breast. Out of what seems like nowhere, a voice yells "NEXT!" All of a sudden I realize we're standing in line, at the unemployment office.

Dream 580 - Historical Comedy

I'm watching a comedy video-tape, several comedians are put in historical situations to see how they would deal with events like "The Last Supper", "Custers Last Stand" and the "Spanish Inquisition." I remember thinking to myself that this would be such fertile ground for a comedy series, if well thought out.

Dream 581- Composing (Lucid)

I'm composing a beautiful classical-type song. I could hear the music flowing through my head. The song has a melodic quality. A singer comes in only at the very end. I was aware that I was dreaming and couldn't help but think that this is how someone like Mozart must have composed music. Unlike this situation where I have to be in an altered state to have these beautiful sounds come "to the surface" of my mind, so to speak, someone gifted in musical intelligence must be able to produce these sounds at will, probably just as an average person would concentrate and devise a solution to a simple problem.

Dream 582 - Cat Cartoon

I'm watching an animated cartoon of a "Garfield"-type cat sleeping on the couch. A little girl goes over to the cat. I tell her not to disturb the cat. She does anyway. The cat is startled and jumps straight up. I laugh. Simple cartoon music is playing in the background.

Dream 583 - Engineering Consultation (Lucid)

I'm in a professional engineers office. I ask the engineer to help out a friend with a problem who's studying for the professional engineer's exam. The man begins flipping through a reference book, marks some pages and hands it to my friend. He says, "The author of the reference book has done all the work for you; these chapters tell you what you need to know." I'm sitting at a desk observing and thinking that I don't know this guy's name. Then I hear my own breathing from the nap I am taking. I become aware that I am dreaming. I begin to think about the engineer dream character, wondering what his "actual" knowledge of engineering really is. He seems so confident and business- like. At this point I'm technically awake just resting with my eyes closed, motionless and quiet from my nap, yet the dream is continuing.

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