Electric Dreams

Gestalt Dialogue
For a Flying Dream
(Excerpted from
"How To Fly")

Linda Lane Magallón

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Magallón, Linda Lane (2003 August). Gestalt Dialogue For a Flying Dream
(Excerpted from "How To Fly").Electric Dreams 10(8).

How can you do interactive dreamwork when you fly solo? It's not hard--if you're used to talking with yourself! And no, it's not crazy making when you start to answer, either. It's just Gestalt dreamwork.

This kind of dreamwork treats all dream characters and elements of the dream as "parts of you." So you, your whole self can speak for each one of them. All you need do is to change roles, like an actor putting on and doffing different costumes in the dream play. The trick is to get each role player to speak out. The simplest way is to start asking questions of your dream symbols and expect an answer. Then the dialogue proceeds on its own.

Here's an example of gestalt work I did with one of my own dreams. I gave myself a head start on interpretation by using a very effective method. I incubated the subject of the dream before I went to sleep. That way, I'd know the general nature and meaning of the dream. Try it, especially when you're just beginning to unlock your dreams or anytime you'd like a boost in ciphering work.

For this dream, I had asked for assistance with my book work. First, I wrote down my dream:

I'm feeling very anxious because I am being pursued by my blonde dream friend Steve and an older, dark-haired Superman through a dark corridor lined with nets. We can all fly but I'm trying to stay ahead and rise above them. I land about two-thirds of the way up the net and grab onto the meshing to climb the rest of the way.

Superman follows me. At the top I get my first good look at him in his red, blue and yellow costume. I realize that the pursuit need not evoke the anxiety I've been feeling, but is more like a friendly competition, although there is still some tension between us.

At this point I'm standing at the edge of a hole with a younger dark-haired male companion. He drops straight down into the pipe-like darkness, almost to the ground. We are in mental contact and I "catch" him just before he hits the ground. He levitates a few inches above it. This is a demonstration to Superman that my companion and I are superheroic, too.

Up The Nets And Down The Hole, 2/20/89

Then I began a dialogue with dream characters. I could have written or typed the report, but in this case I used a tape recorder, then transcribed the script later on.

Linda: Well, Steve, I haven't talked with you for a long time. What are you doing?
Steve: I'm running after you. I want to catch up with you.
L: You mean you're lagging behind?
S: I'm not running, I'm flying and so are you.
L: Yes, but that's not the point. We need to get our act together.
S: Can you be supportive of my endeavors?
L: What are your needs?
S: I'm unsure about being before the public.
L: But you are very comely in appearance.
S: It's not my appearance, it's what I have to say: publicizing myself, who I really am, think and believe. Showing off my creative side. I want the creative product to be in my control because I have ideas on how it should look.
L: The reason I'm running away is that I thought you would steal my ideas, use them for your own purposes and call them your own. Then I'd have to be "the woman behind the throne" again.
S: The only way they will be your own is to claim them as your own.
L: Ah! Then you are my old "objective" writer facade, aren't you?
S: Yes, that's right.
L: So you are that Aspect of me which puts himself out so a certain public will respond, but which now I realize is not the person I wish to be. And you are partially the hero-who-rescues-Sleeping-Beauty-and-gleans-all-the-glory mythos.
L: Superman, who are you?
Superman: I'm the old "crime fighting" approach to nightmares and dreamwork.
L: Why are you pursuing me?
SM: I find you fascinating; I want to get to know you better; I'm attracted to the fact that you can fly.
L: But so can you and Steve.
SM: Yes, but you are female energy and that's intriguing.
L: A different kind of superhero?
SM: Yes, that's right.
L: Hm. I wonder what kind that is. And what of you, Partner?
Partner: I am the part which is not so sure he can fly, but I'm willing to go along with you. I trust you and am willing to be your partner.
L: And what of you, Black Hole?
Black Hole: Instead of the "Valley of Death" or "Valley of Darkness", I am the one you can go through to get to the other side. I'm a doorway or well, a pipette to the ground, but ultimately a Phoenix route to a new universe.
L: And why is my Partner dropping straight down this well to the ground? BH: As an act of courage. It's coming from the "top down" and bringing the "high flying" ideas down to the ground, but not hurting oneself in the process. Being able to catch oneself, to levitate if need be.
L: Ah! So for the levitation to take place, the tension has to come from above!
BH: That's right.
L: I am pulling from a position above. And the reason I got there was by climbing up the networks...I get it!
I can't face the heroes of my flying dream project until I get on top of our relationships! The blonde man and Superman were flying separately; Superman is a self-sufficient hero. I think he is curious about connective energy; he's trying to figure out how that works.
My partner and I were cooperating. Together. That's the new approach I can use. Perhaps I can project a mental bond or a heart link with my writing? For sure, I can talk about the mutual side of dreams.

Although I can talk with both animate and inanimate objects, I find that dream dialoguing is especially effective when I'm dealing with specific dream characters. They're more likely to respond in words. I have conversed with such diverse entities as aliens, animals, the color turquoise, and even the dream itself. But some symbols are more feelings than words. A black cloud might just sit and sulk. When that happens, it's better to try another method.

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