Electric Dreams

Several Sorts of Psi in Fearless Feline Dreams

Linda Lane Magallón

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Magallón, Linda Lane (2005 December). Several Sorts of Psi in Fearless Feline Dreams.
Electric Dreams 12(12).

A psychic dream presented for the public is often a clear example of a single kind of psi. Because of this practice, we might assume that clairvoyance, telepathy, empathy, precognition and mutual dreams are distinct and separate sorts of phenomena. Especially when we dream with other people, however, our dreams can provide information using more than one type of psi. It's also common to conclude that each example of these discrete types of dreampsi will refer to only one event. Nevertheless, it's not unusual for one dream to connect with several incidents, both waking and sleeping. Here's an example.

On a night in late December, Keelin had a couple of dreams. One of them featured square-shaped earrings, a pin and a playful kitten.

On the bedside table I find some earrings along with matching rectangular pins. As I examine them, sitting on the floor next to the bed, I spot a straight pin sticking in the carpet (not there in waking reality) which I place on the table. I select a pretty pair of earrings and hold them in my hand to look at them more closely. They are made from a dark bluish gem or stone with a goldish trim. This shape is small and square. Now, I'm sitting/kneeling beside the bed watching as (my partner) Rich nuzzles with a little kitten on my side of the bed. He is completely fearless of being scratched by playful claws - a very sweet and loving exchange.

Next evening, Rich's mother gave Keelin a gift of blue earrings that were strikingly similar to the ones in her dream. Although the actual gemstones were round, each was mounted on a small square of metal.

The dream had done an excellent job providing Keelin with a bit of precognitive information, soon to appear in her waking life. However, there was much more to the dream than the earrings event. Where had the pin in the carpet and the kitten come from? The answer is found in the fact that this particular Saturday night was a mutual dreaming night for Keelin. She had suggested to herself that she be receptive to co-dreamers, and her intention was rewarded.

Prior to her earring dream, Keelin had another dream in which she found herself in Mexico. This first dream was a prelude that contained a "tracer element." A tracer element is a recurring symbol that flags psychic connection. In this case, it pointed to a particular person, who happened to be me. My interest is sparked when a dreaming partner has a dream with a Mexican theme. Almost invariably, that night's dreaming will have something to do with my dreaming or waking life. Or both.

It's not surprising that dreamers would select a symbol that is a direct import from physical reality. I'm married to a Mexican-American spouse and our home is decorated with artifacts from our travels to Mexico. The tracer element itself is not dreampsi for Keelin. Mexico is an association she already knew applied to me. For myself, it flagged the probability that psychic information would be forthcoming. In addition, this known attribute was also a piece of mutual psi. The tracer element appeared twice when, that very night, Keelin's Mexican theme wandered into my dream.

I wake up in one of two simple, flat beds in a room that has a door with window panes. It opens to the South. From that direction, a tiger strolls into the room. At first glance, I'm surprised and curious. When I realize she's a fully grown beast, I'm alarmed. But she keeps her head down while sniffing the ground and shows no aversion to me being in the same room. As I calm down, I decide that she must be a pet that wandered "across the line" from Mexicali into the United States. I surmise that people must be permitted to keep animals in their homes in Mexico.

Besides the tracer element, the most sticking parallel in our mutual dreams was the presence of a cat in our respective bedrooms. Another was more subtle: being fearless or overcoming fear of that feline. As is my habit toward the end of each December, I had pulled a card from a Tarot deck to represent the energy of the upcoming year. This time, the selection was "Strength." The Rider-Waite version of the card features a woman with her arms wrapped around a lion's mouth. It's very clear that, although the cat is large and fully grown, she has no fear of feline.

But that wasn't all. The card was very synchronous of an actual physical event that occurred the evening prior to our mutual dreams. While kneeling on the carpeted floor of the family room, I held a handful of colored push-pins. I was picking them out of my palm to attach slips of paper to my cork bulletin board. Every so often, I sat down to pet the family's two cats. Our grey and black tiger-striped kitten, Spooky, was acting particularly playful that night. When I dropped a blue push-pin, she grabbed it in her mouth. Concerned that she might swallow it or otherwise hurt herself, I gently retrieved the pin.

Perhaps inspired by my associations with the Tarot card, I had a dream that was a metaphoric translation of this feline incident. Keelin's corresponding cat dream was much more literal. In addition, her dreaming mind wove my postcognitive blue pin-dropping together with her precognitive gift of blue gemstones. There was more than a little fearless telepathic connection that December night!

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